Top 10 CS:GO Best Karambit Skins

CS GO Best Karambit Skins

Karambit is known by the CS:GO community as one of the most popular and effective knives. While others might argue that this is just a matter of taste, it’s clear that some Karambit skins are more in demand than others. Karambits are definitely not free counter-strike global offensive skins since they are extremely costly. In this review, we will showcase the best Karambit skins and their characteristics. Let’s dive right in!

1. Marble Fade (Fire and Ice)

Marble Fade

Look at this incredible csgo karambit skin: different shades of red, yellow, and blue merge and intertwine with each other. The handle of the knife preserves its original look. The price changes depending on the pattern and float value: from $700 to $1,300.

2. Doppler Phase 4

Doppler Phase 4

This incredible skin is known for its galaxy-blue transitions, which remind us of the depth of the ocean or space. As for the price, it depends on how blue the knife is. The bluer it is, the more expensive it is. The price for this item usually starts at $600.

3. Autotronic


The blade of the knife seems to be divided into two equal parts by color: silver-gray and bloody-red. There are also three holes covered by metal that are reminiscent of a shark chasing its bleeding prey. The price range for this item is $400 to $1,000.

4. Case Hardened

Case Hardened

This item comes in different color combinations, which are usually light blue, yellow, and violet. With subsequent wear the blade becomes darker, which affects the price. Usually, it can be bought for at least $320, but the rate may grow up to $2,800 depending on the float value.

5. Crimson Web

Crimson Web

Just like Autotronic, this skin looks really bloody and horrifying. The red blade and black web pattern look amazing on Factory New and Minimal Wear items, but the design itself is not very impressive. The price for this item starts from $400.

6. Freehand


The pattern is the main feature of this skin. It may vary depending on the pattern index, and includes stick figures, waves, arrows and lightning, etc. These paintings make this knife look really personalized and unique. The price range varies from $265 to $500.

7. Slaughter


The zebra-like pattern and candy pink color of the blade help to cover up blood traces very well. This skin also has some pattern variations, for example, diamond belongs to one of the rarest Karambit skin variations. The average price for this item ranges from $500 to $600.

8. Ultraviolet


This skin could look like an original knife without any designs, but the purple parts of the handle make it unique. On the contrary, the matte black blade makes this skin simple and neat. The average price for this item starts from $330.

9. Lore


The combination of a dark-green handle and golden blade with an oriental pattern makes this item desirable in any collection. As the skin wears out, the blade gets covered with silver streaks which still looks very nice. The price for this item starts from $470.

10. Tiger Tooth

Tiger Tooth

This skin looks a bit similar to the previous one, but the handle remains black, and the oriental Celtic pattern is replaced with a tiger-like design. The price tag varies from $550–$700 and may increase up to $800.


Knife design plays an important part in the gaming experience of players and significantly affects price. The more attractive and rare the skin is, the higher its price soars.

Fortunately, there is a large selection of Karambit skins available to players, so everyone will find something to their taste. Besides, there are many alternatives for different budgets. Which Karambit design do you prefer? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

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