10 Best Carfax Alternatives to Check Vehicle History 2024

Carfax Alternatives

When purchasing a car, knowing the automobile's background is essential, mainly if you buy a pre-owned vehicle from a private party. Most people are familiar with Carfax, a website that provides prospective car buyers with a comprehensive report on the vehicle's history before they commit to making a purchase.

Carfax is by far among the most recognized vehicle history reporting services, and as a result, it has a price that is far greater than the prices charged by its competitors. A complete Carfax report can be purchased for $39.99, two reports can be purchased for $59.99, and three reports can be purchased for $99.99. Carfax provides an entirely free initial VIN check, which can determine whether a vehicle has been reported stolen or is a salvage title.

When you buy a car, you're already preparing to part with some money you've worked so hard to achieve. Consider these ten alternatives to Carfax that are more budget-friendly and less expensive: they are still highly beneficial.

1. Detailed Vehicle History

Detailed Vehicle History Overview

Detailed Vehicle History is the industry leader when it comes to providing reports on the part of any automobile. Their exhaustive announcements contain information about the history of ownership of the vehicle, as well as auction records and photographs, accident records, odometer readings, and a great deal of additional data.

In addition to that, they provide auction reports (which include a list of auctions in which the vehicle was involved along with the date and location of the auction as well as images of the car), Window Stickers (Monroney Labels), vehicle lookup by VIN or USA License Plate, and support for classic vehicles. This means you can obtain a history report or window sticker for any car manufactured in 1981 or earlier.

Their reports are significantly more comprehensive than competitors like CarFax and AutoCheck. They provide services not offered by their competitors, such as supporting antique vehicles and photographs from auctions. Accessing Detailed Vehicle History's services and products is made even more convenient by the company's mobile application, which is available for Android and iOS.

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2. InstaVin Report

InstaVin Report Overview

They are both a direct rival of CarFax and an excellent alternative to CarFax. A comprehensive report from the instaVin Reports service will cost you $25.00. They utilize records from the Department of Motor Vehicles, auctions, federal documents, police records, state records, and insurance records. Although it is more expensive than other reports, it is considered an excellent substitute for CarFax because it is thorough. If you need clarification on something, you can look at a sample report.

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3. AutoCheck

AutoCheck Overview

This website is undoubtedly running for the title of finest alternative to Carfax. Also, Autocheck is far superior to it in various ways. For instance, you will receive a comprehensive report regarding the model, place of origin, engine type, and other aspects of a vehicle. Autocheck also uses a vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and its license plate number to obtain further information.

You will also have access to unique information that cannot be found on any other website. In addition, Autocheck can also be utilized to evaluate and contrast the conditions of different automobiles.

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4. CheckThatVIN

CheckThatVIN Overview

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is the source of information that another reliable website uses to provide thorough reports about your vehicle. Because CheckThatVIN only charges $3.50 for each car report, acquiring all the information is affordable. You will find out information such as the make and type of a vehicle, the date it was purchased, the name of the insurance company that covered it, and any other pertinent details.

In addition, when you acquire a used car, you will be given a list of things you should and should not do. A new iPhone application designed specifically for CheckThatVIN's customers was recently released.

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5. AutoFax.com

AutoFax Overview

In comparison to Carfax, the cheaper and more comprehensive alternative offered by AutoFax is known as Carfax. The website is uncomplicated and intuitive, providing a speedy answer to any questions or concerns. In addition, users of AutoFax are not required to sign up for an account to access the car information database.

If you are unhappy with the report they provide, you can request a refund through the website, which is another compelling benefit of using their service. In addition, there is a referral program where users can get free reports in exchange for bringing in new customers.

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6. www.dmv.org

dmv Overview

If you are looking for a premium platform on which to perform historical and valuation data analysis, then dmv.org is an excellent choice for you to consider. An extensive support crew is working around the clock, seven days a week, to offer you accurate, up-to-date information as quickly as possible on the car of your choice. In addition, the site provides a report from the NMVTIS, which is widely regarded as the most reliable source of information regarding vehicles.

On the other hand, because there are still numerous instances in which insurance companies and vehicle agencies need to submit reports to NMVTIS, there are times when you might not acquire all of the information regarding a car. Nonetheless, dmv.org is a viable alternative to Carfax in many situations.

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7. Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book Overview

It is a website with multiple functions situated in California, in the United States, and it offers in-depth details about used automobiles and displays a variety of pre-owned vehicles that are up for sale in the area.

In addition, after providing the necessary information, the website can provide an evaluation of a car. The list of amenities available continues; you can also utilize Kelley Blue Book to locate the auto service business closest to you.

Last but not least, Kelly Blue Book makes obtaining vehicle loans and insurance simple by providing a list of the various available companies. Because it possesses all these advantages, it is the most wanted website for automotive information.

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8. VINCheck from the NICB

VINCheck from the NICB Overview

Car purchasers can determine whether or not a car has been salvaged or stolen by using the VINCheck tool provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Within twenty-four hours, you are permitted to conduct a maximum of five searches from the same IP address. To order the VIN report, navigate to the eNICB website and click the “VINCheck” button. Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle you are interested in. Given that it does not cost anything, it is an excellent choice when money is limited.

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9. Titlecheck.us

Titlecheck Overview

This trustworthy online vehicle report generator can be found on the reputable Auto Data Direct Platform. Because it pulls information from NMVTIS, Titlecheck.us provides you with a comprehensive report regarding the vehicle of your choice.

Users must enter the 17-digit Vehicle Registration Number and Titlecheck to begin the process. We are prepared to provide you with a comprehensive report right now.

You will be able to obtain one-of-a-kind information from this website, such as passed car accident records, recycles, participating insurance providers, and salvage auctions. On the other hand, the report might not contain the owner's name or further details because the NMVTIS Portal does not provide access to that information.

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10. VinAudit

VinAudit Overview

VinAudit is a website that can be used as an alternative to Carfax to provide information on a vehicle's history. This section checks for title problems, odometer readings, open liens, prior damage, and active theft for a particular vehicle.

On the other hand, the website is affiliated with governmental agencies, non-profit groups, and industry sources so that it may provide every possible option for selling reports on the histories of vehicles. The best aspect is that the website is more affordable than Carfax does in comparison.

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In Summary

VINcheck.info markets its car history reports as cost-free substitutes for those offered by Carfax and the companies that are VINcheck's competitors. AutoCheck provides a free vehicle history score of two or three digits long and grades a vehicle's history.

Vinaudit.com is a direct competitor to Carfax; it offers data that is highly comparable to that provided by CarFax; however, it charges only a fraction of the price, at $9.99 for each report. If the car has been the subject of a police report, you can find out for free using VINCheck at the NICB. Although InstaVin is a more recent company than the others, it is a direct rival to CarFax and offers identical information for only $25.

You can now access the list of alternatives to Carfax that we have compiled mainly for you! A report must be purchased to acquire comprehensive information regarding a vehicle's past. When deciding what option is ideal for you, we suggest you look through the feedback provided by other customers and the reliable sources that document the history of the vehicles.

Ask the seller for the vehicle identification number (VIN) and use one of these platforms the next time you're on Craigslist or a website selling a vehicle to prevent the problems of purchasing used automobiles.

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