Are Games without a German License Safe or Scam?

Are Games without a German License Safe or Scam

Online casino without a license… that smells like fraud, doesn't it?

Since January 1st, 2023, the new gambling authority in Halle has taken over 100% responsibility for gambling of all kinds in Germany. Online casinos without a license in Germany are considered illegal. Nevertheless, there are a large number of international casinos that also offer their services in German.

Of course, these are aimed at the millions of Germans who are not in Germany and who are happy that a platform also offers their service in German.

Online gambling is a very exciting pastime with a high fun factor. By the way, you can also skim profits. The gaming industry is a growth market with huge potential. The competition is correspondingly large. It is impossible for the casual gamer to keep track.

There are always new online casinos, always another casino bonus and always negative media reports about casinos without a license. We bring light into the darkness in all areas and offer you the best of the best!

Is an Online Casino Without a German License a Scam?

Is an Online Casino Without a German License a Scam

Online casinos are popular around the globe. While there are a few countries where gambling is completely banned, there are a growing number of countries, including Germany and Sweden, that have their own gambling regulators. Other countries allow gambling without having their own licensing authority. It is obvious that platforms without a German license are quite serious. Certainly there are black or dark gray sheep in this area as well.

Many also wonder why an overseas online casino even has a German version. The answer is obvious! On the one hand there are millions of Germans who live abroad, on the other hand because until recently there was no license in Germany and you played in such casinos anyway. But that doesn't mean that the online casinos where you've played for years will become fraudsters overnight.

They are just as reputable as they were when there was no German license.

It is also not reprehensible that these providers have a German version of their website. This is the case with many major international websites and platforms and everyone finds this a great service. Tempers only heat up when it comes to casinos and a few other sectors that cannot be counted as part of the mainstream.

In general, we recommend playing only at licensed casinos. There are of course differences between the various licenses. The best known are casinos licensed from Malta and those holding a Curacao license. Many believe that the Curacao license is an inferior license.

We can only strongly disagree with that. Hundreds of casino tests have clearly shown that you cannot make a blanket judgment. Almost all crypto casinos have a Curacao license and in many cases also offer a more extensive betting offer.

Does the EU License Make a Difference?

It was the wish of many players and operators that the German casino license would bring more clarity and that there would hardly be any questions. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as people in this country are once again cooking their own soup and many players do not agree with the restrictions and monitoring of gaming behavior. In addition, there is still EU law, which in some cases deals with gambling completely differently than German regulation.

From a legal point of view, an operator with a foreign license may not offer its services in Germany. This is clearly regulated and also understandable. In reality, however, these casinos are not operated in Germany. In fact, players residing in Germany visit a website that is registered and operated outside of Germany. The laws and regulations of the country where the casino is registered also apply

When talking about an EU license, the license of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is usually meant. Strictly speaking, this is also a state license. However, it is accepted throughout Europe if there is no national license.

The MGA is considered one of the strictest licensors in the online gambling worldwide. Since the small Mediterranean island belongs to the European Union, it is often referred to as an EU license. Strictly speaking, this is not the case, but it is acting within the framework of EU regulations.

But it is also the case that the MGA-licensed casinos sometimes follow quite different guidelines. There are now a whole range of virtual casinos that follow the guidelines from Germany when playing or the game rounds and their duration if the player plays with an IP address from Germany. This is often the case when the casino has applied for a license in Germany. At least there are not only slots but also live casino with these providers.

Play in the Casino Without Registration

Play in the Casino Without Registration

Yes, you read that correctly here too. In some new casinos you can now play with real money without the registration process and verification. These casinos are also often called no account casinos.

However, this is somewhat misleading as the player account is created automatically in the background. This is made possible by the Trustly payment system Pay N Play. This makes it possible to carry out transactions within a few minutes. The only requirement is an online banking account with a financial institution that cooperates with Trustly.

The otherwise annoying verifications and processing times for payouts are completely eliminated. The verification happens automatically in the background at a casino without registration and payouts only take a few minutes. We have also examined and tested some of these popular casinos.

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