15 Best Afdah Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online 2022

Afdah Alternatives

Afdah is one of the best streaming sites on the internet. When you click on a movie, you get to see the actors, synopsis, quality, and directors. Afdah allows you to watch as many movies as you like.

Afdah is a fantastic site that you can use to watch and download films online. You can watch all kinds of high-quality videos from the comfort of your home. While streaming, you won't experience any buffering or any issues.

Like most ideal sites, you can filter according to the year of release or genre. If you are a wrestling fan, you can watch WWE from the platform. All your films, TV shows, series, and movies under one roof. What better way to spend your free time?

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15 Best Afdah Alternative Sites

1. Yesmovies

Yesmovies overview

YesMovies has gained popularity over time. It is an online sensation to many users due to the variety of movies, TV shows, films, and series on the platform. It has a greatly designed user interface that makes it easier to find various movies.

You can easily get information about the various shows on the platform and read whether the synopsis excites you. It is similar to the Afdah site, which also has a wide database of movies.

The platform allows limitless streaming on the platform to ensure you get everything that you need under one platform. Most of the videos are HD high quality to ensure you don’t strain while watching the movies.

Furthermore, it is easy to use, features various genres, allows movie filtering, and offers multinational content.

2. Yidio


Yidio translates to “your internet video.” It is a stunning platform that you can use to watch your preferred movies, series, films, and TV shows. It is one of the most secure sites that allows you to watch anything in your comfort.

While accessing the site, you won't be disturbed by any ads. This is similar to Afdah, which features no ads. You can click on a specific film, read its synopsis, and see whether it interests you.

On the homepage, you get an overview of the latest added episodes, movies, and films. You can browse through the episodes to see what you want to watch first. You can either stream for free or pay for a subscription to get unlimited shows.

3. Los movies

Los Movies

This is a great website that allows you to watch free movies in HD quality. There is nothing much better than watching clear shows. Watching through this platform will make you more creative and see things differently.

Like Afdah, it houses different genres like drama, action, adventure, comedy, fiction, documentaries, and cartoons on the platform.

You can even find the right platform and watch it with your family. All your movie nights will be fully sorted! All your movie needs under one platform.

4. Cine.to

Cine to overview

What do you like most about your evenings and weekends? Is it the fact that you can relax and do whatever you want? Why not use your time to watch these amazing films on the Cine platform. You can stream movies for free and watch as many as you want without limitation.

An awesome thing about Cine & Chill is that they continually update their website regularly to capture all the latest movies and films. You can get different genres like action, adventure, documentary, drama, animation, history, war, etc.

5. 123 movies

123 movies overview

How can you rate your creativity level? Why not opt to watch movies to boost your creativity level. This is one of the best movie platforms that allows you to stream movies for free without any limitation. Just like the Afdah streaming site, you can watch as many films as you want.

If you are not sure of what to watch, check the movies on the top ten ranks on the internet and search for the movie title on the platform. You won't regret it. It has a huge database of over 42000 movies, 7000 TV shows, and series. What more could you ask for?

All the genres you could think of are easily available. Just look for the movies, close any ads that open, and click on play on any of the mirror sites; if it doesn’t, try on the other.

6. Go movies

Gomovies Free TV Series Overview

Are you looking for a movie getaway platform? GoMovies is the ideal place for you. There are a wide variety of movies, films, documentaries, and TV shows on the platform. You won't have to stand in long queues to get movie tickets.

You can transform your sitting room into a cinema room and enjoy a movie with the whole family. The movies are free and can be accessed from anywhere.

A similarity with Afdah is the secureness of the site. This makes it popular among many users. You can watch different genres like action, thriller, fantasy, horror, comedy and much more.

Movies are updated on the site regularly to ensure you watch the latest movies in your comfort. It doesn’t demand any subscriptions. Hence you won't have to create an account.

7. Megashare

Megashare overview

Are you looking for a reputable site where you can watch movies, films, documentaries, and TV shows? Why not try Megashare? It is a great platform with an extensive library of the latest movies from different genres.

