How to Make Your WordPress Site Standout

How to Make Your WordPress Site Standout

Competition can be pretty tough when it comes to online presence. There are millions of websites online, and it might be difficult to stand out. But this doesn’t mean impossible. If you want to create a unique and authentic presence, in this article you’ll find useful tips on doing so.

Start with Branding

Start with Branding

The first step is to work on your branding. Whether it is a student travel blog, eCommerce platform, or business website, the branding has to be recognizable and unique.

Do not rush through this step because it is quite essential. Yes, working on branding takes some time, but it is one of the things that will represent you and what you do. If you are in college currently, finding a decent amount of time to devote to it might be challenging.

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It is a perfect opportunity to learn more about branding and develop an authentic representation. This includes:

  • Brand name/domain;
  • Color scheme;
  • Typography;
  • Logo;
  • Samples of visual content (photographs or videos).

Think of the core values you want to incorporate and how you want the audience to perceive you. Make a list of rules as to how to use these colors and fonts in pages and posts.

Brand identity is key to becoming a recognizable power with a strong online presence.

Choose a Customizable Theme

Choose a Customizable Theme

Those who have computer skills can create their own theme. But if it is not about you, do not worry. There is a huge amount of available themes to choose from. Some are free, others are not. They are different in layout and functionality.

One of the best tips for a WordPress user is to select the customizable one from the start. Such themes come with design options in-built. So with functional performance and a great layout, you get an opportunity to adjust it to your needs.

Some of the great options are:

  • Headway;
  • Pinboard;
  • Total;

For instance, Toptal gives one full control over the site’s look without any coding. There is a page builder and an opportunity to customize elements of the page.

This is where your brand colors, logos, and visuals come in handy too. You can create a platform that will stand out from any other site.

Optimize Interface to All Screens

The basic interface is often designed for a desktop view with good lighting and a big screen. But it is not the only way people are browsing the internet. The majority of searches now come from mobile devices. So it is essential to adjust your WordPress site to smaller screens as well.

The design needs to be responsive and flexible. So it will be easily available to any resolution or orientation. It includes not only the structure of the platform but also the multimedia you use. For instance, choose pictures that can work both vertically and horizontally.

Install Page Builder Plugin

Page Builder Plugin

Another great option to create an authentic homepage is to use a page builder plugin. The homepage is the first impression you make on the visitors. So it needs to be exciting and comfortable.

Such plugins offer the opportunity to design a page up to your specific needs with no coding. One of the best options here is Visual Composer. It is easy to use, and you can see the page online while you are working on it.

Also, a valid option is to use shortcodes. They are simpler, and you can use them if you like the theme but need to add some widgets or buttons on top of that. Some of the best shortcodes are:

  • Shortcodes Ultimate;
  • Symple Shortcodes;
  • Magee Shortcodes;
  • Woo Shortcodes Kit;
  • Meks Flexible Shortcodes.

You can add various page elements like boxes, tabs, sliders, galleries, or highlights with them.

Engage with Your Audience

Engage with Your Audience

Engagement is another crucial factor in building a loyal community around the platform. Luckily, WordPress gives a lot of flexibility and opportunities here as well.

Before you make changes, you can go through competitors’ sites and note what they are using and how. Analyze what you like and what you do not like. Think about what tools or techniques you can incorporate, for instance:

  • Comment section;
  • Special offers;
  • Gated content;
  • Subscriptions;
  • Social media links and shares;
  • Reviews and testimonials;
  • Emails and newsletters.

You do not need to use all of the tactics. Choose the ones that are relevant to your niche and type of site.

Make it Look Professional

Professional wordpress site

When you start learning WordPress and the possibilities it gives, it is easy to go a bit overboard. One might want to add all the plugins, widgets, and elements out there. This is not a good idea as all of those can slow the page down and make it bulky and unreadable.

Often the less is more. So learn the options but choose those that add value to the content or products you are offering. Make sure your platform looks professional. Some basic rules are:

  • Readable font and size;
  • Comprehensive content structure;
  • High-quality multimedia;
  • Simple color scheme (stick to 2-3 main colors and their shades);
  • Internal linking system;
  • Short menus;
  • Noticeable buttons and interactive elements.

And be mindful of the ads and pop-ups you feature on the platform.

In Summary

To stand out from the competition, one needs to create a unique and authentic website. Fortunately, WordPress is a perfect CMS for that. There is a multitude of customization options when it comes to layout, elements, and styles. Look through the options, consider their relevance, and use the best on your platform.

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