15 Games Like Overwatch You Definitely Need To Try

Games like Overwatch

Are you an Overwatch player? Which character are you best at, D.va or Tracer? If you're a fan of watching the sea, here are some games like Overwatch you can't miss. They are all enjoyable, thrilling, and exciting to play.

Overwatch is a 1st person multiplayer game set in the future with a conflict between robots and humanity. With the different maps and game modes, you are put into two teams of six.

The objective is to capture the enemy flag and return it to your flag position. While doing so, prevent the other team from taking your flag. The team that reaches 3 points first or has the most points when the timer ends wins.

1. Team Fortress 2

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This is a first-person shooter game. The game features the red and blue teams fighting in the background. In the game, players can choose nine different arms with different combat abilities.

In different game modes, they need to cooperate with their teammates to defeat their opponents. In this never-ending war, you need to fight for more land and resources.

2. Paladins

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It is a free-to-play online hero shooter. As a player, you team up to push your payload towards its destination while receiving resistance from the other team. Payloads move when the player is inside its radius, it will stop if the enemy joins inside the radius.

If the payload remains idle for long, it moves backward. When there are no more attackers and you reach your destination, you win. If not, the match goes overtime, giving the attackers the last chance to push and win.

3. Block n Load

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This is a team-based 1st person shooter. It is different from other multiplayer games, in which the player is not confined to game mechanics.

It is an open map with the freedom to do as you wish. If you play smart and utilize the environment well, your team will emerge as the winners. You have a team of five, and your opponent has a team of five. You need to build, destroy, construct or shoot to emerge as winners in the game. You also have to build strong defenses.

4. Warframe

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An action-packed role-playing game that is free to play. It is a 3rd person shooter multiplayer game where you team up with friends. You get to select your character with different roles to help your team. You need to complete focused missions with a varied set of objectives.

5. Dirty Bomb

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This is an online free-to-play first-person shooter game. The main objective is to either attack or defend. Players have to complete the objective while also managing their time.

While the other players defend themselves from the attackers and try to prevent them from completing their objective. After each round, the teams switch places and the team that completes their objective the fastest wins.

6. Apex Legends

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This is a free-to-play Battle Royale shooter game where the objective is to be the last team standing.

In the game, you need to select your character with unique abilities and combine them with your squad to defeat enemies. Once in the ship, choose your landing spot and quickly loot the area for weapons and eliminate enemy teams.

7. Destiny 2

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The first-person multiplayer game sets you up as a Guardian. As a Guardian, you utilize your weaponry and special powers alongside other Guardians.

You also compete against enemies in a traditional deathmatch or defend the earth against different alien races. This is also an online-only game.

8. Valorant

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In this game, you team up in a squad of five against five and fight. The main mode is to search and destroy. The teams are separated as attackers and defenders. The attackers have to plant a bomb and have it detonated. The defenders have to prevent the bomb from detonating, all this while battling each other to achieve the team goal.

9. Brink

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With parlor-style movements and the game being 1st person shooter, you experience agility while playing. You can either play cooperatively or competitively. Jump into a world of Factions where you defend your faction's command post.

Are you feeling like an explorer? Head out and attack and capture the enemy's command post. You will also be able to level up your character's abilities and unlock objectives in the game.

10. Battleborn

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If you decide to play either in a story or competitive multiplayer mode, they each have a specific objective to meet. Failing to complete these objectives may lead to failure in the episode or match.

Getting kills in the competitive game is exciting, but finishing the objectives will favor your team in winning the match.

To unlock characters, you will have to rise in ranks or complete the objectives set. Working with your teammates to complete the objectives will go a long way.

11. Rainbow Six: Siege

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This is an online tactical shooter game where being patient and out-thinking your enemy will make you win. Sound is a major aspect of this game, so a good pair of headphones will greatly help. You can fine-tune your movement and use drones in the game.

Plus, the ability to use the breach charges makes it better. These tactics provide moments where quick thinking and knowledge of the map play to your advantage. The main goal is to secure the objective (stay in the room) or eliminate the defenders.

12. PlanetSide 2

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This is a massive 1st person shooter, multiplayer online game. In the game, you become a soldier and battle in strategic, targeted missions against enemy empires.

With air and ground vehicle battles,  coordinate with your teammates to overcome the enemy. Head out and capture bases while eliminating your enemies.

13. Blacklight: Retribution

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The game is a cyberpunk-themed 1st person shooter that is free to play. Load up in customized armor and enter the arena. Play with friends in either public or private lobbies.

The private lobbies do have a customizable option to differentiate them from public lobbies. The gameplay experience from customized matches, time limit, game score, and health multiplier can be tweaked.

14. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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This is a 3rd person shooter game where players select a team to defend either the garden or graveyard.

Teams then defend their base from being overtaken by the opposite team. There are survival waves that come and increase in difficulty with each wave. Surviving the waves will secure a victory.

15. Bleeding Edge

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After selecting your character from the three classes available. Master how to use the ranged attacks and different abilities of the character.

Also, remember to be careful when using your abilities, as there is a cool-down period after use. Use the melee attacks to defeat your enemies.


Gaming is not only a way to interact with a friend or make new ones; it is also a leisure activity that a majority of people partake in. Games offer different experiences and gameplays to which each person has their preference. You can play these games like overwatch to get the best gaming experience.

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