5 of the Best PC Games Right Now

PC Games

Whether you use Epic Games Store or Steam as your digital marketplace for PC games, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of choice on offer. Many of the games available are suitable on either a gaming desktop or a gaming laptop too. As a result of this, PC gamers certainly aren’t short on options.

PC gaming does come with its downsides. For some, the idea of using a work-based computer for entertainment purposes will never appeal. For others, though, the opportunity to explore a wide variety of titles on a PC device is appealing, especially as you can customise your PC to meet specific requirements, essentially enabling you to have a say on your all-around gaming experience in the process.

Gaming away from a PC device doesn’t exactly provide those benefits, be it for smartphone gamers who are regularly accessing casino titles like the Epic Ape online slot or console lovers who seem to be enjoying Assassin’s Creed Valhalla these days. The fact is, they aren’t able to modify the gaming experience on offer to them as much as a PC gamer can. Many of the games on those types of devices are arguably much better suited to a PC, too.

With a huge array of PC titles worth playing this year, below is a look at five of the most popular options. Some of the games featured are new releases, while others have been around a while but continue to be popular in 2022.

1. Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham City

The Batman franchise has always commanded a great deal of respect, but its games haven’t always delivered. That can’t necessarily be levelled at Batman: Arkham City, though, as Rocksteady Studios’ action-packed title continues to pull in big numbers.

Serving up thrilling fighting, superb voice acting, and an all-around burst of brilliance in what is a game that’s a joy to session, Batman: Arkham City is a great game.

2. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock Out

Not many predicted the success of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock Out, but there is no doubting that it’s one of the most popular releases on PC right now. Like an online deposit 10 play with good bonus game for the computer.

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3. Bayonetta

The original instalment of the game was regarded as being one of the best PC titles ever released, and the latest version of Bayonetta doesn’t disappoint either.

Featuring a whole host of explosive action, you’ll enjoy slaying endless amounts of angels in this tidy product. The graphics and all-around gameplay throughout this detailed release are mightily impressive, too.


4. Deathloop

A game that is hogging the limelight at the moment, Deathloop is an immersive sim that is set in a time loop. The game also features an optional multiplayer invasion system, although its single-player mode is perhaps a level above.

Some players have raised concerns around numerous stuttering issues in the PC version of the game, but nothing is official yet. Perhaps hold off purchasing the game until everything is in working order, but once it is, invest in Deathloop. It’s a great game.


5. Blazing Chrome

Developed by JoyMash, Blazing Chrome has won plenty of admirers in recent times. Regarded by many as being the ultimate run-and-gun shooter, it’s a truly fun and entertaining title to get stuck into.

After a robot apocalypse has taken over, it’s up to you to exterminate thousands of mechanical enemies and an array of beastly bosses. Full of endless chaos and explosions, Blazing Chrome is a blast.

Blazing Chrome

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