How To Track Someone On IMVU 2024 [Anonymously]

How To Track Someone On IMVU

You can track someone on IMVU using the IMVU tracker, Avtrack, the IMVU messenger app or website. You will know whether the user is online, offline, or in Do Not Disturb mode.

IMVU is an interesting 3D avatar social network where you can socialize and use your creativity to customize your avatar. However, how well do you know who you are chatting with on the platform? Do you feel safe about it? Well, that’s why it is crucial to know how to track someone on IMVU.

You may also want to know whether a certain friend is active on the social app or not. Whatever your reason is, it is valid, and you can use these tools to track someone on IMVU. One great thing about the tools is that they won’t know that you tried to get more details about them. You will anonymously search.

Therefore, brace yourself to track someone on IMVU. But, first, what Is IMVU? In this article, we will expound more on that powerful app and how best to track someone on IMVU seamlessly.

What Is IMVU?


IMVU is a social media platform just like Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), TikTok, telegram, etc. that allows you to connect with other people easily. What makes IMVU unique is that you can easily create your avatar on the platform who will dress as you wish. Moreover, there are virtual chat rooms where you can engage and play together.

Luckily, you get to choose how you will create your own 3D avatar life on the platform. IMVU is one of the largest avatar apps that you can use to socialize with people. With over 60 million items, you are assured that it is an app you will enjoy using and feel creative while using it. Additionally, what makes IMVU unique is the fact that you can change your clothes and even add some touch of accessories to your attire.

It is like living a virtual life in the metaverse since you can also engage in chat rooms, go on a virtual date, host a virtual party, and network. How cool is that? The endless customization options make it an amazing app for anyone. Be ready to immerse yourself in a virtual 3D world.

The Best Tools to Use to Track Someone on IMVU

Here are some of the most remarkable tools that you can use to track someone on IMVU.

1. IMVU tracker IMVU tracker

One remarkable online tool that you can use to get more information about someone on IMVU is the platform. It has a simple user interface which makes it easy to find what you are looking for. However, to utilize it, you will need the avatar name or ID of the person, which you will need to input in the search input bar.

By doing so you will get more information on the rooms visited by the user, who else was in the user’s public rooms, and attires they were wearing. The rooms are often scanned every 4 hours, therefore, you will get real-time data on their activities. If you gain rewards through the platform you can remove ads, not be shown the rooms you have visited, and other benefits.


  • You need to have VIP access to use it.
  • Registration is needed
  • You get real-time details about an IMVU user and their activities on the platform
  • By having a VIP membership you won’t be disturbed by any ads

2. Github Avtrack IMVU tracker

Github Avtrack IMVU tracker

You can also utilize the Github Avtrack IMVU tracker to get more information about an IMVU user. It is a great tool that will let you know whether someone is offline or on Do Not Disturb mode, yet you want to engage with them.  It was last updated three years ago, however, it is still highly functional.


  • You need to have the requests library to utilize it.

requests library

  • You need to know certain essential parameters like -u, -c, -d, and –v
  • -u means use username,
  • -c means use cid instead of username
  • -d means a delay between each check in seconds
  • -v means to display the status whether it changes or not.

Example output

Example output

Image Courtesy: Github Avtrack

3. Use the IMVU 3D Chat Messenger

Use the IMVU 3D Chat Messenger

If you want to track another user to see whether they are online, you can use the 3D IMVU Messenger on Android or iPhone. By determining this, you can know whether when you approach them to chat or enter a certain room they will be available to engage with you.

The parameters used are mostly friendship status, avatar name, email address, etc. It is not complicated to go about it. Here are some ways to find out:

Step 1: Check whether your friend is online

Open the IMVU chat messenger app, and on the home screen, select the “friends” option. You will be redirected to another page where you will see your friends list. Check under the specific friend you want to track the avatar’s name.

It will either indicate whether your friend is online (green dot) or be blank to show they are not.  You will also be able to see “Now at” which shows the public room, they currently are in.

Step 2: Track All friends

You can also track all your friends whether you have spoken recently or not. Therefore, select the “population image” in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will be redirected to another screen where you will see information about all your friends whether you have engaged recently or not.

You will see whether they are online or they are in certain rooms. If online, you will see the green dot, if in a room, you will see “now at” this room.

Step 3: Search Through Chat Rooms

The other way is to search through chat rooms. Therefore, click on “chat rooms” on the home screen. Enter the name of the chat room where your friend often engages and search whether they are in the room. When you click the room image, you will be able to see all IMVU users currently in the room.

Step 4: Find people using their avatar name

The other option is to search for people using their avatar name. Simply, click on “find people” on the home screen. You will then need to input the user’s avatar name in the search field. When the results are displayed, select the avatar image to see the user’s status.

4. Use the IMVU website

Use the IMVU website

Another way in which you can track someone on IMVU is by using the website. If you don’t have the app, the other option would be using the website. There are various ways in which you can go about it. It is not complicated, it is just as easy as when using the IMVU messenger app.

Step 1: Check your Friends list

You will need to scroll to the “My Friends” panel on the avatar homepage. Click on “View All” to see all your IMVU friends. You can scroll down to see all their statuses. If you regularly use Facebook, you know how it displays online besides the name of the user when they are online.

If a user is “online” it will be shown with a green dot and if disconnected, it will show no dot under their avatars’ pictures.

Step 2: Search Using avatar name or email address

The other option would be searching for a user using their email address or avatar name. First, you will need to click the “Individual Search” option on the community menu. Proceed to scroll till you find the “find a friend” option on the bottom left side of the screen.

Select the “by” option and enter either their avatar name or email address A green dot will show the user is online and no dot means they are disconnected.

Step 3: Track someone through the public rooms

Navigate to the community menu and select “public rooms”. Just like in the messenger, type the name of the specific public chat room and click search to find the room. You will be able to see all the users in the room at the moment in the description section. This method is crucial when you know a specific room in which someone often frequents.

Step 4: Track someone in their gathering

The other way is to track someone inside his or her group. On the Community menu, click “Groups”. Proceed to type the group name in the search box and tap the “Go” button. In the search results, select the specific group, and check the active members section.

You can also click“view all members” to see all the active members at the moment. If online, you will see their avatar names marked with a green dot and check mark. As easy as that.

Get To Know Someone’s Online Status On IMVU Easily

It is important to know whether someone is online so that you can engage with them. If you also have a mutual group that you like participating in mutually, you can check whether they are already there or you will have to wait for their active status.

All these methods are reliable and will help you to track someone on IMVU. Also, if you regularly use IMVU, it is important to know active users to always have someone to engage with in the virtual space without getting bored. You can also try to find someone’s IP Address on IMVU easily. This will help you to know their real location if doubtful.

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