Apps That Require Regular Cache Cleaning

Apps That Require Regular Cache Cleaning

What applications require regular cache cleaning? Why do you need to use cache cleaners regularly? Find the answers and much more in this post.

Android devices are becoming more and more feature-rich and productive. The reason is the applications you use on your smartphone or tablet require plenty of additional storage in your gadgets. However, many smartphones might fail to have enough free space to fit all your needs.

Why does your app lack free space? The fact is that when using various websites and apps, it stores plenty of information, including images and files. Searching for a new movie to watch on Friday night? Looking for someone to WriteMyEssay? Googling some information about the upcoming concert? Sticking to social media?

All these processes require storing cache on your smartphone. What apps require regular cache cleaning? Discover this information and much more below.

Top Apps That Require Cache Cleaning

Top Apps That Require Cache Cleaning

There is nothing new that most apps store cache. However, some programs store massive loads of data that should be deleted from time to time. This is a list of applications that require regular cache cleaning.


One of the most popular apps that are widely used by millions of people is mail applications. Yahoo mail, Gmail, and others are used to keep in touch with all the working and learning activities, confirm subscriptions to various services, and do plenty of other things. However, when you open a particular letter, some of its information is automatically stored in the cache.

If you use the app regularly and receive dozens of emails each day, it might be a good idea to clear your smartphone’s cache on a regular basis.


People use different browsers. Many users prefer searching with Chrome, while there are still many fans of Mozilla and Tor browsers. Regardless of the type of browser you usually use, it stores cache. The fact is that when visiting different websites, you open various files and images, share some logins and sometimes save passwords. As a result, tons of information is being stored on your device.

Most experts believe that a browser is an application that stores the highest volumes of cache on your devices. Therefore, don’t forget to delete it from time to time.

Social Media

Many people can’t imagine their lives without using social media. If you often stick to Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, or other popular social media, your device might store loads of cache related to these applications. By the way, Instagram and Twitter are among those that require storing more data.

News Aggregators

Many people prefer keeping in touch with the freshest news. Some of them would like to know more about world politics or COVID-related news, while others want to know more about the local events.

There are also many smartphone users who require monitoring financial and cryptocurrency markets. What is common between all these people? Most of them use news aggregators to discover the freshest news published on different websites in a single place.

Of course, news aggregators are incredibly easy-to-use and convenient. However, most of them store tons of information that requires regular cleaning.

Download Manager

Using a download manager is a common thing for many users. You can download images, videos, documents, and other types of files on your device. However, sometimes you might download something accidentally or forget about some files stored in your download manager. As a result, the app might contain tons of data you don’t use.

Most professionals recommend cleaning the cache of your download manager at least once per week or even more often.

How To Clear Cache?

The process is easier than you might think. There are two methods on how to perform this action. The first option is to clear the cache manually. This might appear to be a time-consuming process if you would like to clear not all of your applications.

For these purposes, go to the settings of your mobile, and look at the list of the installed apps. You will find the information about the cache of each app. Feel free to delete it anytime. By the way, the process might be a bit different on different types of smartphones.

The second way to clear cache is much easier. There are tons of automatic cleaning apps available at Google Play. You can download any solution depending on the features you require and clear the device cache in just a few clicks.

The number of apps developed for these purposes is truly impressive. Moreover, there are many free options you can use without paying a cent.

Which option is better? It depends on your personal preferences. Both ways of cleaning your smartphone are really good. If you want to speed up the process, it is better to use a special app.

However, if you want to make 100% sure all your cache was successfully cleared, it is recommended to do it yourself.

Is This Process Safe?

Is This Process Safe

Yes, the process is completely safe. The cache contains only minor and unnecessary files that can be easily deleted causing no damage to the app you are cleaning. Therefore, you will not lose any important data when performing the process.

What is more, many apps might start having some bugs and crashes if you fail to clear the cache. Therefore, the process might help you solve many problems with your favorite apps since clearing them might be extremely useful for the entire smartphone’s performance. It will help you free up the storage space and use your device in a more comfortable way.

Some applications automatically remove cache if you fail to clear it for weeks and months. However, if you want to ensure stable access to all the features and options of your favorite applications, it is better to take care of your cache by yourself. This will also speed up performing most operations and will make you feel that your gadget is working at lightning speed.

All in all, clearing cache is always a brilliant idea. If you don’t want to delete the cache of all your apps, it is still necessary to pay attention to your browsers and social media apps.

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