Best Games to Try Out Summer 2023

Best Games to Try

By 2025, online gaming audiences are projected to be over 1.3 billion worldwide. It is no surprise then that online gaming is a popular form of entertainment option for summer 2022.

With classic table games such as Poker and Blackjack to flashy graphics in modernised slot games, there are plenty of options for beginners and pro gamers. Find our top online casino games for 2022 below.



Slot games are one of the most popular especially with Rainbow Riches Casino, when it comes to online casino games. While slot machines were first developed in 1887, they shot to popularity in 1996 with the first online slot games.

Follow the steps below to play slots:

  1. Paytable – identify which slot symbols are favoured, what special features are included, any bonus rounds and minimum bet requirements.
  2. Bet Size – choose the size of your bet.
  3. Paylines – choose how many paylines you will be betting.
  4. Spin/Play – hit the spin button.
  5. Bonus features – take advantage of wild symbols, re-spins, double up, scatter bonuses, progressive jackpots and visual effects.

One of the all-time favourites is Rainbow Riches slot games.


With origins dating back some 1,000 years, today, poker is a classic table games that requires cunning, tactical betting, mathematical skills, and the famous poker face.

Within a game you will follow this sequence of events:

  1. Pre-flop – all players are dealt two cards and the first two players sitting clockwise from the dealer lay down the Big Blind (largest bet) and the Small Blind (at least 50% of the Big Blind). Each player must lay down, in turn, a bet that matches at least that of the Small Blind. Players can now either fold, call or raise the stakes.
  2. Flop – three community cards are dealt face up on the table. Now another betting round takes place.
  3. The Turn – this is the third stage where a 4thcommunity card is dealt face up on the betting table. Now it's time for another betting round.
  4. River – The final stage is started with a 5thcommunity card being dealt face up on the table to make 5 community cards in total. Now another betting round takes place and players decide if they want to proceed to the final showdown.
  5. Showdown – all cards are laid on the table and the player with the best 5 poker hand is declared the winner.



Blackjack is a favourite of casino games due to its exhilarating and fairly straightforward gameplay. But don’t be fooled, it requires quick mathematical skills and forward thinking.

To start playing blackjack you need to understand the value of the cards, which are as follows:


An ace holds the value of 1 or 11.

Numbered cards 1 – 10

These cards hold the value that is presented on the card. For instance, a 5 equals 5 points.

Face cards

All face cards (Jack, King, Queen) hold the value 10.

In Blackjack you always play against the dealer and your objective is to reach a total value of 21. If you go over or under you loose.

Asking for a hit will see the dealer deal you one additional card, whereas asking to stand means that you stay with the cards you have. Splitting means you need two cards of the same rank and you will be dealt two additional cards that split your hand into two.

If you can no longer continue play then you must surrender.


You may recognise this casino game from Bond movies. Despite its intimidating appearance, Baccarat is a fairly straight-forward and player–friendly game.

All betting in Baccarat is carried out prior to the hand being dealt. Then two cards are dealt to each hand, representing the Bank hand and the Player hand.

The aim of the game is to predict which hand will acquire a total closest to 9. Once you have predicted, you either bet on the Player hand, Bank hand or that the table will result in a tie.

The values of the cards are as follows:

  • Face cards – equal 0
  • Numbered cards – carry their own value
  • 10s – equal 0

If you score higher than 9, you must subtract 10 to reach your final score. For instance, if you hold an 8 and a 6 your initial total is 15, so you subtract 10 to give you an actual total of 5.

If you correctly bet on a winning hand you will then receive a 1 on 1 payout.



This classic casino game is a great game to learn to play. A game of finesse and strategy, the glitz and glamour of roulette is one to experience.

On the roulette table you’ll find the betting board, and the wheel. You place your bet on the betting board, using chips, and the wheel determines your success of failure. You can place multiple bets on the table if you want to increase your chances of winning.

There is a US wheel and a European wheel. On the US wheel you have 38 compartments, including a double zero and a single zero. Whereas on the European wheel you have 37 compartments and just a single zero.

There are many alternative betting options for roulette. For instance, you can bet the ball will land on an odd or even number, a specific number, or a specific colour.

These classic casino games, from table games to slot games, will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment this summer. Learn a new game and develop your skills.

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