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Manga reigns supreme in the comic industry as it has finally outsold superhero comics. There is no doubt manga is currently a global phenomenon and as a result, more and more manga sites have come on the scene. While some sites are premium, most sites are free of charge. However, not all free manga sites are safe and as a wise Internet user, you should always visit safe ones only.

To start a hassle-free manga reading spree, the first thing you should do is to look for the best site to read manga online. Reading manga takes hours; therefore, sites with low-quality images should be avoided. To protect your device and identity, you should also stay away from ad-supported sites as they might carry cyber threats.

Premium sites are undoubtedly great, however, they might make a dent in your wallet. It is almost impossible to look for a site that is free, safe, and provides high-quality content and features. And it is impossible to have an enhanced reading experience if such a site is not found. If you are desperately looking for one, search no further, we have got you covered. is where your dream comes true, and we will prove it shortly below.

What is

What is

MangaReader stands out as the best and safest site to read manga online for free. This site provides users with the same quality content and features paid reading services offer. What makes MangaReader different from them is the cost. While you may have to pay almost ten bucks a month at premium sites, reading manga online on MangaReader is completely free.

It is free of charge, ad-free, risk-free, and hassle-free. The site boasts a huge content of manga, including the current titles and latest releases. Although it does not require any payment, MangaReader keeps up with all the latest updates to make sure you have the best reading experience possible on the site.


Legal sites are the best, but we always need to make compromises if we choose free manga online reading. Sites like MangaReader cannot be legal as long as they are free. It is true that some legal sites provide free users with some titles, but the amount of content is limited. Meanwhile, MangaReader allows you to have access to the latest releases.

No site can afford both the copyright fees and free services to its users. Although MangaReader is not legal, reading manga online on the site is not considered illegal, at least in the US. According to copyright attorneys, you will not be subject to criminal or civil charges if you don’t download, share, or use pirated files for commercial purposes. If you are unsure about the laws in your region, turn on a VPN to stay anonymous and you will be safe.

Is Using Safe?


Free sites are normally ad-supported. It makes total sense, as every site needs at least a source of income to operate. As free sites do not require subscription fees from users, they need to sell ads. While some sites are selective when it comes to which ads to sell, most sites do not. Malicious ads might cause you serious issues such as data loss, identity theft, corrupted networks, and many more.

Therefore, for complete safety, you should stick with ad-free sites like MangaReader. With no ads, pop-ups, or commercials, hackers cannot pose any risk to your device and identity. In addition, you are not obliged to provide any private information for a signup to MangaReader. Therefore, you are also not prone to information leakage. Your full name, email address, and credit card details are kept confidential.

MangaReader’s Features 


If a safe site does not have your title of interest or provide a good quality reading experience, you might lose interest quickly. That is the reason we introduce MangaReader to you as the site can meet any of your demands.

MangaReader is free, safe, owns an extensive content library, and boasts amazing features that are normally exclusive to paid users only such as good quality scans, fast loading speed, optimized UI & UX, great device compatibility, 24/7 customer service, etc. Here is the detailed list of the site’s features that prove MangaReader is the best free manga site to be found on the Internet.

  • Free of charge. It costs you completely nothing to enjoy our favorite manga on MangaReader. All you need to do is to visit the site when you are in the mood for manga, search for it, and read it as much as you please. There is no payment required at all.
  • Safe to use. MangaReader’s ad-free feature and no registration policy keep all the common Internet risks at bay. Your device and identity are kept safe here.
  • Various genres and subgenres. With thousands of titles covering all genres and subgenres, MangaReader can quench your thirst for manga no matter what genre you are looking for, even erotic content for adult viewers. 
  • High-quality scans. Reading high-quality manga scans is as pleasing as watching movies in HD. It contributes to an enhanced experience.
  • Anti-overload with back-up server. This feature helps you read manga seamlessly without any hassle.
  • Fast content updates. You can read the latest releases on the site as soon as it comes out officially. New titles including requested ones and interesting random manga are added on a daily basis.
  • Zero ads and pop-ups. You can enjoy your binge-reading on the site without any risk or interruption thanks to this feature.
  • Surpass Geo-restrictions. If your manga of interest is not available in your region, MangaReader can come to your rescue. This feature allows you to have access to any manga title, even when it is banned.
  • Easy and simple UI & UX. Using MangaReader to read manga online is as easy as using Netflix to watch movies or Google to search results. You can easily figure out how to use the site within seconds thanks to its UI & UX.
  • Sharable content on all your socials. When you want to let your friends know what you are reading, simply click the Share button and the content will be shown on all your socials.
  • Syncs content across PCs and mobile devices. This feature allows you to continue your reading anytime you want, anywhere you are, and on any device available as long as it is Internet enabled.
  • Unlimited reading service available. Unlike many sites that only allow you to read a limited amount of episodes before asking for a signup, MangaReader provides you with unlimited reading service. You can stay on the site as long as you please.
  • Themes change as you wish between dark and light. The site provides both dark and light themes for your preference. You can switch it as you wish.
  • No registration or account needed. MangaReader does not require any registration or signup, meaning that you can start your reading right away without going through any hassle or risk of information leakage.
  • Best customer service. The manga reader team is at your service 24/7 so you can rest assured should you have any problem with the site, they will assist you in a timely manner.

If you can afford to contribute to the development of the manga industry financially, please do. If you want to save your hard-earned money for better causes or simply do not read manga regularly enough to purchase a subscription plan, you can choose MangaReader to pursue your hobby.

It is another kind of contribution and we believe it should be appreciated too. Give MangaReader a check and let your friends and family know about the site too for a bigger and better manga community.

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