How Long Do MacBooks Last & Make It Longer [2024]

How Long Do MacBooks Last

You will note that your MacBook device is failing when you can’t upgrade it anymore, and have low storage space, hardware issues, or software issues. You may be confused about whether to upgrade it or purchase a new one. If you are thinking of buying a MacBook, it is key to know how long it will last. If you have ever had one, how long did it last? Various factors can lead to your MacBook getting damaged and there are ways in which you can ensure it lasts long.

Buying a new MacBook after a year or so can be stressful when you expect it to last longer. The devices are a bit expensive and budgeting for a new one after a short while couldn't be an option.

Even though the MacBook can be made to last long when maintained well, at some point it might start to slow down, and you will need to purchase a new one.

How Long Does A MacBook Last?

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A MacBook can last around 10 years. However, there isn’t a definite answer to how long MacBooks can last since some can perform very well for five years then their performance starts to deteriorate.

One major factor that determines how much it will last, is how much you use them. If you just use it for a bit of browsing for a few hours of the day, then it will last longer than someone who uses it all day long using powerful tools.

If the MacBook belongs to a developer, it is so easy for it to get worn out fast, rather than someone who just uses it for regular computer tasks. The more you use it, the more worn out it becomes.

However, the advantage of using a MacBook is that it is powerful enough. Also, if your device doesn’t get any hardware issues, it will last longer.

How Can You Notice When Your MacBook Is Damaged?

If you notice that you can’t upgrade your MacBook to the latest operating system, or facing hardware, software, or storage issues, then your device may be slowly deteriorating.

1. When you can’t upgrade to the latest macOS version

you can’t upgrade to the latest macOS version

In case you note that you can’t run the latest version of macOS, that’s a sign that your MacBook is slowly dying. If your MacBook can’t run the latest macOS version, it may have become obsolete since it is too old. It will be time to change it or buy a newer version of Mac.

At the moment the last macOS version is 14.1.2. Once the support of your macOS is dropped, you won't be able to get any security updates. Therefore, you might need to purchase a new device.

2. Low Storage Space

Low Storage Space

Another sign that your MacBook won’t last too long is when it constantly lacks enough space, and you keep on having to look for more space to install more programs. As apps continue to advance, the more space they require, and this will lead to them having to look for more space and if your MacBook can’t cover that, it will bring errors.

A space of 128GB or 256GB may lead to some errors since the space won’t be enough. In as much as you can consider an external hard disc, it won’t be a lasting solution.

3. Hardware damages

Hardware damages

If you have older hardware you will start to face some performance lagging. Since your storage space will also be minimal, you won’t be able to use certain software and apps, and even lead to your computer shutting down indefinitely or hanging all the time.

You will also note that the battery can’t stay for too long, unlike when it was new. You might need to always use it while charging however, this will deter with its portability. Furthermore, you can also consider replacing the battery, but you wouldn’t know whether it will serve you for long or instead just buy a new MacBook.

Also, if you have ever dropped your MacBook, and it suffered major damages or just damaged its internals, you will note its performance deteriorating. If you start replacing hardware parts, it will reach a point where the device won’t be functional anymore. One problem will lead to another.

4. Software issues

Software issues

Another major sign that your MacBook won’t last is if there are some software issues. This mainly happens when you note your device freezing or just facing unresponsive programs that were previously working well.

If you note your device shutting down indefinitely, it would be high time to get a new MacBook. However, if your MacBook is new, you might need to check whether you are using the right software.

Is It Advisable To Buy a New Mac Or Just Fix It?

Well, it depends on the extent to which your MacBook is damaged. If it can be fixed, then you can consider that as a solution for the time being. However, if your MacBook has already become obsolete and is not being supported by Mac at the moment, you will need to save up for a new MacBook that will be more powerful than your current one.

However, if your MacBook is vintage, you won’t need to purchase a new one. Also, in many cases, when your device lasts more than five years, it might be hard to find items if you want to replace some components.

What Can You Do To Make Your MacBook To Last Longer

You Do To Make Your MacBook To Last Longer

There are things you can do to make your MacBook to last longer than usual:

  • Make regular software updates.
  • Keep track of your storage space.
  • Use your MacBook battery well.
  • Clean your laptop often to remove dirt and dust.
  • Take care of the machine to prevent it from falling.

Replace Your MacBook For a Better Experience

If you notice that your MacBook is lagging behind and not functional as it should be, you should consider getting a new Mac. At times the frustration of using a slow device can be harmful to you and your work progress especially if you use your device almost the whole day.

Your productivity matters and if your device slows down, that means you will have a lot of workloads and this will even lead to fatigue with software issues, low storage, and even not being able to install certain valuable apps.  In as much as Mac devices are a bit expensive, it's still crucial to choose your productivity over slowness.

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