Tips for Choosing a Live Dealer Casino

Live Dealer Casino

Die-hard fans of land-based casinos criticize online gambling for various reasons. Most often they say that playing against a random number generator is boring. They think that the only gambling option that you have is to play against the machine, which is boring, predictable, and all the same.

Supporters of this position are partly right. Indeed, an online casino lacks the atmosphere of an offline gambling house. However, software providers and gambling operators, including Zodiac Casino, are working on this shortcoming. And in recent years, they have achieved impressive success.

Most major gambling sites already operate so-called “live” online casinos, where customers can play with real croupiers. In this review, we will focus on live dealer casinos and their distinctive features. So keep reading to know what you get and how to choose your perfect-match online gambling venues.

Choosing a Live Dealer Casino

How Does a Live Dealer Casino Work?

The principle of operation of a live casino is quite simple. You will hardly find any difference between the arrangement of a live and a land-based casino. Here are the key principles:

  • In studios or separate halls of offline gambling houses, croupiers work at tables for different games;
  • From there, a continuous video broadcast is conducted, which customers can watch from their computers or mobile gadgets through a special program;
  • On the screen of a PC or smartphone, players make bets and make decisions during the gameplay;
  • The croupiers deal cards, launch the ball, and perform all the necessary manipulations;
  • The payout amounts are calculated automatically and credited to the winners' accounts.

Several well-known providers have their own casino studios with live dealers – Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Ezugi, Microgaming, and others. They have developed user-friendly client programs with different display modes, high-definition video, and numerous settings.

Good live casinos have a lot of classic and unique games. Dealers speak different languages. There are wide ranges of bets at the tables. All this creates very comfortable conditions for the game. All in all, a quality online gambling operator does just everything so that you could stay comfortable in the game and play just as you wish, with no restrictions.

How to Start Playing at a Live Dealer Casino?

The vast majority of sites make it possible to run live games directly in the browser without downloading them to your computer. Some operators also offer to install a free client program that provides a stable connection.

How to Start Playing at a Live Dealer Casino

You can also open live online casinos on mobile. Any modern establishment allows you to play with real croupiers on iOS or Android devices. Again, you need to either download the application or open the games in the browser version. As a rule, bets are accepted with real money. Some operators offer trial demo versions, but not all sites allow you to play for free. We strongly advise that you check a casino gambling policy before you initiate the game.

It is recommended that in each new online casino for you, first carefully study all its features. Here is what is necessary to do:

  • Familiarize yourself with the interface and understand all its features;
  • Learn the intricacies of the rules of the games you are interested in;
  • If several models of this genre are available, select the table with the most favorable rules;
  • Give preference to tables with a range of bets that is convenient for you;
  • Look for dealers who speak a language you know well.

Who Are Online Casino Dealers?

The work of a croupier in a live casino has a number of specific features. In real establishments, dealers carry out all operations at the table. They lead the game process, determine the winners and losers, calculate the payout amounts themselves and give out the winning chips to customers.

A dealer in a live casino is relieved of a number of responsibilities. For example, in “live” roulette, the croupier only needs to launch the ball and set the winning numbers. The system itself calculates who won, who, and how much to pay.

Online casinos with live dealers have a more relaxed atmosphere. The croupier does not need to be as focused as possible. They can afford to freely communicate with virtual visitors and lively comment on everything that happens at the table.

How to Choose a Reliable Live Dealer casino?

Any choice is always subjective because it is associated with personal preferences and requirements. However, in this case, it is possible to single out objective criteria that should be taken into account:

  • Provider authority. Respect for customers and partners does not arise out of the blue. The higher the rating of the provider, the better and more varied the services it provides;
  • Broadcast quality. Spikes, lack of access, poor sound – these shortcomings can spoil the impression of the most interesting and profitable gambling with real croupiers. The best providers have an ideal high-resolution picture and uninterrupted broadcasting even at low connection speeds. This allows you to enjoy the gameplay without being distracted by annoying factors;
  • Technical requirements. The highest quality online casino software with real dealers is available in different formats, supports all modern devices, and runs smoothly on any popular operating system. Industry leaders allow you to play with a dealer in a browser on a personal computer, on smartphones, and sometimes in a downloadable version, although this option has not been very popular in recent years;
  • Selection of live casino games. The best playgrounds offer a wide range of games from top software developers. They include not only classic games, but also rare varieties and unique models.

Live Dealer Casino Rating

To form the rating of the best live dealer casinos, experts take into account all the most important characteristics and features of websites, namely:

  • The legitimacy of the activity;
  • Platform features;
  • Gambling list;
  • Availability of special bonuses;
  • Dealer professionalism;
  • Betting ranges and so on.

The live casino rating is updated periodically because new operators appear, requirements for market participants increase, new games are released, and the rules and conditions of establishments change.

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