How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord

Get IP on Discord

Get someone’s Discord IP now! Read the article to find out the most popular, easy ways to calculate the IP of the user on Discord. Then, use Abstract's IP geolocation API to learn more.

There are plenty of situations where you might want to get someone’s IP on Discord. Still, not all know how to do it. Most people believe that Discord hosts their servers themselves, so it’s impossible to get a person’s IP from it. Also, this platform uses TLS, which ensures more security for each of its users.

Most IT specialists will tell you: “It’s impossible to get someone’s IP from Discord.” However, this is not true at all. It is pretty possible to do it using a specific way or a program that might calculate the user's IP you are interested in. See the most popular ways to get someone’s IP on Discord in this article.

1. Use the Discord IP Grabber

Without a doubt, IP grabbers are one of the best solutions for getting to know someone’s address. There are plenty of IP grabbing programs that allow you to find and track IP. Here is an example of how to get an IP address using Grabify:

Step 1. Get a Person’s URL

On Discord, each user will have a link that leads to their page. First, you need to know this link to start grabbing their IP. Grabify has a convenient window with a special field where you need to copy-paste the user’s Discord address.

Step 2. Create a URL

Grabify ip loggers

After you’ve entered the address of the Discord user, press the button “Create URL.” Now, you have a working address that you need to give to your user to grab their IP. What you got now is the usual URL, but with certain parameters attached to it. Namely, when the user clicks the link, you get their information.

If that sounds rather complicated, check this clear and straightforward tutorial on how to catch catfish on the internet with Grabify tracking links.

YouTube video

Step 3. Save Your Tracking Code

When you create a URL for your user, Grabify will give you a tracking code. This code is important as it will provide you with the ability to track the user's IP later on.

Grabify tracking code


Step 4. Give the Generated Link to the User

When you have the link, please give it to your chosen user and make sure they click it. Ideally, the user should be interested in clicking the link. Otherwise, you won’t get the IP address.

Step 5. Track IP

Once you have the tracking code and the user clicks your link, you can track their IP. First, you need to enter the tracking code in a special field on the Grabify site. It is easy to find on their homepage as it is located on the top. Click the button “Tracking Code.” The website will show you all the information about the Discord user you got using Grabify.

Grabify IP information

This is a pretty easy way to get the Discord of your designated user. Even without an account on Grabify, you can log IPs, country, user agent, OS, and device of the user you choose. This tool is straightforward but gives a lot of analytic information, so visit Grabify to check what it can do for you.

2. Use the Discord IP Resolver

Discord IP Resolver is another easy way to get someone’s IP from Discord. This tool uses advanced technologies nowadays to help you get any information you want. IP Resolver technology can perform a packet interception scan method. This method helps to decrypt, extract, or fetch any IP address that you need.

discord app

First of all, the tool sends spoofed packets modified specially. The app’s artificial intelligence algorithms can quickly adapt to the user's location. After this, the target IP will send encrypted packets back, thus giving you information about their IP.

Note: To use this tool, the target user has to be online. 

So, how do we get a user ID from Discord?

Step 1. Get Your User ID

To get your user ID, you should join any server on Discord and type \@yourusername. After this, you will get your User ID. Copy it for further steps.

join server on Discord

Step 2. Turn On Developer Mode

Before getting another user’s IP, you need to go to your Discord account and choose “Settings.” After this, go to “Appearance” and check the checkbox next to the “Developer Mode.”

Discord user settings

Discord Appearance Setting

Discord develop mode

Step 3. Copy Another User’s ID

After you’ve turned on the developer mode, right-click on the user you need and click “Copy ID.” Now, you can proceed to the next steps.

Discord panel ID

Step 4. Fetch an IP Address

When you have a Discord User ID, paste it into the corresponding field on the Discord Resolver website. Click “Resolve,” and the IP of your user will show on the Discord IP Grabber site.

