How Pixar, Google, and Facebook Fight Bad Meetings

How Pixar, Google, and Facebook Fight Bad Meetings

Bad meetings can reduce productivity in company projects. The use of effective project management software can help make team members' collaboration easier and subsequently lead to productive meetings.

Meetings provide a platform where people can discuss business matters to boost its success. However, at times, you may be caught off guard with a meeting and not be fully prepared for it. This leads to bad meetings which aren’t objective.

Also, this can be caused by a lack of proper communication which can be solved through the use of the best agile project management software. Through collaboration, you can know the tasks already done and what is remaining. Therefore, you will be on the know-how and basis of discussion.

Therefore, as an individual, just ensure that in all meetings that you attend, you contribute, or make an impact. Not unless the meeting doesn’t require that.

With the emergence of online meetings, it can be hectic when there is a lot of time wastage in it. Therefore, it is important to know good meeting ethics to make it a success.

How Pixar, Google, and Facebook Fight Bad Meetings - by Wrike project

The Popularity Of Online Meetings

Over time, remote working has become the norm. Nowadays, people prefer having online meetings rather than physical meetings based on flexibility and logistic. There are different web conferencing platforms that you can use for your business meetings such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom. It all depends on the number of participants.

Therefore, even project managers prefer having online meetings with their staff to evaluate the progress of the work. Successful meetings can lead to more productivity and efficiency. Ideally, online meetings go hand in hand with the use of project management software like Wrike.

It lets all the added team members see tasks, projects, and folders. This makes it easier for meeting preparation, end-year report writing, and compilation.

Why consider using the Best Agile Project Management Software?

When working on projects using the best agile project management software can help. One multi-functional software is Wrike which is an ideal work management platform.

The Benefit Of Using Wrike Project Management Software to your Business.


Wrike can go a long way to make your business prosper. Its multi-functional ways can boost your business in different ways. Wrike makes it easier to:

1. Track and coordinate projects

Wrike helps to track and coordinate projects effortlessly. This helps to remove barriers, find clarity, and exceed goals making the workflow easier.

This solves the issue of low visibility, wasted time, project delays, and employee churns. All projects will be available on one platform.

2. Tailored to your need.

The Wrike software is tailored to your business needs. You can configure the dashboards and workflows as per the business requirements. You won’t have to use multiple software for different functions.  It even becomes easier to track completed projects and see new assigned tasks.

3. Manage teams in one platform

Wrike makes it easier for a project manager to manage multiple teams on one platform. This leads to easy work arrangement, coordination and prioritization.

Wrike is composed of folders, projects, and tasks. People can use folders to organize major projects. Projects should include each of the individual tasks to be undertaken.

In the tasks, you can include attachments, due dates, highlighted finished tasks, documents, assigned team members,  and other relevant information.

4. Single point of communication

It has a single point of communication that makes it easier for information disbursement. Therefore, you can communicate in real-time in the organization. No more long email threads multiple calls, SMS, or needless meetings.

Users can see real-time comments, updates, notifications, and reports on Wrike. Additionally, the cloud-based work management platform will give you the security you need. All the information will be in one place. There is also an inbox for individual members.

5. Integrates easily with third-party applications

Wrike also integrates with third-party applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, One Drive, Zoom, and Salesforce.

This leads to seamless online meetings with the team members to prevent bad meetings. It is like a digital workplace. Luckily, it is also available on mobile apps and desktops.

What to Consider For the Success of A Meeting

Wrike provides a great project management platform that will ensure transparency, organization, coordination, and clarity for successful meetings. Meetings are crucial for the success of the company or business. These are some things to consider for the success of a meeting:

1. Organizational culture

When partaking any meeting, it is important to consider the organization's culture, vision, mission, and goals. What do you want to achieve as a long-term or short-term goal?

Also, what is the procedure used partaking meetings:

  • Who speaks first?
  • Who organizes the meeting?
  • Who facilitates the meeting?
  • Which member's contribution should be taken in and which shouldn’t?

The organizational culture also helps to dive consistency. That’s why it is also important to have ethical board members or leaders who will drive the company to success. With bad leadership, things can fall apart.

When working on a project on Wrike, members can get notified of a scheduled meeting and get the notification as it nears to prevent impromptu meetings. Additionally, emails can be sent.

2. Members contribution

Meetings allow team members to provide information on their needs, wants, expectations and issues. When all the meeting participants are given a platform to contribute or give their views, it makes it easier for everyone to talk about their beliefs and what they think can help to lead to the success of the company.

However, when this isn’t followed, it leads to ineffective meetings. When members are not given a platform to say their views, they don’t feel the urge to attend meetings.

Collaborating through Wrike helps members to provide comments on the different tasks. Therefore, even with a scheduled meeting, all minor issues will have been solved already to leave room for major issues.

3. Purpose of the meeting

To avoid bad meetings, it is important to properly illustrate the purpose of the meeting. The information should be shared beforehand in the email or notifications through Wrike.

This makes it easier for members to prepare themselves and be ready for the meeting. Most online meetings are scheduled early enough and therefore, they should come with an agenda.

The meeting template should include the time, the agenda of the meeting, participants/company department, facilitator, and any other information. Therefore, serious meeting members will come prepared and not just off-guard – this will result in more productivity.

Purpose of the meeting

4. Stick to meeting rules

There should be a rule, that if you come in late to a meeting, what has already been discussed won't be repeated. This will save time and give discipline to other members to strive to reach on time and not interrupt.

Also, only the required members should be in the meeting. There shouldn’t be any third parties that are invited to the meeting. Also, if any member would want an agenda to be discussed, and it hasn’t been highlighted, they should provide it to the facilitator or meeting organizer earlier on.

5. Neutral facilitator

People have different thoughts, thereby,  you can’t expect all the members to give the same contribution. Therefore, the facilitator needs to be neutral in case there is some disparity about a specific thing. Everyone should be encouraged to offer input and give ideas.

The meeting needs to end when everyone is satisfied and if there is a pending matter, it should be rescheduled for the next meeting after thorough research. There shouldn't be any biasness in a meeting.

6. Check-in on everyone after the meeting

It is important to offer a platform for everyone to give feedback based on what has been discussed. There are introverts and extroverts in different organizations. Introverts may feel like keeping quiet while extroverts dominate. Therefore, everyone should get a chance to illustrate their views.

Wrike communication channels allow everyone to provide comments if a change needs to be made. Therefore, everyone gets a chance to point out their view. Maybe you are holding a meeting after finishing a certain project sprint. Through the meeting, you will know how to progress on.

The Importance of Good and Effective Meetings.

Effective meetings build strong relationships among members, help make faster decisions, promote the inclusion of all the members or employees, facilitate creative thinking, and provide an easy medium for feedback & discussion.

In the meeting, all the participants need to feel important, and they should be given the freedom to contribute to the meeting. Everyone’s opinions need to be considered. An effective project management tool results in better meetings & productivity.

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