Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript Editor – CodeLobster IDE

Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript TypeScript Editor

In this article you will be able to get acquainted with the web language editor – CodeLobster IDE, which is available for free. This program has been on the software market for years, and during this time it has managed to win many fans among both novice developers and professionals.

CodeLobster IDE provides the ability to redact PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript extension files, highlight syntax, and also gives hints for tags, functions and their parameters. This app will effortlessly cope with those files that include mixed-type content.

There are functions for selecting and collapsing blocks, building and detecting the structure of PHP projects, as well as navigating through the edited file, with the help of which the owner can effortlessly work even with big projects.

The program is available on the next operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

Functions and features of the IDE

Functions and features of the IDE

  • The redactor is able to correctly highlight HTML tags and PHP, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript functions, it does all this when directly inserting PHP code into its HTML template. The app also has such a function, with which it contributes to the fast work of the programmer, and further exclude the possibility of errors. It is titled autocomplete;
  • CodeLobster IDE supply the most up-to-date documentation at the moment, downloading it from authenticated websites through contextual help for any advanced programming languages. This action arises when the F1 button is pressed;
  • The PHP debugger built into the app allows you to relocate sequentially over the lines of code, thereby making it possible to execute PHP scripts accomplishment one by one. You can track the values of each variable during script execution, and also be able to analyze the activity of loops. Each of this is done by means of setting control points;
  • The redactor independently calculates quotation marks, parentheses and other paired characters, which allows the owner to save time and keep away from errors during programming;
  • The application backs up more than 15 languages with which the owner can freely interact with the interface.

However, the application has another variant with extra functionality. It is titled professional. With it, the buyer obtains the opportunity to work with their projects remotely via the FTP client of the program. In this way you can redact the files, so when you acquire a passable result, you can synchronize the exchange with the data on the hosting. In addition, the owner has access to establish whatever framework direct from the program itself, which allows you not to dissipate time on it.

Severally it should be renowned that this variant upholds the libraries Ember JS, Angular TS and others ones belonging to JavaScript and TypeScript. The extended application furthermore has plugins for working with CMS (Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), Bootstrap and PHP (Twig and Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and others).


CodeLobster IDE is a costless program that is easy to install, not difficult to become versed in and has extended functionality. There are correlative applications on the Internet, however not with each you can make an analogy. It doesn't matter if you are an acknowledged or a beginner, it is this IDE that will be able to accommodate you with all you need.

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