Does iPhone 12 Have 5G & How to Change 4G to 5G

Does iPhone 12 Have 5G

A strong internet connection is important if you regularly use your phone for many tasks. Most iPhone 12 models and later versions support the 5G network. Alternatively, with the smart mode, you can switch between LTE and 5G.

All iPhone 12 models and later models support 5G cellular networks. However, if you note it isn’t as fast as you want in your area, you can opt to use 4G/LTE. Internet speed matters when making downloads, performing background tasks, streaming shows, or using some apps.

Luckily iPhone 12 is among the best phones that can allow you to switch between networks like 5G and 4G. Actually, the iPhone 12 was the first to work on 5G. It is among the 5G phones that ensure lasting battery life and less overheating due to the high connectivity.

Does the iPhone 12 Support 5G?

Yes, if you have an iPhone 12 model or later, it supports a 5G cellular network. However, for it to work you need a carrier that supports 5G and a 5G cellular plan. In case you just purchased an iPhone with its eSim or physical SIM, use it.

Does the iPhone 12 Support 5G

If not, you can use the previous SIM card, but ensure it gets 5G enabled. Once the 5G connectivity has been enabled, you will see a 5G icon on the status bar, and whenever the 5G network is available in a particular area, it connects to the network immediately based on your region. Unfortunately, it is not available in all countries or regions.

What to do if the 5G icon doesn't appear on the status bar on your phone?

If you can’t see the 5G icon on the status bar, ensure you first consult your carrier to confirm whether your SIM card has been enabled. Next, ensure your area has 5G coverage.

5G icon doesn't appear on the status bar

If everything is alright, navigate to the settings app, choose Cellular, then Cellular Data option or Settings, Mobile data then Mobile data options. If all is well, turn on airplane mode then turn off. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t appear, you can contact your service carrier.

What Is 5G?

5G is the next-generation wireless technology on the phone. 5G can run 10-100x faster than the normal 4G network. 5G is even faster than Wi-Fi.

The latest iPhone models have some AR features that take advantage of the 5G high speed and low latency. For example, the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor ensures better autofocus. Even though 5G ain't widespread, it will surely spread all over.

How To Change The 5G Data Options?

Using 5G can affect the battery life and data usage of your phone. However, with your iPhone 12, you can customize how much data you can use in some apps and when to use the 5G network.

Step 1: Ensure your sim card supports the 5G cellular network. If not contact your service provider.

Step 2: On your iPhone, navigate to your “Settings” app then choose “Cellular” then “Cellular data options”.

Step 3: Alternatively, navigate to “Settings”, “Mobile Data” then “Mobile Data options”.

Step 4: Under Voice & Data, choose your most preferred option

preferred option

i 5G Auto – This option allows smart data mode in which, if the 5G network doesn’t offer a great experience, the iPhone switches to 4G LTE.

ii. 5G On – This option allows the usage of a 5G network when it is available. However, due to this capability, it might reduce your iPhone’s battery life.

iii. LTE – Only uses the 4G LTE network even when 5G is available.

Step 5: If you have iOS 14 or 14.5 you can choose the 5G standalone option. Therefore, all the activities will have to use the 5G network.

NB: If you want to use 5G on dual sim, ensure that you have iOS 14 and above.

What Are The Different 5G Data Modes?

i. Allow more data on 5G – If you choose the “allow more data on 5G” option, you get to use more data when performing some system tasks or even high data usage. Your iPhone 12 and later models will automatically use 5G instead of Wi-Fi when it is slow.

Allow more data on 5G

Therefore, apps will use cellular data to provide the best experience. In some cases, this option is the default one to get unlimited data plans. However, you will use more cellular data.

ii. Standard Mode – If you opt for the standard mode, you will always get automatic updates and perform background tasks using your cellular data.

iii. Low Data – If you opt for this option it helps reduce Wi-Fi and cellular data usage by reducing automatic updates and background tasks. This will also help increase battery life. However, this will disable 5G except when video streaming or downloading large files. It also disables 5G standalone.

How Can I Change My Network From 4G LTE To 5G On iPhone 12?

If you are using 4G LTE and want to change to 5G, these are the steps to follow. You can use them to upgrade to a higher network or downgrade to a lower network.

Step 1: Open your settings app.

Step 2: Select the cellular option.

Step 3: Proceed to select “cellular data options”

Step 4: Select “voice and data”.

voice and data

Step 5: Change from 5G auto to LTE.

Change from 5G auto to LTE


How Do iPhone 12 Models And Above Deal With Short Battery Life?

Since 5G makes processes very fast, it utilizes a lot of battery and even leads to overheating. However, that was a problem in the earlier 5G phones. Nowadays with the switching system known as Smart Data Mode, phones switch from 4G to 5G effortlessly to conserve the battery.

Short Battery Life

However, if you need a powerful internet, switching to 5G would be best. Also, the iPhone 12 is quite amazing as it figures out the best network to use. For example, when the phone screen is off, you do not need a high network connection. Also, it checks how data is being delivered over the network.

Why Is 5G Faster Than All Other Networks?

G means generation. Therefore, you can only imagine how 5G is strong due to its powerful infrastructure. LTE also stands for long-term evolution.

5G Faster Than All Other Networks

When you are using the internet off Wi-Fi, the device connects to a cell tower wired into a greater internet connection through two-way communication. The wavelength of 4G is 700megahertz – 2.5 Gigahertz while 5G has shorter wavelengths which makes them carry more data and make file transfer faster.

Use A Powerful 5G network on your iPhone.

5G is powerful and offers the best network connectivity. Therefore, it is best to purchase a powerful 5G phone or iPhone 12 and later models that support 5G. If you use your phone for many powerful tasks, then the 5G connectivity is right for you. You just need to choose the right data mode that will suit your phone’s tasks. Take advantage of the powerful network for all your phone tasks.

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