19 Best Anime Torrent Sites to Download Free Anime [2023]

Best Anime Torrent Sites

Are you looking for the best anime torrent sites? Why not use any of these sites to download your best anime and manga shows. You can use a VPN to enhance security.

How often do you watch anime or manga shows? If you are a fan, then you will definitely love these anime torrent sites where you can download your favorite shows.

For most functionality, you can use a VPN to secure your connection. The benefit of using these torrent sites is that you get access to the latest shows when released. You won't have to wait till a certain episode reaches the television channels. You will have unlimited entertainment choices.

1. Nyaa


Are you looking for the best anime torrent site? Nyaa should be the first that pops in your mind. It is one of the largest public anime dedicated torrent websites. It has free indie anime and video game content.

Furthermore, it specifically caters to a global audience, mainly the East Asian audience. On the site, you can decide to sign in or not. Some of the most trustworthy sites don’t require you to sign in, and this is one of them. This makes it more secure.

You can also choose to use the dark mode if you prefer. A good torrent site tends to accommodate many categories. You have the freedom to decide to download anime music videos, English translated videos,  non – translated, or raw content.

Its simple interface makes it easy to access certain content at your comfort. All the important information is found on the header, and when you click on a title, you can access the inner page of the website.

2. 1337X


You can use 1337x, which provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links for easy peer-to-peer sharing. It features different categories like movies, television shows, games, music, applications, and anime.

It has a large database of media that you would love to download. Not only that, but it is widely open to anime and organizes all the download releases in its repository in an accessible way.

You can get dual audio, dubbed, subbed, and raw anime from the platform. All the content you need under one roof.

3. Shana ProjectShana Project

If you are looking for an ideal site with several SD and HD quality anime torrents, you better opt for Shania Project. The media is also found in suitable file sizes for easy downloading. What makes it unique from all other torrent sites is that it automatically downloads your specified anime.

On the site, you can decide whether to follow a certain series or not. If you decide to follow, you will always be notified when a new episode is added. Hence, you will always be updated.

You can also create your RSS feed for all the anime you have followed. Once you click on a title, you are taken to a new page that shows all the available episodes.

4. AnimeToshoAnimeTosho

If you are an anime lover, you probably must have heard of AnimeTosho. It is a great anime torrent website that you can use to download the latest anime torrent files. The website gets updated each day. Hence, you won't exhaust the media on the site.

Just check frequently, and find an anime you would prefer to watch. You can either download or stream the anime in SD or HD quality. In addition, it has a simple-to-use interface that makes it easy to choose any anime of your choice. You can decide to browse torrent files through the size, update time, or show only trusted content.

5. AniRenaAniRena

If you want the latest anime, you better head to AniRena! You can select a show based on raw, anime, hentai, drama, DVD, hentai game, manga, music, AMV, and non-English.

When you click on the specific titles, you can see who uploaded them and when. You also get an overview of what the shows entail so that you can decide whether to download them or not. Downloading torrent files is easy for anyone. Just form a list of some anime and manga shows you want to watch and search on the platform.

6. BakaBTBakaBT

This torrent website is a bit different from the other torrent sites. You have to get invited to access the site. There is an interview that you will need to pass first. It is different from other torrenting sites requiring a sign-in or simply downloading to get the media.

It is highly credible with high-quality torrent files. All the submissions made are checked before they are added to the torrent site. It has both new and old shows. Hence, you can't miss finding something that will excite you. You can get more information here.


7. The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is another easy-to-use torrent website that you can use to download various media. It has a large database that features audio, anime, videos, application, games, eBooks, and much more. You can get everything under one roof!

However, unlike other sites, it doesn’t have a specific category for just anime. You will have to search for it. Type the anime title in the search bar and get your results fast.

8. AniDexAniDex

This torrent website is just as similar as some other popular sites. You can get media related to TV, series, movies, live-action, novels, manga, audio, and music.

Imagine, it accommodates up to 20 different languages. There are generally regular uploads of new torrents on the sites to ensure you get the latest episodes every day.

In addition, it has powerful filter tools to make it easy to search in terms of categories, language, or other groups.

9. LimeTorrentsLimeTorrents

Lime Torrents is another torrent website where you can download your favorite anime. However, it is not just limited to anime, but other media types too. It is easy to search for various media and download.

