How To Cancel Grubhub Plus 2024 [$0 Delivery Fees]

How To Cancel Grubhub Plus Membership

You can cancel your GrubHub Plus membership through your phone, or computer, contact customer support, wait for the current subscription to expire, or cancel the membership through the Google Play Store.

There are ways you can use to cancel your Grubhub Plus membership. Grubhub is a platform that allows people to find and order food from anywhere. Based on your location, you get suggestions on nearby hotels and restaurants where you can make the purchase.

You can either opt for the free Grubhub account or the Grubhub Plus account. It all depends on the features you want to enjoy. However, even if you were using the Grubhub Plus account, there is a way that you can cancel it and just have the normal Grubhub account through your phone or computer.

What’s amazing is that even after you cancel the membership, you will enjoy the features for the time being till the billing cycle ends.

In this article, we will show you ways you can use to cancel your Grubhub Plus membership and also how to gain it for free.

Method 1: How To Cancel Grubhub Plus On The Desktop

It is possible to cancel your Grubhub Plus account through your computer.

Step 1: Open the Grubhub website and log into your account.

Open the Grubhub website

Step 2: Click on the profile icon.

Click on the profile icon

Step 3: You will see various options, therefore, click on account.

click on account

Step 4: From the left menu bar, click on “Grubhub plus membership”

Grubhub plus membership

Step 5: You will see two options, either to update payment or end subscription. Click “end subscription”.

click on Cancel Membership

Step 6: Select the reason for canceling your Grubhub Plus membership Your membership will be canceled.

Select the reason

Method 2: How To Cancel Grubhub Plus Membership On Your Phone.

It is also possible to cancel your Grubhub Plus membership on your phone.

Step 1: Access the Grubhub app on your phone.

Step 2: From the bottom menu bar, click on “MyGrubhub”

click on MyGrubhub

Step 3: On the next page, click on settings which is represented by a gear icon.

click on settings

Step 4: Proceed to click the “Grubhub + membership” option.

Grubhub + membership

Step 5: On the next page, click on Cancel Membership

click on Cancel Membership

You will also see other details on your membership, the next payment date, and the activation status.

Step 6: Choose the reason for canceling membership

Choose the reason for canceling

That’s it.

Method 3: Contact The Support Team To Cancel Your Grubhub Plus Membership

If you don’t want to do it on your own, or you can’t be able to access your account for various reasons, you can consider contacting the support team to cancel your Grubhub Plus membership.

Step 1: Visit the Grubhub customer support page. While on the page, select Contact Us.

Grubhub customer support page

Step 2: Choose the category of your issue.

Step 3: Fill out the form with your information and issue description.

Step 4: Click “submit” to send the form and await a response.

Remember to state clearly what your issue is.

Method 4: Cancel Membership Through the Google Play Store

Another way in which you can cancel your Grubhub Plus membership is by cancelling it through the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your phone.

Step 2: In the top right corner click on your profile icon.

Step 3: On the menu that appears, click on “Payment and subscriptions”

Step 4: Click on subscriptions. You will be able to see all the active app subscriptions that you have.

Step 5: Click the Grubhub Plus subscription and select cancel. Follow all the instructions till you are done with canceling the subscription.

Method 5: Wait For The Current Subscription To Expire

The other way in which you can cancel your Grubhub Plus membership is by waiting for the subscription to expire. If you don’t make any more payments, you won’t enjoy the advanced features of Grubhub Plus.

What Benefits Do You Enjoy While Using Grubhub Plus?

Benefits Do You Enjoy While Using Grubhub Plus

Grubhub + costs $9.99 per month. If you regularly order through Grubhub, you can consider the membership, however, if you don’t order so much through the platform, you can consider just having the normal Grubhub account.

With Grubhub + you get access to :

  • Unlimited free delivery on orders of above $12 in Grubhub + eligible restaurants.
  • Access to exclusive deals at selected restaurants
  • Double donations
  • VIP access to elite care teams
  • Exclusive access to some events.
  • A free meal each month

How Can You Get Grubhub Plus For Free?

In case you would want to get a Grubhub Plus membership for free, you can use these means:

  • Amazon Prime members are eligible for a Grubhub + membership for a year
  • Get a free Grubhub Plus membership through Lyft Pink
  • Get a Free Grubhub Plus membership through Amazon Prime Student
  • Enjoy the Grubhub + free trial for 30 days before deciding whether to extend the membership or not.

Use Grubhub To Order Your Meals

If you love food take-outs you can consider ordering your meals through Grubhub. You will be amazed by the coordination between Grubhub and various restaurants & hotels. You can either choose to use the Grubhub Plus membership or just the normal Grubhub membership account.

The only difference is that with Grubhub Plus, you will be exposed to more benefits than if you were just using the normal Grubhub account. You won’t have any problems when you want to make an order. Additionally, you can enjoy exclusive food from some of the best restaurants around.

However, it is also great to check for the restaurants that participate in Grubhub Plus to see whether you will get the most benefit before signing up.

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