Best 5 Twitter Unfollower Checker Tools

Best Twitter Unfollower Checker Tools

We all want to clean our followers and followers on social media, especially on Twitter, but this is often quite tedious and time-consuming. Today, we will tell you about the tools that will make this process easier.

Why Do People Use Unfollow Tools?

The use of unfollow tools like iUnfollow serves various purposes for Twitter users. Firstly, unfollow tools enable users to clearly understand their Twitter audience dynamics by tracking unfollowers and identifying changes in follower count.

This information is valuable for individuals and businesses, allowing them to refine their content strategy and engagement efforts based on audience behavior. Additionally, unfollow tools empower users to streamline their Twitter experience by simplifying follower management tasks, saving time and effort.

The Importance of Unfollow Checker Tools

Before we dive into specific tools, let's address why unfollow checker tools are indispensable in the digital landscape. Whether you're managing a personal brand or a business account, understanding your audience's behavior is key to devising effective strategies. Unfollow checker tools empower users to:

Maintain Engagement: By identifying who unfollows you, you can assess the effectiveness of your content and engagement strategies.

Refine Content Strategy: Understanding why certain followers unfollow can offer valuable insights into the type of content that resonates with your audience.

MonitorGrowth: Tracking your follower count over time allows you to gauge your account's growth trajectory and adjust your approach accordingly.

1. Circleboom


Circleboom is one of the best Twitter management tools for analyzing your followers, finding non-followers, and deleting tweets in bulk. It will tell you who engages with your posts most, who are inactive followers, and who is not following you back. You will get detailed insights about your account and followers. Easily detect accounts without a profile picture or verified or non-verified status and spam followers in your network to take further action.

Circleboom analyzes your followers and generates reports covering their interests, language, gender, and when they are active on Twitter. This helps you create unique Twitter campaigns that address their needs and schedule them at the best times to maximize engagements. Unlike all your Twitter likes, it can delete tweets to clean up your account.

Who Unfollowed Me Alert Feature

One of Circleboom's standout features is its “Who Unfollowed Me” alert, which provides users with weekly or monthly (based on your choice) email alerts & notifications when ever someone unfollows their account. This feature enables users to promptly identify and address potential issues that may have led to the unfollow, such as irrelevant content or disengagement. This will be a great way to keep your following-follower ratio at a desired level and redesign your Twitter strategy. Thanks to Circleboom's UnfollowersAlert, you will be notified immediately when someone unfollows you on Twitter.

Some of its other features include:

  • Follower and Friend Management
  • Twitter (X) Insights and Analytics
  • Tweet (Post) &LikesCleaner
  • AI Tweet Generator
  • Tweet Scheduler


Circleboom Twitter plans start at $16.99/m.

2. SocialDog


Social Dog will tell who unfollows you and which accounts are inactive in your network. By seeing accounts you are not following, you can quickly check if you missed any key accounts and follow them back.

Social Dog displays accounts that recently unfollowed you on Twitter in a dashboard widget. Click on it to view all your non-followers, following each other, new unfollowed, and people who engage with your tweets mostly.

Apply filters to view accounts with over 1000 followers or search users by name, location, gender, keyword, etc. Social Dog is an incredible Twitter management tool that allows you to find and remove unfollowers and apply various strategies to grow your network.


SocialDog Professional plans start at $64/m.

3. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is a versatile social media management tool that empowers users and businesses to efficiently handle their online presence across various platforms. It offers multiple features, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest scheduling posts. The platform's content calendar simplifies managing posts, and its bulk scheduling option streamlines uploading multiple posts simultaneously via CSV files. Users can monitor engagement metrics and follower growth with comprehensive analytics and performance reports to effectively evaluate their social media strategies.

SocialPilot's team-focused features make collaboration easy. Multiple users can collaborate on managing accounts while maintaining specific role-based permissions. The tool also suggests relevant content based on industry or interests, making content curation more efficient. The social inbox lets users manage comments, messages, and mentions from various platforms within a single dashboard. With a browser extension for quick sharing and a mobile app for on-the-go management, SocialPilot caters to users' diverse needs in the fast-paced world of social media.


SocialPilotplans start at $30/m.

4. Audiense


Audiense is another platform that enhances social media marketing and audience intelligence. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to help businesses and marketers understand and engage with their target audiences on platforms like Twitter. By leveraging audience segmentation, Audiense empowers users to categorize their social media audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and engagement patterns. This segmentation paves the way for personalized content and messaging strategies.

Audiense's social listening functionality enables real-time monitoring and analysis of conversations and mentions related to your brand, industry, or specific keywords. These insights keep you informed about trends and sentiment, facilitating pro active engagement. The platform provides detailed audience analytics, highlighting audience interests, locations, behaviors, and preferences. This information equips marketers with the knowledge to refine their strategies and campaigns for maximum impact.


Audiense Pro plans start at $30/m.

5. Tweetfull


Tweetfull is another tool that can detect Twitter non-followers and unfollow them automatically. No need to sign in to your account dashboard to monitor your Twitter unfollowers.

Set up a Twitter unfollow campaign and set optional settings if needed. Tweetfull checks your account regularly and unfollows users not following you back. It allows you to filter accounts by their number of followers, tweet numbers, accountage, etc.

Tweetfull is an all-rounder Twitter marketing tool that automatically follows new users and likes or retweets tweets based on keywords, follows users of competitors' accounts, and schedule stweets.


Tweetfull Solo plans start at $25/m for 1 account.

Final Words

In conclusion, By leveraging Circleboom and similar tools, users can gain deeper insights into their audience's behavior, refine their content strategies, and foster meaningful engagement with their followers. In essence, unfollow checker tools serve as a compass, guiding users towards sustained growth and success in the ever-evolving realm of social media.

Whether tracking unfollowers, analyzing follower metrics, or optimizing engagement strategies, unfollow tools serve as indispensable resources for Twitter users seeking to maximize their online presence.

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