Top 10 Problems with Editing PDFs and Solutions

Editing PDFs and Solutions

Are you finding the task of editing PDFs much more overwhelming? Since the PDF file format was originally meant to be a read-only format, making changes to it can prove to be difficult for some users.

In most cases, a competent free PDF editor is required to help out with the task.

Though the internet is filled with programs that claim to act as a charm when it comes to editing PDFs, none does it like Wondershare PDFelement. In the following read, you can learn all about the top problems users encounter when editing PDFs and how you can solve them all via PDFelement 9.

how you can solve them all via PDFelement 9

The Main Problems with Editing PDFs

A compact PDF document comes with a wide range of complex elements, and modifying them can often be troublesome. Here are some hindrances you might face when trying to edit PDF files:

1. Signing PDF Files

One of the significant problems that arise during the editing process is e-signing. In certain scenarios, documents such as legal paperwork require the signature of an authority figure, often in handwritten form. Some PDF editors do not support this feature or can only insert a rigid signature without modification options for fonts, style, or size.

Sometimes, a custom signature is not stored permanently in the cloud, so you have to create one from scratch every time it is required.

2. Editing Pictures in PDF Files

Images make up an important part of a well-crafted PDF. There may come a moment when you wish to change the position of an image in your document.

The pictures in your PDF may require touchups such as cropping, changing orientation, etc. You might have to replace a photo in your PDF file, which is not easily done without external help.

3. Editing Text in the Scanned PDF

Converting text into scanned PDF files is a difficult job. While the OCR function that enables is already a rare sight in most editors, modifying the text in a scanned PDF is also no piece of cake.

You will need high-power tools if you need to remove, add, annotate, or otherwise edit text from a scanned document. If your PDF editor is not competent, you will end up manually editing the file from scratch and then scanning it, which is not a pleasant option.

4. Insertion or Deletion of PDF Pages

After compiling PDF files, proofreading often identifies the need to insert or delete pages. If your document contains excessive blank pages that you need to delete or a missing page that you need to insert, you will need help from a worthy PDF-editing tool.

Besides these, the need to rearrange existing pages in a document also arises often, which can only be fulfilled via a capable PDF editor.

5. Filling Out PDF Forms

Online PDF forms are now commonly used for all purposes, from the hiring process to voter registrations and bank account applications. To avoid the manual process of printing forms and to fill them out, you can opt for a reliable PDF editor that lets you edit PDF forms to save time and effort.

6. Adding and Creating Stamps

Stamps are commonly seen in PDF files with the intention of labeling documents with important information. From clarifying the document's approval status to its confidentiality status, you can say a lot with a simple stamp.

If you do not know how to add a virtual stamp to a PDF, you will have to go through the manual process of printing each file and then inserting a stamp on it.

7. Adding or Removing Custom Watermarks

Watermarks are a great way of claiming a document as your own. If you feel the need to add custom watermarks to a PDF file, you will need the help of a proficient PDF editor. Such a tool can come in handy even in cases where you wish to remove annoying watermarks from your documents.

8. Protecting PDF Files

If you have important documents stored on a shared device, it is advisable to protect them using encryptions and passwords. Some competent PDF editors can help you secure private information or confidential documents, ensuring only the intended audience can access them.

9. Translating PDF Content

Dealing with a PDF file in a foreign language can be quite troublesome, particularly if you do not have an in-built translator. Instead of copy-pasting each line individually to Google and working up a translation, you will need an adept editor that can help you instantly translate the document and boost your productivity.

Headers and footers may contain important information related to your document, including page numbers, author names, footnotes, and more.

Manually changing these items can be a nuisance, particularly when converting a document. However, with access to the right tools, you can easily modify the headers and footers of your PDF files.

How PDFelement Solves the Problems of Editing PDFs

How PDFelement Solves the Problems of Editing PDFs

If you are worried about any of the above-mentioned problems, fret no more. Wondershare PDFelement 9 is a remarkable tool that can help you edit PDF files and create noteworthy documents in no time.

With its wide range of features and multi-platform support, PDFelement is the only solution you need for your PDF files. Here are a few examples of how PDFelement can help you resolve common PDF-related issues:

1. Digitally Sign PDF Files

PDFelement offers multiple ways to digitally sign your PDF documents. You can create a customized signature from scratch by drawing, typing, and uploading images. When drawing a signature, you can choose your signature's color and thickness.

You can also simply type in your name, and PDFelement will automatically convert it into a signature. You can specify the font type, color, and orientation of your signature anywhere on the document. The tool also saves your created signatures in its algorithm, so you can insert them in one click the next time.

2. Edit Scanned PDFs

PDFelement comes with a dedicated and powerful OCR feature that can convert your scanned files into editable PDF documents. Once you do this, you can edit the multiple elements of your document, including text and images, and also extract data from selected parts of the file with ease.

3. Recognize Forms

If you want to create, fill, or edit PDF forms, PDFelement offers an easy way to do so. With its “Recognize Form” feature, you can automatically recognize the fillable fields within the form. Along with that, you can create fillable fields from scratch and also edit them with ease.

Besides editing common field properties such as font color, alignment, format, etc., you can also fill out non-interactive PDF forms.

4. Edit PDF Images

When looking for an easy way to edit images within a PDF, there is no better choice than PDFelement. The tool offers a wide range of editing options dedicated to images, including changing the orientation, opacity, position, and alignment of images.

You can also crop, rotate, or replace images in PDF documents with ease using PDFelement.

5. Edit PDF Pages

Wondershare PDFelement 9 offers an extensive set of customization options you can apply to your document. Users can add, remove, replace, duplicate, and crop pages from a PDF file using a few simple clicks. The tool also provides options to compress or split PDF files.

If you want to extract specific pages of your document, you can do so easily with PDFelement. By simply dragging the thumbnails, you can rearrange the pages of your PDF file to the position of your choice.

6. Add Watermark

To add a personal touch to your document, you can add customized watermarks using PDFelement. For a text watermark, you can choose the font, size, color, and position on your PDF file.

Using the tool, you can also use an image as a watermark on your document. PDFelement also offers options to remove watermarks from multiple files with ease.

7. Add Stamps

PDFelement acts as an efficient stamp-generator tool to help you add virtual stamps to your document. The feature comes with an extensive library of in-built stamps for various occasions.

Users can also create customized stamps using their text or images on PDFelement. It also allows you to manage the customized stamps, where you can easily create, edit, and delete stamps.

8. Protect PDFs

To keep your documents safe, PDFelement offers powerful encryptions and protection services. Using its AES and RC4 encryption ciphers, you can prevent your documents from unauthorized viewing, editing, printing, or copying of data.

The tool can also help you redact specific areas of the PDF containing confidential information.

9. Translate PDF Text

PDFelement can translate up to 100,000 characters of text per month. This PDF tool supports the conversion of text into 100+ languages to save you the trouble of looking for an external translator.

The translated text can remain in the program's algorithm in the comment note list and be saved for later use instead of translating the same words repeatedly.

You can insert custom headers and footers in your PDF document using PDFelement. You can modify their position, date style, page number style, and more.

The feature is also supported in batch processing mode, and you can also access the template gallery provided by PDFelement for stylized headers and footers for your document.


If you have worked with PDF documents in the past, you will be familiar with the hassle that involves editing them. Users encounter several problems when trying to edit PDF files.

Fortunately, all the commonly occurring challenges mentioned above can be solved using Wondershare PDFelement 9. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive toolset, PDFelement is a one-stop solution to all your PDF-related problems.

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