10 Best FREE Geoguessr Alternative You Can Play in 2022

Geoguessr Alternative

Geoguessr is one of the most popular exploration map games. However, since the game took a premium turn, more people started to look for Geoguessr alternatives. I will share some of the best alternatives.

Geoguessr is a geographical location guessing game. In this game, users are randomly “distributed” to a place. This is through various things, vegetation, and cultural landscapes they see. As a player, you can check the language used in the street signs to determine where you are. This will give you a reliable hint.

Additionally, this web game informs users of the distance between the guessed location and the actual location. In the end, not only will you have increased your geographical knowledge, but you will also enjoy the scenery of various countries without leaving the comfort of your home. It is supported on the Desktop, Android, and iOS.

1. Get Lost

Get lost is a geographic discovery game with random street maps. You get five rounds of opportunities to determine the latitude and longitude coordinates from a street-side image. If you get many accurate answers, you get a maximum score of 5000 points.

Additionally, it gives you full play to your geographical knowledge. However, the game is not that easy.  This is because much critical information has been erased, such as the license plate number.

What makes it exciting is that you can be in a random country; India, or South America, Central America, and North America – the leading map resource. Just imagine exploring the whole world with your laptop. Amazing, right?

2. Geotastic

Are you anticipating more fun? Why not try geotastic? It is a free-to-play geo quiz geoguessr alternative. You can either decide to play alone or with your friends; choose the multiplayer or single-player mode.

However, to get the whole experience of the game, it is better to log in first. If you decide to play as a guest, you can only join games with a direct link. The game includes random street view drops, landmarks, and the flag guessing mode.

Additionally, there are a wide variety of game modes you can use while playing in the game. There is the exciting country battle mode that requires you to guess the correct country as fast as possible. This helps you to gain points.

3. City Guesser

Do you want to know more about the cities in the world? Why not start with this game? It was created back in August 2020 but has gained popularity over time.

You can either decide to explore the world alone or with friends. To learn about the specific location, check the car’s license plates, the language used in signposts, business names, flags, and much more. Those will give you actual hints.

In the game, you first need to select locations worldwide, USA, Europe, Asia, and much more. It features four game modes, streaks, multiplayer, walking tour, and driving tour.

4. Hide & Seek World

This is another fantastic quiz game. In the game, you hide, and the other players have to find you.  Each of the games consists of various rounds with one hider and a couple of seekers.

As the seeker, you get to see the hider’s hiding spot. This is on the broad Google Street view. As a seeker, the better your guesses, the more points you get. The one with the most points at the end wins the game. What more would you ask for?

It has a great emphasis on the multiplayer experience. As a hider, your goal is to pick a problematic location; as a seeker, the more you guess better, the more points you get! It has two game modes, street view and satellite.

5. Ducksters

The duckster is an excellent platform that features interesting interactive content. The platform allows you to learn, explore, and use the internet while having fun. The games can be enjoyed by most people of all ages.

Additionally, it is an outstanding geography-based trivia and quizzes game that features various regions in the world. These include continents, capital cities, and flags.

It also includes mapping games, crossword puzzles, word searches, and much more. You can either play the puzzles online version, active mode, or in a printable version.

6. World Geography Games

This is a great quiz game that lets you learn everything about countries. This is in terms of maps, flags, country capitals, population, religion, language, currency, and much more. The quiz game can make you quickly earn a lot about geography.

There are over 6000 questions, 2000 different images, 400 different countries, and much more. You get to train your weaknesses after every game. If you are good at geography, be sure that you will prosper well in the game.

Certain flags look alike; can you easily distinguish them? It offers excellent quizzes games for kids, students, adults, and seniors. It is free to use and tests your geography skills.

7. Seterra

This is a great map quiz game that features more than 40 languages.  Learning about geography doesn’t need to be too dull. You can use it to learn to locate every single country on a map. The seterra game makes you familiarize yourself with countries, capital, cities, flags, rivers, and many other features.

It features over nine different game modes. The game challenges you in various ways to help retain information and keep things interesting. Also, seterra online has a voice feature to listen to how the place names are pronounced.

8. Zoomtastic

This is one of the best games in which a map appears on the screen, and a 30-sec countdown starts. However, the map zooms out slowly, giving you more information over time. After like 10 seconds, four possible answers appear. You have to choose one of those!

You get to repeat that till you become the best player. It is a great way to learn about various countries in the world. When you choose the right answer, you get 100 points. It is an excellent game if you have a basic knowledge of geography.

9. PlayGeography

This is a fantastic game that allows you to think broadly about the various locations. It will help you know the different countries, cities, flags, rivers, seas and much more. When learning becomes interesting, it excites people to learn quickly. It is a great game that you can use to discover the world effortlessly.

You will master the various countries faster than you would have ever imagined. The main aim of the game is to create high-quality, affordable educational content that has meaningful learning outcomes.

10. Mapcrunch

Have you ever played the mapcrunch game? This is one of the best games that use the street view service provided by Google Maps to teleport you to a random location. You get to see different cars, members of the public, and different places.

This will ultimately help you to determine the specific place. It features different modes like wussy, casual, explorer, adventurer, veteran, and stalker. There are also some different play styles that you can use to prosper in the game.


All these Geoguessr alternative games are educative and can help you be more knowledgeable about the world. They are all easy to play. Your main aim while playing any of these games is to learn, rather than just winning.

However, winning also helps you to feel energized to play again. You get the best geography world searches in these self-paced games.

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