15 Best Cracked Games Sites (2024 Working!)

Best Cracked Games Sites

Cracked games are the pro version of games. Most of them can be accessed through torrents or direct links for free. These 15 sites can be used to safely download the cracked games.

If you are a fan of games, it is possible to get their cracked full version. However, you need to only download from trustworthy and secure sites. Cracked games are ideal for gamers who can't purchase the premium version of the PC games.

Gaming is a great way to spend free time interacting with other players. You will also boost your critical thinking as you tackle the different obstacles.

We have highlighted some of the best-cracked game sites of all time.

1. Fitgirl Repacks

Fitgirl Repacks Overview

Fitgirl distributes cracked video games. The repacked games are compressed for easy download and sharing. It has some of the latest full versions of your favorite games. You can check the upcoming repacks and the latest repacks.

You can also search for cracked games through the yearly archives. Fitgirl repacks also provides information on new releases on the blog. Fitgirl has gained popularity based on its library and popular titles. However, you might encounter some on-screen adverts while using the site.

Key Features

  • Games are tested
  • It features many compressed games from trusted sources.
  • Fitgirl platform has games from various genres.
  • It provides games that are hard to get from official sites.
  • The game repacks still maintain their functionality.

2. Skidrow Codex

Skidrow Codex Overview

Like Fitgirl, Skidrow Codex is another ideal site to download cracked and pirated games. If you are short on money and can't afford to pay for the premium version of games, then Skidrow Codex is perfect for you.

The website has existed since 1990 and has continuously provided some of the best games. Their achievements have made the site to be well-recognized. Also, They were the first to crack the Assassin's Creed 2 game.

Key Features

  • It provides a community for gamers.
  • It is a hacking group that provides cracked games.
  • Allows game requests and daily game updates
  • Has numerous cracked games.
  • Advanced search box
  • It offers gaming tutorials

3. Apun Ka Games

Apun Ka Games Overview

Apun Ka Games is another ideal website that you can use to find cracked games. You can get all the kinds of games that you desire most.

Therefore, whatever you seek can be found on Apun Ka Games. In addition, it is also a gaming blog that provides download links and information. It features different game genres like action, shooting, sports, etc.

Key Features

  • It offers full versions of cracked games
  • It has a wide variety of games on over 1151 pages
  • Its overall design attracts many users.
  • Games are filtered by size.
  • The website provides three passwords used to crack any game.
  • It doesn't offer multiplayer games

4. Stream Unlocked

Stream Unlocked Overview

Stream Unlocked is a reliable platform that allows you to download your favorite games preinstalled on Steam for free. It is the perfect website for getting cracked games on Steam. It features different categories such as action, racing, crime, etc.

The platform was created to provide free access to most games. It has a vibrant comment section and reviews section to make it easier for people to know whether a game suits them.

On the homepage, you can see the recently added games, action & adventure games, FPS games, horror games, racing and sports games, and more.

Key features

  • It provides preinstalled games
  • Provides a variety of games for download
  • All the downloaded games come in a zip folder.
  • Highly reliable and doesn't exhibit any viruses on its downloads.
  • It is a safe platform free from viruses, malware, scams, and ransomware.

5. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games Overview

Ocean of Games also offers some remarkable cracked games. All the complete games can be downloaded for free. In addition to providing a platform to download games, players can also use the forum to talk with other like-minded individuals.

It has over 1004 pages with cracked games. In as much as there is a forum for people to discuss games, some people tend to misuse the platform and harass each other.

Key Features

  • Wide variety of games
  • Forum for the gamers to discuss and share insights
  • It has an interactive element that allows gamers to socialize for maximum enjoyment.
  • It has a high-speed
  • It doesn't have any intrusive advertisements.
  • Collaboration tools
  • Multimedia support
  • Downloading games is fast

6. Ova Games

Ova Games Overview

On the Ova Games platform, you get completely cracked games. It features different game genres like action, adventure, anime, arcade, casual, fighting, puzzle, racing, shooting, sports, and more.

On the homepage, you can glimpse some of the featured games. One great aspect of the website is that it features no ads. Therefore, you won't have any intrusion.

The platform has a wide variety of games for all age groups. Through this platform, gamers can request specific games to be uploaded in the future.

Key features

  • It is ad-free
  • It features different genres of cracked games.
  • Beautiful user interface.
  • Downloading is a bit complicated. It would be best if you bypassed a few short links to get the download link of the games.
  • The platform offers detailed game descriptions, system requirements, and screenshots.
  • It has an integrated Facebook fan page.
  • Gamers can get assistance in troubleshooting game installation.

7. Hienzo

Hienzo Overview

Hienzo is a great platform where users can get cracked games. Like all other credible sites for cracked games, you can download games, get game recommendations, and play guides.

Luckily, the games are available in full versions. They are also sourced from various hosting platforms.

Key Features

  • It offers detailed procedures and instructions on the download process.
  • It offers different gaming options like PlayStation, PSP, and emulator games.
  • Simple and organized design.
  • Allows community interaction.