You can download movies, TV shows, games, music, and apps in your comfort. As much as it has some ads, they aren't too nuisance. Hence you will still be able to access your media effortlessly.

10. Anime LayerAnime Layer

This is one of the best sites that you can use to download anime, music, manga, and drama. It has an easy-to-use interface that features various options. On each anime, you can see the country of origin, type, genre, release year, director, duration, and description.

This makes it easier to decide whether you would want to watch a certain anime or not. You can also get some information when a certain episode has been updated and for what reason. Before downloading, you also see the available subtitles and major language used. That makes it easier to decide on what you want!

11. 9Anime9Anime

If you are a fan of anime, you should visit 9anime. 9anime features different genres like action, comedy, drama, historical, samurai, school, etc. It is the perfect place to expand the imagination of your children. You will always be updated with the latest releases.

It is easy to stream the episodes and watch as much as possible. To provide multiple media choices, there are third-party links from different sources such as vidstream, mycloud, and stream type. While on 9anime, you are assured of getting quality anime that you can watch online.

12. SubsPleaseSubsPlease

Are you looking for new anime? Subsplease is the perfect destination! It is the perfect destination to download the latest anime and join a vibrant discord community in as much as it is a great destination.

You also get to see who is online in the discord. In addition, you can search and filter the anime to download the one you opt for more. What better way to watch anime than through SubsPlease!

13. Anime Ultime

Anime Ultime

Just like most ideal torrent sites, you can use Anime Ultime to download the best anime that you wish. It features a wide variety of videos that you will like. Just browse through what is available and see what you want to watch at the moment.

You can also decide to log in to make it easier to download from the torrent website. It also has a forum and discord community where you can engage with other anime lovers like you. It is specilaized for animes.

14. TorrentDownloads


Torrent Downloads is the perfect platform where you can get the latest TV shows, movies, music, games, software, anime, books, and others. Ideally, you can filter and choose the anime you want on a certain day. A unique feature is that you can see yesterday's torrents and today's torrents.

The database gets updated regularly – hence, you will always be updated when there is a new show. You can also get your favorite games and music at your comfort. You will utilize your free time in the best way possible.

15. Torrentz2Torrentz2

This is one of the largest BitTorrent indexer download networks with over 100 millions torrents. You can download movies, series, apps, games, videos, and much more. It is a safe platform that you can use to download your desired content in various languages from different countries.

The only downside is some nuisance ads when you try to click some places on the website. Besides that, it is a credible site where you can download the latest shows.

16. Tokyo ToshokanTokyo Toshokan

This is a dedicated BitTorrent website for Japanese media. It has a large catalog of anime tv series, movies, manga, and others. You can use Tokyo Toshokan to download as much media as you want. You can search for the various media using the torrent size, submitter, or comment.

It is an active site that gets regular updates each day. You don’t need any signup; you need to search and click on the specific title and download. If you aren’t logged in, you can only submit 10 torrents per hour; however, if you are logged in, you can submit up to 50 per hour.

You can get anime, Non-English, Manga, Drama, music, raw content, hentai, and others.

17. GloTorrentsGloTorrents

Glo torrent is a platform where you can download your favorite movies, tv shows, music, games, software, mobile application, pictures, and much more. It has a large variety of torrents to ensure you get what you want exactly.

Not only does it have enough torrents, but it also verifies torrents. There is also a vibrant discord community where you can converse with other movie lovers like you. Ideally, it has a lot of useful features that make it easy to download torrents.

18. Erai-rawsErai-raws

This is another anime torrent site that you should try out. It has a simple homepage interface that makes it easy to find any tv show, movie, or series you prefer. You can get subbed, encoded, raw anime, and batch torrent files.

You can check out the unique languages and resolutions sizes before downloading a torrent file. This makes it easier to download media from the platform.

19. AnimeLandAnimeLand

This is a specific torrent site for anime. You can get an overview of the anime to be decisive of whether to download it or not.

It is a secure anime torrent site that you should try out. Don’t be left out! You can then download the videos in SD and HD quality for easy watching. The download speed is also fast to start enjoying your media in a flash. Find the best anime shows on AnimeLand at your comfort.

Make The Best Use of Your Free Time.

If you are looking for the best anime torrent sites, you better access any of these sites. They are credible, reliable, and popular platforms.

If you are unsure how secure you are while accessing the platforms, you can use some of the most reliable VPNs in the market. Make the best of your free time by downloading anime from these sites.

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