The 5 Best Cannabis Apps for Android And iPhone

Best Cannabis Apps for Android

Technology today allows you to get as much information as you want on anything if you have the right app. We line up five of the best from the two best-known operating systems.

You can literally have information at your fingertips today if you want, thanks to the best cannabis apps on the market. Whether you want to read the latest from sites like Ask Growers or need more data to help with your growing, these apps will be a resource that native growers may not have had.

This tech development comes in the wake of several US states legalizing weed for recreational and medical use at the state level, even as there is more agitation for things to get better at the federal level. The rest of the world seems to be making positive movements toward legalization too, so it’s exciting to see what the future holds.

These five are some of the best cannabis apps for Android and iOS.



This weed app will help you find dispensaries that sell your kind of stash at any location. It customizes its search to suit your preference.

You will be asked if you are a medical or recreational user, how you like your weed – vaping, topical application, or edibles – whether you are partaking for pain relief, exercise, or relaxation, the strains you prefer, levels of THC and CBD, and any other report that will deliver the best results tailored for you.

The brand only works with premium licensed dealers, so the results for your search will always be trustworthy. You will be notified of dispensaries and shops in your location that you can contact for delivery or walk-in purchase. This app is free, but you can join premium for even more resources.


This award-winning app has a host of information on strains and how they work in the body. Even before, the app was the site that provided the most credible information on weed, and now the app consolidates this information, so you have it all on one platform.

You are looking at strain comparisons, reviews by legit users and the site, locations for your merch, and new information on emerging markets or what’s happening with growers.

The app’s design is clean, so you will easily find everything you need. The strains are categorized based on class, their effects on the body – relaxation, pain relief, and such – and the levels of THC in them. This resource is designed with users of all levels in mind, making it easy to identify where you fall and the product you will need.



This app is Leafly’s biggest competitor and is available on Android and iOS, like its counterpart. Dubbed “King of Marijuana,” Weedmaps has been available for over 10 years, even before most of the other apps began their exploration.

It directs you to where you can buy your weed, and the best way most people describe it is the Google of cannabis. Weedmaps is used mainly in the US and Europe, so you have a resource even when on vacation.

What does it offer? You will be asked to give your location so the app can send you up-to-date information on weed in your country or locality.

You will be notified of coffee shops and other delivery services within your area and offers and bargains that you should take advantage of. The design is user-friendly, and the company has continually improved it for over a decade. You can easily see why users are so stocked with it when you download it.


Not all people who get into growing weed have the proper knowledge, so it’s mainly a trial and error for many. This app changes that by equipping you with as much information as possible in the form of a game.

The exciting game is packed with what the company calls a highly advanced 3D growth simulator to show you the ropes before you plant your first seeds. No significant investment is needed here: just your brain to learn and a few dollars since this is a paid platform.

What will you learn here? The intricacies of growing cannabis, including temperature control, required humidity levels, pH, water, and light levels to get you the best results. You will also get information on strains and their genetics so you know which would work best for your farm.



Users know they need to always dose their weed appropriately to avoid going overboard, which is where this calculator comes in. It enables you to calculate the strength of an edible with backed science to prevent overdosing. It breaks down the infusion rate of butter, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and others used for making edibles to indicate what should go into your recipe.

It also has a tincture drop calculator that tells you the potency of your tincture before you use it. Any cannabis edible user will find Cannalator quite effective.


These are only five of the best in an industry growing quickly and introducing technology at an exciting rate. During the lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw delivery services pick up the pace, and now it is quite exciting to see these apps that impact knowledge from across the world.

Things can only get better, and the canna community is watching this space to see what’s coming next.

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