Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Best Apps

Are you looking for the best apps to improve your educational process? Here are the top applications to make your modern academic life easier.

Modern digitalization is moving rapidly, and the world is adapting to new technological trends. Not so long ago, students used only books and notes to learn new information. But today's young people no longer have to spend hours scouring the library for terms and topics. Now digital technologies have simplified most of the educational processes.

With a smartphone and Internet access, you can discover incredible facts and data with just a few clicks. All you need is mobile applications and the desire to expand your horizons. Here are the best apps every student should use.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Nothing is more important than storing all your notes, files, or archives in the cloud. The fact is that USB drives are very small, and you can easily lose such devices on the bus or on the way to college. In addition, you are unlikely to be able to share information with friends if your SD card is in your hands. Fortunately, Google Drive can easily save you from such problems.

For example, you can download dozens of sample essays and share them. All you need to do is share the link with your friends or allow them to edit your texts. As you can see, such an application is something like web storage and a sandbox where each of your friends can store important information and share ideas.

myHomework Student Planner

Usually, academic workload leads to nervous breakdowns precisely because of improper planning and time management. First-year students are usually not good at keeping track of assignments, exams, tests, and other activities. Thanks to myHomework Student Planner, you can organize all your tasks and keep updated with all the changes.

Such an application will save you from unpleasant surprises, especially if you often forget about your homework. Plus, you can even schedule some activities like reading reviews so you know whom you shouldn't delegate your assignments to. As you can see, now you will have one more tool to control all your activities.



On the one hand, Spotify is a streaming service for music fans. But it would help if you did not forget that this application can give you access to educational content and podcasts.

Listening to important academic recordings you will surely find crucial facts needed for the education process. However, even listening to music will positively affect your academic performance. All you need is a good playlist and free time to relax.


Thanks to classic tutorials or books, not all students like to learn foreign languages​​. This process is quite lengthy and exhausting. But what if you have another path that is more beginner-friendly? Duolingo is an alternative way to start learning languages.

Present short lessons with words, graphic associations, and audio files for correct pronunciation. In addition, you will surely enjoy the game form of all the lessons. Just 10 minutes a day, you will get the basic knowledge that will allow you to move to a new level.

But hardcore students can increase the time of each daily class if necessary. However, do not forget that you have a lot of assignments and clear deadlines.

Consider delegating papers, especially if you're not ready to interrupt the process of learning a new language. But first, you should double-check the dependability and legitimacy of the service you want to use. It will help you eliminate possible risks and take maximum advantage of the experience.

Microsoft Office

Most students are accustomed to using Word or Excel while writing assignments. But what if you can't use your PC or laptop? In this case, you can download Microsoft Office to your smartphone and enjoy all the benefits of classic desktop applications.

You can still create documents, use macros, and even share files online despite some simplifications. Such an application will allow you not to stop halfway, even if your laptop is broken.


Imagine that you had to photograph hundreds of pages because you found a rare book. Surely you want to organize all your photos or create a PDF file. But what if your smartphone gallery looks like a complete mess?

Well, you need CamScanner because this application will allow you to edit pictures and create PDFs for further reading. Furthermore, this application will allow you to crop photos, change brightness and contrast, and merge files to organize digital information.



On the one hand, Uber stands out a little from all the above options. But such a digital product is indispensable if you are in a hurry to go anywhere. Imagine that you are late for college or need to urgently go to a far-away part of the city.

With Uber, you can quickly find a driver nearby without spending much money. This life hack is especially relevant for students who do not have a scholarship for some reason.

Final Words

Digital applications are ideal for improving the educational process. New technologies help people expand their horizons and use their full academic potential. In addition, applications are ideal for those who want to save time and find important information.

Luckily, most of the apps above are free so that any student can try them out.

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