Struggling To Download Videos From Facebook? Here’s What To Do

how to download Facebook video

If you can't download videos from Facebook, you're not alone. The downloading process is more straightforward than many believe, but there are different methods you can use.

Many people want to watch videos from Facebook offline rather than connect to the internet all the time. Furthermore, some like to share them with family and friends. But downloading videos from Facebook is a complicated and sometimes frustrating problem. So what can you do to make this job more straightforward and download the videos you want?

Using Your Computer


You can use a program called VDownloader to download Facebook videos to your computer. It is an easy-to-use program that lets you download several videos at once with just one click. And unlike other programs that require complex steps and settings, it can be used by anyone in just a few minutes.

You should check this out to see if it is something you might find useful. The exciting thing is that you only need to download a small application to your computer, and you are ready to download as many videos as you can fit onto your hard drive! When you use this type of software, you will receive the file in MP4 file format, suitable for watching using almost any video player.

There are other methods such as browser extensions, but these tend to be less reliable than the software route and could damage your general browsing experience.

Why Should You Use Software To Download These Videos?

download facebook video

Downloading a small program to your computer is generally considered the best option when downloading video from that social network. This is for a variety of reasons:

  • They are free: Most of the time, this software is typically free to use. The ability to watch favorite videos offline while saving money is a massive benefit to anyone looking to complete this task.
  • Ease of use: Software is far more straightforward to use on a computer than fiddling around on a smartphone or tablet. Once you have installed the program, it is often a case of pasting in the URL and clicking a button.
  • Download speed: When you use a browser-based program, the browser must speak to several servers before initializing the download. A dedicated program begins instantly and downloads as fast as your internet connection allows.
  • Easier to find the file: There is nothing worse than trying to find a downloaded file on your phone, let alone move it from one location to another. It is much easier on a laptop to find the download and do as you wish with it.
  • You can archive and organize better: Following on from the previous point, once you have your file downloaded, a computer makes it more efficient to manage the file and send it to wherever you want. Simply put, transferring files from your computer to your phone is much easier than the other way around.

Using Your Android Device

Android download facebook video

A few more steps are involved when downloading directly to your phone (no matter the OS); however, it is still possible. You can do it in two ways:

  1. The old-fashioned way.
  2. Find the video and click to share it.
  3. Copy the URL.
  4. Find a suitable website that allows direct downloading.
  5. Enter the URL and download it to your phone's file system.
  6. The way of the app!
  7. Open the Google play store.
  8. Find an app that allows you to download videos.
  9. Open Facebook and select the video you want, and begin the process.

Using Your iPhone

apple download facebook video

The method is relatively similar for an iPhone, except fewer apps are available for this specific purpose. What this means in practice is that you will have to opt for the more manual method of pasting the URL into a webpage.

What Are Facebook Videos?

Facebook Videos

Facebook videos on watch is a new feature that allows users to view videos created on Facebook. Facebook Videos on Watch enable people to stay connected with their friends and content creators.

It also allows them to explore various content types without having to leave Facebook's ecosystem. It has gained massive popularity over the years, with the main difference to YouTube is that it is specifically tailored for shorter-length videos.

Why Would You Want To Download A Video From Facebook?

To those reading this article, you will already know your specific reasons for downloading a video, but others may be wondering what the purpose is. There are several reasons why some people want to download a video directly onto the laptop or phone.

You Uploaded And Want It Back

facebook Uploaded video

In most cases, you have uploaded the video file and lost the original, which is why you need to download it directly from Facebook. Since people upload almost every aspect of their lives to Facebook's servers, it is the best place to recover them. Additionally, a deceased friend or relative might have uploaded a sentimental video, and you would like to have it back to remember them.

You Want To Share A Friend's Video

Share A Friend's Video

Sometimes you have friends who upload videos that include yourself, and you simply like the video. In this case, you can use specific tools to download the video in question.

You Might Find The Video Useful

Useful Video

Facebook's video platform has exploded in recent years, and with its increasing popularity, a raft of educational and “how-to” videos have been created. However, the main disadvantage of Facebook's video platform is that the rolling feed makes it challenging to find the video again. While they have a save video option, it is often far simpler to download the video file and store it for future reference.

Facebook May Delete Them 

Facebook delete video

Social media networks are notoriously heavy with the ban hammer. You never know from one day to the next if Facebook will permanently remove a video you enjoy. If this happens, downloading is the only way to keep watching.


To download a Facebook video to a computer or other device is super easy with the help of the above tips. You can choose between the more modern way of using dedicated software or go down the more manual route of copying and pasting URLs into your web browser.

The outcome is the same, but the implementation is vastly different.

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