10 Best Android Torrent Apps (2023)

Best Android Torrent Apps

Do you love downloading content from the internet straight to your phone? Are you a fan of torrents? Then you should get a reliable Android torrent app.

You can now get your favorite torrents straight to your Android smartphone effortlessly. Here are some of the best Android torrent apps that you can use to download your favorite music, videos, software, and other media straight to your phone.

However, it would help to be careful when downloading content because torrents host severe malware.

1. Flud

Flud best Android Torrent App

This easy-to-use free Android torrent client supports DTH, UPnP, uTP, PeX, and other protocols. You can easily specify the files that you want to download with Flud and even download your content sequentially.

The good thing about Fluid is that it’s easy to use, thus suitable for beginners. The fly in the ointment is that the free version has ads, but you can also pay to remove ads, allowing you to enjoy a clean download process.


  • No speed limit for upload/download
  • Support magnet links
  • Support large file torrent

Download Fluid: google play

2. uTorrent

uTorrent best Android Torrent App

You can never go wrong using uTorrent guest to download torrents because it's the official BitTorrent android torrent downloader. The app supports high-speed downloads and peer-to-peer file sharing.

You can also split a big file into multiple parts to download it faster. Additionally, uTorrent doesn't have a size or speed limit. A powerful, light, and reliable tool will solve your mobile download needs.


  • Super-fast, light, and powerful app
  • No size and speed limit when downloading
  • It has Wi-Fi mode to save mobile data
  • Supports downloading of torrents and magnet links

Download uTorrent: google play

3. BitTorrent

BitTorrent best Android Torrent App

Are you looking for an Android Torrent app that will change how you discover, download and play content from anywhere? Then it would help if you looked for BitTorrent.

This amazing app has no speed and size limits when downloading. Most importantly, the app is easy to use and thus suitable for beginners.

Please note that BitTorrent is a free app, but it offers in-app purchases.


  • No size limits and speed limits when downloading
  • It comes with an auto-shutdown feature
  • Download torrents and magnet links
  • Improved download speed

Download BitTorrent: google play

4. LibreTorrent

LibreTorrent best Android Torrent App

This Android torrent app has amazing features that enable you to download music, videos, and software straight to your phone.  LibreTorrent doesn’t come with numerous annoying ads.

Additionally, the app is easy to use and has a user-friendly UI. LibreTorrent can choose which files to download and even move files while downloading. You can also use the auto-downloading feature with Atom/RSS manager.


  • Compatible with Android TV
  • Supports auto-moving of downloaded files
  • Good scheduling and IP filtering
  • Supports proxy for trackers and peers

Download LibreTorrent: google play

5. FrostWire

FrostWire best Android Torrent App

Are you looking for a powerful android torrent app with true built-in- features? Then it would help if you went for FrostWire. This is a free app, but it offers in-app purchases. It also comes with a media library, music player, and an advanced download manager.

The good thing about FrostWire is that it has no speed limit and download size limit. It also downloads all types of files and supports downloading of large files.


  • Built-in media browser
  • Supports auto-pause of downloads with VPN drop
  • It comes with a true built-in torrent search
  • Supports sequential downloading
  • It comes with a built-in media browser and featured music player

Download FrostWire: google play

6. TorrDroid

TorrDroid best Android Torrent App

This Android Torrent App is for a torrent client that doubles as a search engine. The good thing about TorrDroid is that you don’t have to search for torrents manually before downloading them.

The inbuilt file browser supports copying, moving, and sharing files. It also supports automatic downloads and prevents fake torrents and common viruses.

However, you still have to be careful when downloading torrents, irrespective of the downloader you use. Users of TorrDroid can open, view, and delete downloaded files directly from the app.


  • Supports opening of files and magnet links directly from the app
  • It comes with a strong in-built search engine
  • No size and speed restriction when downloading
  • Supports multiple simultaneous downloads

Download TorrDroid: google play

7. tTorrent

tTorrent best Android Torrent App

It’s now easy to download torrents directly to your phone using the tTorrent android client. This paid app will cost you $1.99, but users get value for the money. With tTorrent, you can download all types of files, small or big.

However, the app requires a high internet connection to function effectively. Some of the files you can quickly grab using this app include free files, software programs, mp3s, and other entertainment content.


  • You can create and share new torrent files
  • Supports sequential download
  • No ads
  • Magnet link support, trackerless torrent (DHT) support
  • Supports proxy, IP filtering, and label and UPnP and NAT-PMP

Download tTorrent: google play

8. Vuze

Vuze best Android Torrent App

Are you looking for a lightweight yet very powerful Android app to help you download torrents straight to your phone? Then it would help if you got yourself a Vuze Torrent Downloader. The good thing about the app is that it's easy to use, fast, and can download all types of files.

For those who want to use the premium features of this app, you can upgrade to the PRO version in the settings menu. You can get rid of ads and access new battery-saving features.


  • Straightforward interface
  • Supports auto-start on device reboot
  • Wi-Fi only settings
  • You can control torrent download and upload speed
  • Comes with completion alerts

Download Vuze: google play

9. aTorrent

aTorrent best Android Torrent App

The list of the best Android torrent apps can’t be complete without mentioning aTorrent. It’s a modern application that comes with a modern design.  Users of this app enjoy torrenting with a material design user interface.

You can use aTorrent on all Android phones and tablets.  Additionally, aTorrent supports downloading all types of files, both small and big. It also supports magnet links.


  • Supports multiple parallel downloading
  • You can add torrents from the file
  • It comes with a torrent search dialog
  • Supports Advanced DHT Bootstrap, Magnet links, BitTorrent P2P, DHT protocols

Download aTorrent: google play

10. WeTorrent

WeTorrent best Android Torrent App

The last on the list is WeTorrent. This is an excellent Android torrent app. You can use it to download your favorite torrents straight to your phone or tablet with a tap. WeTorrent is completely easy to use.

However, it contains ads and offers in-app purchases that you can use to upgrade and access more features. The good thing about WeTorrent is that it has no size and speed limit.

It also comes with a beautiful and clean material design. You can seamlessly pause, resume and delete files using the WeTorrent app.


  • Supports multiple concurrent downloads
  • Has magnet link support
  • Wi-Fi only settings to save data
  • Supports opening and viewing of downloaded files
  • High-speed downloads and no limit

Download WeTorrent: google play

Final Word

Downloading torrents straight to your Android phone or tablet is now easy. All that you need to do is to get yourself a reliable Android Torrent App.

This article highlights some of the best Android torrent apps that you can easily download and install on your phone.

Pick the app that matches your needs, and you're good to go. However, it would help if you always were careful when downloading torrents because they come with dangerous viruses and malware.

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