Discord ip result

3. Use Wireshark to Get Discord IP

Wireshark is another powerful tool that people use as a protocol analyzer. For example, you can see what is happening on your network, even on microscopic levels. The project has existed since 1998 and can make rich VoIP analysis and live capture analysis. This allows you to get anyone’s IP, including Discord users.

So, how to use Wireshark to get someone’s Discord IP? This might need a bit of technical knowledge. But as far as you are dedicated and follow the instructions, you will be fine.

Step 1. Install Wireshark

Install Wireshark

Wireshark is an app that you need to download to your computer before you start using it. Go to their website, find the Download section and pick your version of the operating system to install. After this, an install file will be downloaded, and all you need to do is install it.

Step 2. Explore Tracking Functions

Wireshark Tracking Functions

The app is a goldmine of useful functions that allow you to track nearly anything. You might capture lots of pages, see packages of information that your computer sends to the various site, and see what the sites send you.

This includes Discord, so you can catch packages from it and see information about them which will contain the user IP. This information will include the number of packages, source, IP, device, protocol, and other info.

Step 3. Login Into Discord

On the Wireshark app, you might capture lots of sources because your computer performs many processes in the background. Luckily, you can filter them using Wireshark functions. For example, you can see TCP, UTP protocols, and so on if you click the corresponding tabs.

So, if Discord is active now and you are speaking with the user whose IP you need, the app will capture them as well, so make sure that you turn on the app before connecting to them.

Step 4. Search Discord Packages

As we already know, Wireshark can capture every process that your computer does through the Internet and can track all information. But how to understand where Discord info is among all of that? Easy!

You can find Discord if you search the name “Discord” in the special field within the Wireshark window, and it will show you all the processes that are going now, thus enabling User IP. You will easily filter packages and see all info about them. Try searching different protocols, and enter “Discord” into each of them. This will give you insights into your computer’s connection with Discord.

Step 5. Get the User IP

Wireshark User IP

To get the user IP from Discord, we need to look at all the incoming packages. To find the IP of the definite user, you need their username. If you enter it in search of the Wireshark app, you will easily get their IP.

Try searching within the categories you found when you searched Discord traffic. Mind that there might be lots of rubbish information, but luckily, you will see the IP of the user in their Discord info.

How to IP Ban Someone in Discord?
YouTube video

Often, you might have arguments with a certain user or simply face annoying people on Discord. The good news is that you don’t need to suffer or tolerate them – there is an option to ban anyone on Discord!

The bans on this platform are IP-based, so, as long as the person uses the same IP address, Discord will block them. Mostly, people use only one IP, so you can be sure that they won’t be able to reach you. So, how do you ban someone on Discord? See the full instruction below.

Step 1. Launch Discord

First and foremost, you need to launch Discord. You can ban somebody from the desktop app, mobile app, or their website.

Step 2. Sign in

Next, you need to enter your username and other credentials to log into the system. Then, you will access the server.

Step 3. Select the server

The next step is to select a server. They are located on the left side of the screen, so they’re easy to find. From the servers list, pick one.

Step 4. Find the user

To ban someone, you first need to find them. They should be in one of the channels on Discord, so be sure to remember where this user likes to be. Look at the main panel of any VoIP channel to see a list of its members. Keep clicking the channels to find the user.

Step 5. Ban the user

Once you’ve found the user, it is easy to ban them. Right-click the name of this user. The menu will appear, and at the bottom, you will see the “Ban” button. Then, left-click it to open another dialogue box. After this, confirm the decision by clicking “Ban” and voila! The user’s IP won’t be able to access you from now on.

There are many situations when you might need to get someone’s IP on Discord. Some people will tell you that it’s impossible, but now, third-party apps can help you do this easily. Pay attention to Discord IP grabber, which is a free website app. By link grabbing, you can quickly get the person’s IP using this tool.

Also, Discord IP Resolver helps you to get the IP if the user is active right now. Wireshark is another solution, but you need a bit of technical proficiency to use it. The app will grab any IP that sends packages to your computer, so it might capture the Discord IPs. As an alternative, you might permanently ban an unwanted user from your Discord using the “Ban” button next to the username.

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