Best Games with the Lowest Advantage

Best Games with the Lowest Casino Advantage

The choice of entertainment in online casinos and land-based establishments includes thousands of machines. However, victory is easier to get where the probable payout percentage is increased and the statistical advantage of the casino is reduced. This figure is inherent in any game.

The casino's advantage can be reduced by using an effective strategy. However, it is safer for the budget to choose games with the lowest percentage of the house advantage. BestAuCasinosOnline will tell you about the games that offer the best chance of winning.

What is casino advantage

The casino advantage, often known as the house edge, is the advantage that a casino has over its players. To be profitable, each casino needs to have a little advantage over its competitors. The percentage will vary depending on the casino and the game you play.

In the case of table games, for example, even a little change in the rules might make a significant impact in the casino's edge. It's worth noting that, while institutions may have an advantage over players, it's not by much, and every visitor has an equal chance of winning.



Casino advantage ranges from 6.39% to 4.82%.

Considered to be one of the oldest representatives of table games, this game for two is popular with online casino customers. Here, you have to roll the dice and move the chips by the number of points rolled, blocking and outpacing your opponent. The objective is to complete a full circle on the board (counter-clockwise) from the starting point, crossing the opponent's field.

Despite the element of chance, the dice roll can never be predicted; backgammon requires participants to think strategically and learn offensive combinations.

Caribbean Stud Poker

With a casino advantage of 5%.

Stad is favoured by those who are not strong at bluffing and prefer not to waste time in front of the mirror preparing for a tournament. Although the hand can be played against other players, the casino is the only opponent to beat in this poker format.

To join a game, you have to place a bet and assess the dealer's open cards before you can see your own. Caribbean Stud Poker has the additional gratifying feature of being able to hit the jackpot. This can be done by dropping a chip into a box marked JP. The prize is available to anyone who has managed to collect a flush royal.

Pai Gow Poker

A casino advantage of 2.5%.

What do you get when you combine ancient Chinese dominoes and poker? Probably something like Pai Gow. This hybrid card game is fun and simple, and offers an increased chance of winning. Here, players can control 2 hands of seven cards, each of which can win.

Roulette with one zero

The casino has an advantage of 2.5%.

There are very few games in the world that are as strongly associated with casinos as Roulette. Seasoned gamblers often avoid roulette, preferring other forms of gambling in which luck doesn't play such a huge part in winning. However, there are true online roulette Australia fans who choose machines with a single zero. According to the professionals, they give the customer a better chance of getting the desired winnings.

The mathematics behind this opinion is quite simple. The number of numbers on such a roulette wheel is only 37, while the wheel with two zeros is 38. The higher the numbers, the lower the probability of winning when betting on numbers with a payout ratio of 35 to 1.



Casino advantage from 2% to 10%.

Although the payouts in slots are not as big as in table games, slots are the undisputed kings of online casinos. Growing competition means that the best providers are constantly adding extra options to them:

  1. Free spins. An opportunity to spin the reels without the risk of losing money, but with a chance of winning.
  2. Bonus rounds. Mini-games during which you can win an additional amount of money.
  3. The main prize of the machine, usually money.

To reduce the casino's advantage in slots, you need to pay attention to these features rather than just spinning the reels. Some of the features, like freespins, can determine the difference between a losing and winning session.

Video poker

A casino advantage from 5% to 0.5%.

There is much talk among gambling enthusiasts that in video poker the casino can lose the advantage altogether if the visitor applies the correct strategy. This is a rather bold statement, but some versions of this game do sometimes give away more than others. For example Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild.

You should check the current payout percentage before launching any of the video poker variants.

Three Card Poker

A casino advantage of 1.5%.

You can apply basic poker strategy to this game, so it's a great game for beginners. However, you don't want to start out with a big bet here.


A casino advantage of 1.5%.

Baccarat has an effective basic strategy and strict deal rules apply. The game has no frills, embellishments or complicated mechanics. A visitor who chooses baccarat does fewer actions at the table than a one-armed bandit customer.

The best bet here is on the player, because a commission is added to the bet on the banker. Baccarat simply allows you to relax, and the effect on the outcome is minimal.



A casino advantage of between 5% and 1.4%.

Craps is said to be one of the most exciting games in both online and land-based casinos. The odds are quite low here, as the outcome doesn't just depend on a random roll of the dice. On the pass line and don't pass bets, the value goes down to 1.4%.

Blackjack (one deck)

A casino advantage of 1.5%.

If you find a game on a single deck, the odds of winning increase in proportion to experience and knowledge of basic strategy. With proper bankroll management, the odds of walking away with some profit will become very real.

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