8. RG Mechanics

RG Mechanics Overview

RG Mechanics is a platform that you can use to download all your favorite cracked games for free. You won't have to worry anymore about paying for the premium version. You get to download them using the direct download links.

RG Mechanics features some unique games of all time. Even if you don't find all the recent games, get a wide selection.

Key Features

  • It has a beautiful user interface
  • Anime-themed games
  • It features many unique games that you may not find on other platforms.
  • The complete version of the games.
  • Straightforward mode of downloading games
  • Reduces file sizes for download.

9. World Of Pc Games

World Of Pc Games Overview

As its name suggests, it is the world's most famous PC game. You can easily get the cracked form of your favorite games on the platform. Not only can you download the highlighted games, but you can also search in real time for your preferred game.

Luckily, it even shows when a certain game was uploaded or updated. It also features a discord community where like-minded individuals discuss various games. If you are unsure which game to download, check the trending ones.

Key Features

  • It has an app compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • It offers some of the highly rated games
  • Get free access to Mac, Linux, Xbox, Nintendo, Android, PC, and PlayStation games.
  • The website features different game genres to fit all audiences.
  • Provides real-time information on the installation of the games.

10. PC Games Crack

PC Games Crack Overview

It is the perfect platform to download cracked games using Torrents and direct links. Just like all other reliable platforms, you get completely cracked games.

Luckily, it supports different game genres for all kinds of interests. The games are categorized well to make finding what you are looking for easier.

It has a few on-screen adverts, but you can bypass them.

Key Features

  • It has a blog that provides information on various games.
  • The platform is easy to use
  • Wide variety of cracked games
  • A safe platform that doesn't have any viruses, malware, or spyware.

11. Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay Overview

The Pirate Bay is a torrent site offering some of the best-cracked games ever. You can download games, movies, apps, audio, and videos. You can get a lot of media from the platform.

Most uploaders contribute cracked games to the platform for everyone to access. However, some malicious uploaders upload malicious torrent links to the site. It is free to use the platform.

Key Features

  • It has an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Has a large collection of cracked games
  • A vast number of seeders increase the download speed.
  • It is a popular platform that you can use to download different kinds of media.

12. Rihno Games

Rihno Games Overview

How about trying out a new game? Well, guess what? You may even find it on the Rihno platform. It features different genres of games that you will love. If you can't find a specific game, you can request it. Additionally, you can join the Discord community and get insights from like-minded individuals.

It has over 74 pages of amazing games that you can choose from. You can easily download a game for free using the links provided. Therefore, if you can't pay for a game's pro version, consider using Rhino games.

Key Features

  • It provides direct links to downloading complete games for free.
  • You can access some of the most popular games from the platform.
  • Credible cracked game
  • It features cracked games from renowned uploaders who contribute their cracked files to the platform.

13. Skidrow reloaded

Skidrow reloaded Overview

Skidrow Reloaded is one of the best platforms to get various cracked games. It has different games ranging from Playstation, Xbox, and PC games. You can't miss finding the perfect game to play.

The platform showcases links from different sources. Therefore, you can choose the direct link you prefer without restrictions. If you can't find your favorite game, you can request it.

Key Features

  • They have provided system requirements for the unique games
  • Wide selection of games from different genres
  • They offer different links from different sources
  • Credible, safe, and beautifully designed website
  • It has a game list section to check whether your favorite game is available.
  • Get information on the latest game updates in real time.
  • Get information on upcoming games to stay in check.

14. IGG games

IGG games Overview

IGG Games is another effective platform for downloading cracked games via torrent or direct links. It is an attractive website that will make you keep downloading games repeatedly.

You can check for games based on their genre or just randomly. Additionally, you can check the game list to see whether there is a game you would want to play.

Furthermore, you can request your favorite games if you can't find them on the platform. Unfortunately, you may encounter some ads on the platform.

Key Features

  • It features some rare games
  • Wide selection of more than 1000 games.
  • It is easy to search through the
  • Features genres of games like survival, RPG sports

15. 1337X

1337X Overview

1337X platform is among the most trusted platforms that you can use to get the best-cracked games. It has direct links to games, movies, series, music, apps, and much more.

It is a verified site where anyone can access cracked games. Not only that, but it has some of the latest gaming titles, which makes it popular among gamers.

Furthermore, it also allows uploaders in the different categories; trial, regular, and VIP. The best games are the VIP Cracks.

Key Features

  • It allows uploaders on its site
  • It is one of the most verified platforms to get cracked games.
  • User-friendly
  • It has an active community of users who share and upload files.

Play Your Favorite Games Instantly

These 15 sites are great places to get cracked games if you are a gamer. They are credible, and you won't miss getting your favorite games on any platform.

Lack of enough money to buy the pro version should not deter you from playing. Therefore, brace yourself and start downloading your favorite games. Also, interact with like-minded people in the discords, forums, and communities.

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