Private internet access Netflix for Proxy Error Fixed 2023

Watching movies and TV shows on Netflix is fun because you do not need to wait for DVD release in case of movies where you can watch all the episode of a specific season like Games of Throne in one go without waiting for the weekly episode.

But Netflix does not work in the same way all around the world. That's why people who do not have access to Netflix America use different ways to access it with the help of VPN and us proxy. It is true that Netflix is already launched their website all around the world but if you ever got chance to look at Netflix website in two different countries, then you will found that Netflix shows the different list of movies and TV shows.

This list of TV shows and movies are usually has been created by Netflix on the bases of people preference but at the same time, not all people like to watch a specific show.

As compared to any other country, Netflix has the maximum number of movies and TV shows for their American audience. Even if you compare the list of movies and TV shows between American Netflix and the UK and Canada Netflix, then you will see a major difference in movie titles and TV shows.

Where this gap increase in other countries like India, Egypt, Gulf countries, China, Japan, and European countries, etc. There are very limited movies and TV shows are available for people of these countries. That’s why people are using VPN services to get American IP address and access the full list of TV shows and movies on time.

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Netflix Blocked PIA VPN Services:

expressvpn netflix proxy error

[Update Jan 28, 2020]: I Just tested the PIA VPN for watching Netflix on  Jan 28th, 2020, Which is works on Midwest servers, I think PIA added some of the IPs or refresh the IP addresses on their VPN servers which Netflix still doesn't detect it, So if you have got the account of PIA, you can test by yourself.

[Update Jan 26, 2019:] The alive servers are blocked by Netflix also.

[Update Sep 28, 2018:] I just test several US VPN server which not works on Netflix.

People all around the world using VPN network like private internet access because it can allow their users to get access of Netflix America by changing the IP address to America in the past before May 2017. This happened with the help of VPN which allow you to get connect with a specific country's server and gives you a new IP address.

But after updated by Netflix, the popular VPN company like private internet access has suffered. Netflix has blocked many US proxy and VPN companies on its website. This means that if you try to access American Netflix by using private internet access, then you will not able to do this. Netflix will instantly show you a proxy error.

At the start of year 2016, Netflix already warned that they will block VPNs and web proxy servers on their website to limit the number of users due to which the cost of their data center increased. But they did not update it till last month. Many people all around the world are already facing problem to access Netflix to watch movies and TV shows because VPN like private internet access is blocked by Netflix.

Although PIA is not doing anything to bring Netflix back on their VPN servers and they did not even issued any official notification related to this issue as well.

So, what is the solution? Well, you can't blame private internet access for TOS of Netflix as they cannot go anything to unblock their VPN services but you still have an option to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix with the help of other VPN companies whose services are still working on Netflix and you will not see any proxy error.

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The Alternative of Private Internet Access for Netflix:

There are still many VPNs are working with Netflix and you can get the list of those VPN companies if you Google but instead of moving to any random VPN company, it is always better to choose the alternative which can benefits you in long term and Netflix do not block their services in future as well.

We have tested many VPN and choose ExpressVPN as one of the best alternatives to PIA. Although, the majority of people who were using private internet access for Netflix has chosen Netflix as an alternative, moved there and happy with its services.

ExpressVPN USA netflix

Even if you forget the blockage of services of PIA on Netflix, there are still many reasons which make ExpressVPN as best VPN to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix. Following, I am sharing the list of quick facts about ExpressVPN with Netflix to help you to choose it as the best alternative of private internet access.

  • Allow Torrent: Like private internet access (PIA), ExpressVPN also allow their users to download unlimited torrents without any restriction and monthly bandwidth limitations.
  • Allow Netflix: PIA’s VPN is not working with Netflix anymore where on other hand, ExpressVPN is working very smoothly with Netflix without any proxy error.
  • Switch servers: ExpressVPN allows their users to switch to unlimited servers without any restriction and daily limits.
  • The number of servers: There are thousands of VPN servers of ExpressVPN which are located in more than 87 countries which includes premium location servers as well like America, Canada, UK, and Australia, etc.
  • Advance software: The advance software of ExpressVPN is very easy to use which comes up with advanced options like block ads and protect you from viruses etc.
  • Unlimited features: ExpressVPN allows you to use their services with unlimited features like bandwidth and internet speed etc.

ExpressVPN USA netflix

9 thoughts on “Private internet access Netflix for Proxy Error Fixed 2023”

  1. Yeah… ExpressVPN is a powerful VPN that is able to gain access into Netflix site for smooth streaming. I really don’t know other vpn service at all…how they did it but I can say the stuff really works. You can go for it.

  2. I am using the private internet access VPN and no issue for me on Netflix 🙂
    Want to know How?
    I am watching the Netflix via my windows 10 APP which work well for me, So, you don’t need care the Error show when use the firefox and chrome.
    May be after I share you this, The Netflix will block the this flaw soon, LOL.

      1. You can not, though you can use on windows APP, but also not so recommend you use the PIA VPN for the Netflix..For almost all the ips are blocked,
        AND look like Private internet access is not like to refresh the ip address.

    1. Are you sure this VPN will also not be restricted by the update? because I have tried a couple of other VPN after the update and it was the same story. I’m just skeptical to make a decision.

    2. Absolutely true. I have always used the PIA VPN to enjoy Netflix movies in the past. But everything changed all of a sudden. I’m not even aware they updated the site. I think I have to make a switch now.

    3. Why do Netflix put all this effort into blocking VPN connections it is not like users are stealing anything from them as they are already paying subscriptions. The more they restrict their service the more they encourage people to access pirate content from which netflix gain no revenue. They would probably argue that the film companies want these restrictions but surely Netlix are big enough now to stand up to film producers and tell them “if you want your products on our platform then we need worldwide release”

      1. Policies vary from place to place:)
        The newest sample is, Now, Premium pornhub is free to Italians for coronavirus, If all use US guys are using a VPN to get Italians IPs to steam Premium pornhub…How about other paid guys in the US:)

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