Why Fashion Houses Get Into Video Games?

Why Fashion Houses Get Into Video Games

Fashion houses get into video games to attract a larger audience, convert gamers to potential buyers, boost in-game attire purchases, provide a unique gaming experience, and enhance customization.

If you are into video games or fashion plainly, you might not have thought overboard of how both are interlinked. Video game characters have always had a great sense of fashion, therefore, it ain’t just a new thing. Ever played a game and wondered who came up with these stunning attires that you could easily customize to suit your character? There it is!

The unique outfits make the games more interesting to play especially multiplayer games which you would want to stand out from fellow players. Fashion houses majorly get into video games to boost their brands in various ways.

In this article, we will learn more about how fashion houses are playing their cards in the video game arena. Just like in CyberGhost’s post, you can see how fashion houses and video games are closely interlinked.

What Is The Motive Of Fashion Houses Getting Into Video Games?

The fashion houses have put effort into attire and avatar customization to boost gameplay. However, they have their motives for wanting to collaborate with the lucrative video games industry.

1. Attract a large audience

Attract a large audience

Both fashion houses and video games want to attract a large audience, therefore, they need to work together to win the attention of gamers and also fashionistas who wouldn’t mind trying out some gaming attires.

Video gaming has one of the largest young audiences and those are the ones mostly into fashion, so winning their attention would be a great win for both industries.

2. Convert the gamers to potential customers

Video gaming provides a platform where the players are highly engaged which also provides a platform for them to be potential shoppers of certain clothing brands. People spend a lot of time gaming and if they find a certain outfit outstanding, what makes you think that they won’t try to find it to buy it and match their online gaming character? This creates a unique marketing channel, unlike the traditional methods.

Some people even use multiple screens to play and also watch others playing using platforms like Twitch. Therefore, it is easy to stumble upon some great attires from reputable fashion houses. They will be mesmerized and want to get such merchandise.

3. Boost buying of in-game attires online

Since players also spend when buying attires for their characters, fashion houses can easily display their attires for purchase. Therefore, not only will the players spend on the merchandise, but also entice other players to want to try out the outfits.

For example, through the use of the Fashion Verse app, players can easily dress avatars in realistic 3D clothing. Therefore, providing a variety of in-game clothing options also helps boost the fashion house clothing.

4. Provide unique gaming experiences

Fashion houses providing realistic 3D attire would give gamers a unique gaming experience. Also, the advanced-tech capabilities offered by gaming companies are drawing a lot of attention to fashion houses.

For example,  some brands are looking into creating virtual fitting rooms and fashion shows together with AR-fueled experiences. With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, it is an industry that if well invested in, brands would greatly benefit from it.

Also,  some games have become digital hangouts such as Minecraft, Roblox, Animal Crossing, and Fortnite, with people playing games and chatting. This creates a platform to boost the fashion industry as more young people are into the digital world more than the physical world.

5. Enhance Personalization and customization

The majority of players are Gen Z and millennials who are used to exploring and expressing their identity in a digital space. Therefore, they expect their characters to align with their fashion sense therefore, it is an opportunity for fashion houses to create unique fashion trends to suit that audience.

For example, Fortnite, Animal Crossing, and Grand Theft Auto offer unique outfits and accessories to purchase and wear boosting a sort of status and self-identity.

Is It Easy For Fashion Brands To Capture The Attention Of Gamers?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. The fashion houses need to find ways to connect with gamers authentically. They should also invest in a long-term plan and not just a one-off marketing campaign. The fashion houses need to go and join in the culture and add to it rather than start criticizing it. The main thing is to build a relationship with the audience.

Which Fashion Brands Have Collaborated With Video Games?

Which Fashion Brands Have Collaborated With Video Games

According to The Guardian, various brands have already collaborated with video games such as:

  • H&M, Moschino, and Diesel -The Sims
  • Balenciaga and Ralph Lauren – Fortnite
  • Balmain -Need for Speed
  • Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci –  Roblox
  • Marc Jacobs and Valentino –  Animal Crossing
  • Lacoste and Burberry –  Minecraft

Other brands include

  • Loius Vuitton X – League of Legends
  • Gucci – Roblox
  • Gucci – Fnatic
  • Adidas – Pokemon
  • Prada – Final Fantasy
  • Nike – Fortnite
  • Burberry – Honor of Kings
  • Balenciaga – Afterworld

The Future of Fashion Houses in the Video Game Industry

Fashion brands can be able to create both physical and digital collections for personalization. Therefore, video gamers will look at outfits and if they make them happy, request certain customization which will then be provided as a physical outfit.

They will be able to change the colors, textures, and fit of the outfit and even go ahead to get it in a store or have it delivered to their doorstep. Creativity will be boosted to enhance both the video games and the fashion sense.

There will be opportunities to create virtual clothes, virtual skins, and weapons based on the gamer's preference leading to more in-game purchases.

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