11 Low-Cost Useful Gadgets for Students

Useful Gadgets for Students

Gearing up for a new school year may involve lots of expenses. Nowadays, as technology permeates all spheres of our lives, a new gadget is both a necessity and an investment. Students would not want to buy new gadgets every semester; they opt for reliable, long-lasting devices that can last them a few years. Below we discuss some fairly cheap and sustainable tech gadgets that make a student’s life more enjoyable.

Low-Cost Useful Tech Gadgets

There are many devices that can help students. Some may be connected to other online services, like best essay writing service Studyfy that helps in handling academic assignments; others are good to take off the everyday burden of carrying books around.

Power Banks

Having your iPhone running off energy is a student’s worst nightmare. Power banks come to the rescue. There are many models to choose from, starting with bulky, brick-like banks and finishing with rather lean devices.

Some power banks can charge only one gadget, but other models can charge up to three devices at once. Whichever you choose, do not just look at the number of USB ports but also at the amount of energy stored and the number of hours the bank works autonomously.

Power Banks

Surge Protector

Power banks need charging, too, as do your laptops. Besides, some devices cannot work from USB. Meet a surge protector that you can use instead of piling plug sockets on top of one another. Some models can be mounted on the wall and contain up to 12 outlets.

It is still not recommended to use them all at once. But, with over 4,000 joules of energy, it will take significantly less time to recharge some devices that need plugging in the socket.

Kindle Paperwhite

There are many other e-readers available on the market; however, Kindle is firmly in the lead. Think of it as the entire school or university library at your fingertips. It brings the long hours in dim reading rooms writing your essay to the minimum.

And you are likely to forget the struggle to find another copy of a book that 10 other people are reading. You can download all texts that are required for your course, as well as books that you want to read for yourself. Reading has never been so enjoyable!

Kindle Paperwhite

Hard Drive

Another indispensable gadget for studies, a hard drive with a couple of terabytes of memory, will make life easier not only for you but for your laptop, too. Instead of storing everything on your computer’s hard drive, move it onto an external data carrier.

Together with Kindle Paperwhite and a smart notebook, a hard drive will literally take the weight off your shoulders.

Smart Notebook

The latest tech invention marries a traditional pen-written notebook with the ability to upload the written content to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote), erase it, and use the notebook anew.

Forget carrying around a paper notebook that you may occasionally lose together with all notes. A smart notebook is a perfect solution… provided your handwriting is legible!

Laptop Fan

There are times during a school year when you spend a lot of night oil, plough through dozens of books, and bang away at your laptop’s keyboard. Yes, this is essay time, and you use your laptop mercilessly.

To avoid losing it to your studying efforts, invest in a laptop tray with fans. It will be particularly useful if you like typing your coursework in bed. But it will work great on your desk, too, and protect your laptop from overheating.

Foldable Keyboard

A keyboard that folds twice or even three times is not just a tech miracle. This is a fantastic solution that helps to avoid carrying your laptop or tablet around all the time. It connects to cloud applications, like Google Docs, so the notes you take during the lecture are uploaded straight there.

Then at home, you just open a Google Docs app, browse the notes, and read the ones you need. It is a lightweight gadget that makes your student life much easier.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

This kind of gadget saves your nerve cells as you work at the library or on campus. Instead of venting your spleen at disorganized freshmen, put your headphones on. Some models fully cover your ear, bringing the noise penetration down to a minimum.

The price dictates just how well the noise will be suppressed, but all models, regardless of their cost, generally serve the purpose.


To ensure your laptop, tablet, phone, headphones, Kindle, and other gadgets are not scattered around a traditional shoulder bag, we recommend investing in a good backpack.

There are anti-theft models on the market, most are waterproof, and some are equipped with a USB charger for your tech devices. A good backpack is one of the things that a student must invest in, and that will serve for a good few years, adequate care provided.



Being at school or university naturally directs your attention to intellectual activities. However, your physical health is not less important. A smartwatch will keep checking your heart rate and sleeping pattern to help you notice when your own batteries need recharging.

Portable Speakers

Studies are important, but so is leisure time. All students love music and dance, outdoor parties, and in-house film screenings. Portable Bluetooth speakers are guaranteed to make you popular and to let you enjoy your free time more.

Yet even when you are on your own, it will be nice to immerse yourself in a good ambient atmosphere!


Today’s tech market offers the gadget for every wallet. Although being a student is expensive in itself, it does not mean that students cannot equip themselves for successful learning. Education is increasingly becoming distant and technology-dependent. So it serves no purpose to shun away from using new devices. Instead, students will be better off learning to operate some of these gadgets now.

In the future, when the devices are upgraded, students will also feel more comfortable adjusting to new technical features and using these to their advantage.

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