How to Play CS: GO?

How to Play CS GO

Counter-Strike Global Offense is an FPS title that has been ruling the online gaming site for many years. It is a free-to-play title, but there are some in-app purchases to unlock features and skins. If you're new to CS: GO, here is a complete guide to start your journey from scratch.

What is Counter-Strike?

What is Counter-Strike

It is an online team-based shooter where two teams engage in a fight. They have to kill each other and complete objectives to win matches. In each match, there are a total of thirty rounds. There are two teams, and each team features five players. There is an economy where you have to earn money and use it to upgrade weapons.

Win sixteen rounds out of thirty to win the match. The game features various modes, but the most popular game mode is the bomb defuse mode.

Player Roles in CS: GO

As you already know, Counter-Strike is a team-based game, so the best strategy is to define roles in your team and win matches. Here are all the player roles in the game. These roles are defined by pro players and will help you in performing better as a team.

  • Entry fragger – This role requires players to quickly press the trigger and kill an enemy. This is the backbone of your team, so choose this player wisely.
  • Leader – For this player role, choose a player who has been playing the game for quite some time now. To become an effective leader, you need to know the game maps in detail as you'll be calling the play.
  • Sniper – Sniper is an important role in CS: GO, and the only player worthy of this role is the one who has the best aim. Snipers usually go for a headshot, so the room for error is almost none. If the sniper misses its shot, his position will be compromised.
  • Stealth – Stealth players will flank the team and sneak behind the enemy to give them a surprise. He will attack the enemy from behind and try to kill as many players as he can.
  • Support – Support is usually added to a team to assist the fragger. He will help the fragger by providing him cover as well as by throwing flashbangs and smoke grenades so he can cross the enemy line.

How to play CS: GO?

How to play CS

To play CS: GO, just choose your player role and equip a weapon according to the role. Sell csgo (cs2) skins to upgrade your collection with the latest ones. If Fragger usually chooses an assault rifle, while the support will choose a shotgun. Snipers equip snipers and take their position to kill enemies from a distance.

As you proceed in the match, choose your spots according to the map and coordinate with your teammates to let them know where you'll be attacking from. Ask for cover in distress. Become a team member and help your teammates instead of playing solo. Help your teammates in getting their weapon of choice so they can perform better.

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