What Does Grey Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

What Does Grey Arrow Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat has a range of arrow indicators that convey different meanings. The most common Snapchat indicator arrow colors are red, blue, and purple. The Grey arrow indicator is so common on the platform. Ever wondered what it means? Let’s find out from this post.

Snapchat has multiple indicators, the Grey arrow being one of them. Snapchat indicators are in the form of colored arrows. Each media content in text, image, or video is represented by a unique color. These indicators appear right below a user's username and change according to the current status of the snap. Now that we understand these indicators and their purpose let's focus on the less common “Grey arrow indicator”.

Snapchat Indicators

What Does Grey Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

Grey Arrow on Snapchat

To understand what the grey arrow icon means on Snapchat, let’s begin by understanding when and why it appears. Whenever you send someone a snap and a grey arrow appears next to their name, all it means is that you sent the person a friend request recently, and they are yet to accept it. You will see the message alert “Pending” and a filled grey arrow just under their name. Simply put, the grey arrow shows that your messages aren’t delivered until the person adds you to their friend list.

Pro Tip! Colored arrows usually change to other colors whenever the snap is received and opened or left intact.

Why Does Grey Arrow Appear on Snapchat?

Grey Arrow Appear on Snapchat

A Grey arrow indicator on Snapchat implies your messages haven’t been delivered to the target recipient. The grey-filled arrow underneath a person’s name is often a pending indicator. Now let's focus on why the snap failed to reach the target recipient. There are three reasons why the Grey arrow indicator may have appeared after you sent the snap. They include:

  • The recipient may have “unfriended” or removed you from their friend list.

Recipient may have unfriended or removed you from their friend's list

  • The user may have blocked you.

The user may have blocked you

  • The user may not have accepted your friend request yet.

Accepted your friend request yet

Those are the options that may have led to the Grey arrow indicator. In case you have just sent the user a friend request recently, stay put and wait for them to accept it.  However, if you have been friends with the user and maybe you did exchange snaps from time to time, and now you just found out that your snaps can no longer be delivered, then it’s possible that they have blocked you or removed you from their friend list.

Benefits of Snapchat Indicators?

Benefits of Snapchat Indicators

Snapchat arrow indicators are both beneficial to the Snap sender and receiver. As the Snap sender, you can figure out the status of your snap. By status, I mean you can see if your snap has been received, opened, viewed, read, or untouched. On the other hand, the receiver can use the arrow's color to figure out the nature of the snap sent. They can tell if the Snap contains an image, a video clip, or even a text message without necessarily opening it up.

What is Grey Arrow Check?

Grey Arrow Check

Snapchat does not communicate nor notify you whatsoever after someone has unfriended or even blocked you. Therefore, the Grey arrow check technique is a clever way of telling if someone blocked or unblocked you. With this feature, you can verify if one or more of your friends may have blocked you, removed you from their friend list (unfriended you), or have never accepted your friend request. This technique is effective and easy to use. Next time you see the grey arrow, know that someone may not have accepted your friend request yet, they might have blocked you, or worse still, they could have unfriended you.

Re-friends Grey arrow change

Re-friends Grey arrow change

As we understand, a Grey arrow will appear as an indicator that your Snap has not been delivered. If the user tries to re-friend you, a friend request will be sent to you. After you approve it, then your communication will be back to normal, and the Grey arrow will change to another colored arrow indicator as per the Snap status. In case the user unblocks you, you won't receive any request or notification, but you will notice the change in the color of the arrow indicator from grey.


Snapchat has a range of arrow indicators. Next time you send a snap to a friend and notice a grey arrow under their name, that’s a sign that your message hasn’t been delivered to the target. And the reasons for this could be anything from pending friend requests, users blocked you, or remove you from their friend list. With that said, we come to the end of this post. I hope you found it very useful.

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