You can filter movies according to country, genre, or trending movies. You can never miss out on a newly released film. Click on any of the films and read the synopsis to check whether it interests you. Fortunately, you won't have to pay anything to watch the movies.

8. F movies

F movies overview

What better way to watch the latest movie than at home. F Movies is a great platform that features over 20,000 movies and 5000 TV series. You can never miss something interesting to watch. You can watch from home, at work, or while traveling. This is a great way to utilize your free time.

Many users prefer the site as films get updated regularly. Most streaming sites require a subscription, but for this one, you won’t have to. You can stream for free without any issues. The videos load fast with high quality.

Even if a film is of a foreign language, you can use subtitles. The films are categorized using different aspects, making them a great alternative to Afdah. The movie ratings help you decide whether to watch a movie or not.

9. Popcorn Flix

Popcornflix overview

If you love watching movies, make Popcorn flix your best friend. It is a reputable platform that you can use to stream free movies, films, TV shows, and documentaries. It is a safe, secure, and legal platform. You won't have to worry while using it.

It has very few ads to ensure you get the best movie experience. You need to create an account and start streaming the different movie genres.

Be part of the large Popcorn flix community! Unfortunately, it has some geolocation restrictions, but you can use a VPN to bypass it.

10. Popcorn time

Popcorn time overview

This is a reputable, free open-source streaming service that features many movies, films, series, and TV shows. Every kind of entertainment is available on the platform. You need to search for the specific movie title and watch it. It is a great alternative to subscription-based video streaming.

It has numerous viewers all over the world. You may encounter some advertisements, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching the best films. The library of shows will keep you glued to the screen.

The platform doesn’t feature movies on its servers but streams through torrent content. Escalate your entertainment to a higher level. You can also choose a film based on the actor’s name. Hence, if you love someone’s acting, you can look for all their movies.

11. Solarmovie


During the evening, off-days, and weekends, you can easily be caught up on what to do. That’s where the Solar movie comes to the rescue! You can stream movies through Solarmovie and get ideal films to occupy your time.

You need to look for a specific film and stream it in high quality. There are different show and movie genres like horror, historical, drama, action, adventure, fiction, etc. It is a reliable, safe, and secure site for all your needs. You won't have to worry about your next entertainment!

12. AZ Movies


When looking for a movie streaming site, you need to find one with a large library of films. AZMovies is one of the best that you can use. The website is easy to navigate to find the right film. You won't have to struggle with getting a specific film.

You can filter according to the genre, featured movie, update, or year. What more could you ask for?  All the genres you could think of are available on the platform. You now have an easy way to spend your free time.

13. Go stream

Go stream overview

Gostream is an amazing site that allows you to watch as many movies, films, TV shows, and series as required. You can filter according to the genre, most viewed, and Top IMDB. On the homepage, you get a display of all the featured movies.

In addition, you can watch movies for free without any ad disruption. Watch the best free films in your comfort. You can never go wrong while using GO stream as an Afdah alternative.

14. CMovies

CMovies overview

Cmovies has one of the best user interfaces among most streaming sites. On the homepage, you get to see a preview of some of the latest films. You can then scroll down to see other incredible movies, films, series, and TV shows that you can watch.

You can filter movies based on genre, country, year, and most-watched. Also, if there is a certain film that you would want to watch, you can opt to request for the film to be added to the platform. You get to see the movie rating to decide whether you will watch it or not.

15. Put locker

Putlockers Homepage

It is a great platform that can be used to watch movies, films, TV shows, and series. You can watch all the kinds of films from the large number of streaming links found on the platform.

Whatever movie you want is readily available on the platform. You are now sorted on spending your evening, weekends, and holidays. You can also watch movies as a family or friends and strengthen your family bond.

Watch As Many Films As Possible.

Afdah has been in existence for a long. It has gained popularity over time due to its lack of ads. You can stream as many movies, films, and TV shows on the platform as you wish.

You won't have to worry about reaching a certain limit. Apart from Afdah, you can use these other platforms to watch your favorite shows. Enjoy your specialized entertainment.

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