What Is the Difference Between a Software Developer and Full Stack Developer?

What Is the Difference Between a Software Developer and Full Stack Developer

Many students face the challenge of deciding whether to pursue a full stack or software development career.

We must understand what a full stack developer and software developer do to understand the answer to this question. A full-stack developer is a professional who works on web applications, whereas a software engineer works on native apps that you can install on your system.

Companies typically hire full-stack developers because they are also well-versed in web development. However, there’s enough scope for a software developer in the industry.

Read this blog to learn how to choose between a full-stack developer and a software developer career.

What Is a Full Stack Developer?

What Is a Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer oversees both the front and back ends of a website or online app. They handle the database, customers, system engineering, and design. Due to their expertise and knowledge in web development, full-stack developers are in high demand and earn relatively more salaries than other professionals.

Full-stack developers primarily focus on web, native, and mobile application stacks. Full-stack developers oversee the strategy and monitor the project's development because they work alongside server and client-side development. They aid front and back-end and other developers in their job. As they can manage numerous jobs at once, they increase the team's productivity.

A full-stack developer is proficient in both front-end and back-end programming. They are in charge of planning and executing applications, but they could also be involved in project management and quality control.

The User Interface (UI) covers all aspects, from UX design to real-time coding, and is a component of front-end development. Management of data retrieval, storage, and API development allows users to access data kept elsewhere.

What Is a Software Developer?

A software developer, as opposed to a full-stack developer, focuses on the native programs we use daily. A software engineer collaborates with the other team members while creating the system. Because of the extensive computer science expertise needed to be a good software developer, there is a vast market demand for them and a high income.

A software developer works on the front and back end, although sometimes with the same expertise. A software developer's job entails creating computer-based software applications, focusing on developing programs in one or more programming languages to execute specific tasks.

If you want to establish a career as a software developer, you can pursue the best software developer courses and earn substantial salaries.

Difference Between Software Developer and Full Stack Developer

Here are some significant distinctions between full-stack developers and software developers:

1. Accessibility

Software developers may not be as approachable as full-stack engineers. Full-stack engineers may work on numerous projects and platforms without learning new languages since they are not constrained to a single programming language.

Additionally, full-stack engineers have more chances to improve their careers than software developers do. Many businesses need front-end and back-end developers, with Cloud computing gaining popularity. A full-stack developer can accomplish both tasks if they possess the required abilities.

2. Domain Access

Full-stack developers have full access to the creation of the product, whereas software engineers are in charge of a specific stage of the application.

The professionals that handle all facets of product development, from design to coding to testing and deployment, are known as full-stack developers. They could be in charge of executing coding in real-time on servers and producing mock-ups or prototypes. This developer could work on both the application's front and back ends if they choose.

Access for software developers is more constrained. They are solely in charge of one process stage, such as adding functionality or ensuring the code is compatible with various browsers. They may focus only on front or back-end development or take on more senior roles like project management or leading groups of other developers.

3. Salary


There are many companies where you can work as a software developer. You can earn an average salary of $103,774 if you're interested in working for a firm that needs to recruit a full-stack developer. A beginner can earn an average income of $88,724 as a software

engineer. Full-stack engineers earn substantial salaries overall when compared to software developers.

4. Working Structure

Developers can either become software or full-stack developers. A full-stack developer is skilled in every stage of web development, from ideation and planning to coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance. A software developer creates computer programs' source code.

Full-stack developers and software developers differ in terms of their duties and functions. A software developer could be restricted to coding, whereas a full-stack developer is in charge of every part of a project.

A full-stack developer comprehensively understands the design and development processes required to construct an application or website. Although they could contribute to design choices, they would not be expected to have significant design abilities (although this is often considered a plus).

An application or website's User Interface (UI), Database Management Systems (DBMS), back-end code (server logic), etc., are some of the specific components that a software engineer works on. They concentrate on producing code for a particular element in the architecture of an application.

5. Interaction

Full-stack developers work with a broader spectrum of professionals than software developers. They frequently assist other team members by answering queries or resolving issues because of their extensive expertise. On the other hand, such duties should be listed in the job description for software developers. Instead, creating software or apps for the business is their main priority.


The web development sector is expanding rapidly for a good reason. Given how crucially important the internet has become to both business and personal life, developers must be able to create web apps that the users access from any location. Both are rewarding professions that pay well and are in high demand. Before choosing, you must decide which of the two interests fascinates you the most, whether it is a website or an application.

A full-stack developer works with websites or web apps, whereas software developers create complicated software. To establish a comprehensive career path in software development, you can enroll in a diploma in Computer Science and advance your professional career.

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