How Much Is My Roblox Account Worth? [Value & Inventory]

How Much Is My Roblox Account Worth

A Roblox account’s worth is determined by the amount of Robux you currently have, limited items, letters in your username, account age, game passes owned, gender of account, and user-generated content.

Roblox is one of the most popular social gaming platforms with over 52 million daily active users. It is mostly used by kids, grownups, and even companies for various reasons. The platform features a wide variety of games that you can never get tired of playing.

In addition to playing, people can also chat online. Roblox is best for gaming, social media, and social commerce. Roblox is free to use, but users can still make virtual purchases to make their experience more interesting. Many game developers earn from the sales since they get a share with each purchase made. You can decide to either create games on Roblox or be a player.

If you have been active on Roblox for a while, we will help you determine how much is your Roblox account worth. You can either decide whether you want to sell it or not.

All You Need To Know About Roblox


Roblox is an interesting platform that you will enjoy using. If you are not familiar with it, here are some important information about it.

1. Gaming Purchases

People make in-game purchases using the Robux virtual currency. It can either be earned or bought. Therefore, your account will rank higher if you have a high amount of Robux.

2. Games on the platform

Roblox features various games like Adopt ME, Brookhaven RP, Tower of Hell, Blox Fruits, etc. Being a social gaming network within the metaverse, it allows people to make connections around the world.

3. Designing games on Roblox

If you want to design a video game on Roblox, you will first need to download Roblox Studio on your computer. You can then use the Lua scripting language to design games.

Additionally, Roblox Studio has a wide variety of templates that you can use to build online games. You can even make a branded game that will go viral and help you earn a good amount of money.

4. Safety of the platform

Roblox is a safe platform for children. However, there might be some risks like scams or cyberbullying on the platform. Therefore, you need to be aware that your child can face some harassment and, therefore, should be taught online safety.

Luckily, Roblox allows parental control options to ensure that you can restrict certain in-game chats, purchases, or certain games. In as much as Roblox filters out certain content, parents still need to be cautious.

How Can You Calculate Your Roblox Account Worth?

You can use certain online tools to calculate the worth of your Roblox account. Additionally, you can check how much other sellers are selling their accounts to have an estimate of your account’s worth.

1. PlayerAuctions


PlayerAuctions is a remarkable platform that you can use to calculate your Roblox account’s value. You just need to provide your Robux amount, number of letters in your name, game passes owned, your account’s gender, number of limited items, number of years since the account was created, number of friends, and User Generated Content items on sale.

Once you provide all that information, it will be easier to get an estimate of your account’s value. The great thing about the platform is that you can also use it to sell your Roblox account once you get the estimated value of it.

2. RBLX Trade

RBLX Trade

RBLX Trade is another platform that can be used to estimate your Roblox account’s value. You can check out the amount other users are selling their items or accounts to have an estimate of your Roblox account’s worth. The website also has a lot of statistics about the Roblox platform.

In addition, the platform also offers traders cool features like item values, trade ads, trade calculator, deals, and access to the Roblox Trading Discord. Therefore, if you have any items you would want to trade or sell, RBLX Trade is perfect for that.

3. IGV iGVault

IGV iGVault

IGV iGVault is another platform that you can use to calculate your Roblox account’s worth. You simply need to provide information on the number of Robux that you have, limited items, letters in your name, account age, game passes owned, gender of account, and UGC items on sale.

You will get a rough estimate of your account’s worth and know how much you can sell it for. It has a beautiful user interface that makes it easy to navigate through. It can also be used to calculate the worth of games such as Valorant.

What Determines The Worth Of Your Roblox Account?

The worth of your Roblox account is determined by various factors:

1. Robux amount

Robux is an in-game currency commonly used to purchase items in the games. Therefore, when selling your account, the amount of Robux you have in your account can influence its worth.

Those accounts with a high amount of Robux may be more valuable than those with a low amount of Robux. Therefore, this can be a key factor in the amount you can sell your Roblox account.

2. Limited Items

Limited Items

Limited Items also determine the value of your Roblox account. These limited items are the ones that are often released in a fixed quantity and only available for a short period. The items can then be traded among players or sold to them. Therefore, if you have many limited items, your account may rank higher.

3. Letters in your username

Another factor that determines your account’s worth is the number of letters in your username. Shorter usernames, tend to be more desirable than longer usernames. Shorter names are easier to remember than long ones. That’s why they tend to be more valuable.

4. Account age

Older Roblox accounts tend to be seen as more valuable than those that were created recently. If your account is older, it is a sign of the kind of commitment you have put into your account.

5. Game passes owned

Game passes

Another factor that determines your Roblox account’s worth is the game passes owned. The Game passes are special items that provide users with abilities in certain games. If an account has more game passes, its worth will also be more.

6. Gender of your account

Some buyers tend to prefer accounts that align with their gender so that they can choose the right avatar to use. It may not necessarily change the worth of the account, but it just determines whether a buyer will want your account.

7. UGC – User Generated Content

If an account has user-generated content items for sale, it can increase its value. The UGC creators can earn Robux from their sales. Therefore, if your account has user-generated content, it can rank higher.

Know Your Account’s Worth in Real Time

If you have been actively using Roblox you might be surprised by its worth. If you have some valuable items, made achievements, and risen the levels you might be surprised by how worthy your account is. You will feel happy that all the effort you put into the game is not in vain.

Also, remember that your account’s worth is determined by the amount of Robux you currently have, limited items, letters in your name, account age, game passes owned, gender of account, and user-generated content. Happy Gaming on Roblox.

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