Difference Between Playing in Online Casinos and Land-based Casinos

Online Casinos

Online gambling has massively changed the gambling industry, and we continue to doubt the relevance of land-based casinos. In the last few years, lots of players across the globe have enjoyed the benefits associated with online gambling, and it doesn't seem players would, for a second, consider the land-based again.

The land-based have before been the only available choice of casino, but the internet is creating a wider gap between both casinos. However, despite the pros of online casinos, there are many cons associated with them, just as it is with the land-based casino.

Despite the popularity of online casino sites like ChanCasino, not all players can ignore the brick-and-mortar casino due to the benefits they derive from it. In this post, you will learn what differentiates both casinos to choose the one that works best for you.

What differentiates Online and Land-based Casinos?

Technological advancements have placed the online casino over land-based, which has long existed. Therefore, the online casino can massively boost online presence compared to land-based. Online casinos are just the version of the land-based casino but played online. The technology allows players to choose and play their favorite casino games on ChanCasino, even from home. Players can access these games through various compatible devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

The land-based casino is the one players need to visit in the real world. With hundreds of years of existence, they provide players with a wide range of games and entertainment. At times, it requires a dress code for players to adhere to. Above all, there is a huge difference between these gambling options. Their pros and cons will help you figure out which to go for.

Differentiates Online and Land-based Casinos

Online Gambling Pros

There are loads of reasons online gambling serves players better. However, you may find it appealing as well. Take a look at some of the pros of online gambling.


Convenience is the foremost pro of gambling online because there's no need to leave your home. As of today, dressing up to hit the casino doesn't need before you can enjoy your favorite games. You can access them through the web or handheld devices, and they are available 24/7 around the clock. Get your mobile device closer and enjoy earning real cash even at your busy schedule.


Online gambling is entertaining and exciting! Players find it entertaining choosing their favorite skits online. Some players also find it as a hobby, and as a result, a hobby is what you find entertaining!


An online casino offers maximum privacy, allowing you to gamble any time you deem fit. If you crave this type of privacy, you can check online casino sites like ChanCasino.

Game varieties

Land-based casinos are lucrative, but online casinos are far better when it comes to varieties of games. Different online casinos offer varieties of games such as bingo, arcade, horseracing, sports betting, and more. You may find it difficult visiting different types of land-based casinos to play different types of games since you may not be able to access everything from a specific land-based casino.

Other pros of online casinos include bonuses and promotional offers, varieties of payment options, and lots more.

Online Gambling Cons

Withdrawal times

The withdrawal process can be a huge turn-off for online gambling as they are not instant, unlike land-based casinos. Online cash out may need completion of a verification process while you have to wait for the approval of your withdrawal. In certain casinos, you may wait for some days before withdrawal refects.

Rigged Games

Players often believe that most games are rigged, thereby cutting down your chances of winning. However, you may not run into games like these so often.


Online casinos may be boring since you will not interact with fellow punters. However, most online casinos create a chat section where you can interact with other punters online but cannot be compared to the land-based. Other cons include irresponsible gambling since you can access it anytime, additional fees, withdrawal limits, rules and regulations, and more.

Pros of Land-Based Casinos

Land-Based Casinos

The pros of land-based casinos are many, making it why some people prefer it to online casinos.

Experience & Ambience

There's no doubt land-based casino is full of experience. Most online casinos try imitating them but cannot be compared. It offers a complete experience, from glitz and glamor to local games. You can not just compare the experience.

Social Interaction

This allows like-minded to interact socially about games. You will also learn something new from other players when communicating with them.

Easy budget

Avoid betting with money you can not afford to lose, and with land-based, you can easily make repeat deposits. Once you hit the land-based with a token you can afford, you head home straight after losing it. Other pros of land-based include free drinks.

Cons of Land-Based Casinos


The sad truth is that you have to leave your home before enjoying your favorite game. At times, you may need to spend on transportation to see your favorite casino games in a Specific location.

Business hours

Land-based casinos may not be available for some time during the week, unlike online casinos that offer 24 hours services. If your schedule is tight, you may not be able to access land-based casinos as you wish.

Limited Games

Land-based casinos have fewer games compared to long lists of online games. Other cons include limited payment options, zero privacy, and more.


Both land-based and online casinos have their plus and minuses. However, players should choose wisely the one that will provide all they want in gambling.

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