Is the iPhone 12 Waterproof?

Is the iPhone 12 Waterproof

Is your iPhone 12 waterproof or water-resistant? If you are curious about the iPhone 12 and how to access the water damage indicator when the phone drops in water, read our article and find out if iPhone 12 can sustain water damage.

If you are an iPhone user and wish to visit a tropical destination with the beauty of nature, you must be aware of the damage water can cause to your properties. Again, snorkeling can be on the to-do list as a good option. But, it is not necessarily a must. It would be best to get a new underwater camera when you have an iPhone gadget.

The good news is that the latest iPhone devices can save you the budget. You can use the iPhone underwater with only a few additional protection and snap or record videos. If you are preparing for an underwater adventure, consider the iPhone a fascinating tool for your photography. Some of the latest iPhones are water-resistant. But you must note that water resistance is not the same as waterproof in this case.

From the statistics, it is now known that accidental water issues cause almost 39%of the smartphone damage in the cases. So, how do you know that iPhone 12 is waterproof? Let us get to know more in the article.


Is the iPhone 12 Waterproof?

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Before starting anything, always have at your fingertips that water-resistant is not the same as waterproof. To justify here, waterproof simply implies that it is 10% water impenetrable. At the same time, water-resistant refers to a device that can withstand only a certain limited amount of water when exposed to it.

Having that in mind, iPhone 12 pro is water-resistant. This consists of an IP68 rating that implies the phone is fully protected when underwater for up to 30 minutes. It is also fully protected from dust only at a depth of 6m.

It is so interesting that when you accidentally drop your phone under the pool or rainwater and even puddles, you should not worry as it will be fine. However, the rating does not include the steam from the bathroom shower. This means you should keep away from the bathroom or any steam.

But apple company clarifies that the level of water-resistant iPhone 12 is degrading with time. It is also essential to keep this in the bank since apple company does not offer a liquid damage warranty on their products. And if it breaks or is damaged, you will have no option other than getting a new iPhone 12.

Otherwise, water resistance is one of the best features of the iPhone 12. in the adverts, they even illustrate the splashing water. Thus, this marketing is not confident in all the Apple 12 models. And thousands of people lose their phones due to water damage, but apple company is making it unique.

All latest iPhone devices come with the perfect safeguard to protect from water damage. We will drill down in detail in the next section since water resistance is not a new feature of the iPhone.

How to Tell If iPhone 12 Has Water Damage?

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The Apple company does not offer liquid damage covers on their iPhone 12, besides the product having a one-year warranty. However, as a user, you have the right to consider the consumer law. Therefore, all the apple products designed after 2006 come with the liquid contact indicator, which alerts if the devices are in contact with the liquid containing water.

Most iPhones now have LCIs. Therefore, when the phone contacts the theatre, it activates the LCI. In all cases, the indicator color is silver or sometimes white, but when it comes in contact with water, it turns entirely red when it comes into contact with water. Also, keep in mind that the indicator does not turn red due to the humidity or temperature change as long as it is within the product's environmental requirements.

Thus, when you drop the iPhone 12 in water or accidentally drop-in liquid containing water, it will take at least 30 minutes, depending on the depth, for it to damage. The time is always limited when it gets exposed to the water. Thus, when you want to check if the phone is dropped in water is simple.

The first thing to do is to remove the sim card so that you can access the liquid contact indicator. You can find the sim card tray on either side of the phone but under the volume button. Sometimes, it is located on the right-hand side under the side button.

Therefore, follow the below procedure to check if the phone is water damaged:

Step 1: Have the sim card ejector tool of the paper clips which is contained in the iPhone when you purchase it

Sim card ejector tool

Step 2: Then insert it into the hole found on your sim tray.

Step 3: And gently try pressing the sim tray ejects. Take precautions and avoid forcing the sim card to eject if it is resistant. And if you fail to get the sim card tray open, you must consider taking the iPhone 12 to the nearest apple store and any authorized dealer near you for help.

gently try pressing the sim tray ejects

Step 4: If successful, then proceed to remove the sim tray altogether.

proceed to remove the sim tray altogether

Step 5: Then use the flashlight to look into the empty slot deeply. You can also use the magnifying glass where it is needed to see well.

And in case you cannot detect any color in the empty si slot, then you are safe as the phone has not come in contact with the water or liquid containing water. Congratulations! However, when the indicator shows red color, the device has been in contact with the water. It is so unfortunate that the LCI has detected water contact.

But never lose hope even if you seed and everything is fine, and there is a way out. We will cover more on this in the next section. Therefore, keep reading to find out the solution o the problem.

What Should You Do If Your iPhone Gets Wet?

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After testing the water damage on the iPhone 12 and finding out that the indicators have turned entirely red, this is a red flag, and you might get confused about what you should do next. We have gathered some of the best steps to take under this section for this case.

These tips are based on the official verbiage and come from the apple company as they state what you should do when the phone detects water contact. Here we go:

Step 1: First, when you realize that your iPhone 12 has connected with the liquid beside the water, the first thing to do is rinse the area affected by the tap water.

Step 2: Then you can also wipe off your iPhone 12 model using a lint-free and soft cloth. A good example is to use the lens cloth.

iPhone 12 model using a lint-free and soft cloth

Step 3: And before you open the sim tray to check, make sure that the iPhone is dry so that you can proceed. Otherwise, you can wet the sim tray.

Step 4: And if you want to dry the iPhone 12 mode hen dropped in water, tart by gently taping it using your hand. But make sure that the lighting connector faces down to remove the excess water to avoid wetting.

Step 5: Place your iPhone in a dry place and ensure good airflow.

Step 6: And a suitable drying process is o conder placing the iPhone next to them or in front of the fan, which is blowing air directly to the lightning conductor of the iPhone. This might help fasten the drying process.

Step 7: However, avoid drying the iPhone with external heat sources. Never try inserting a unique object like a cotton swap and paper towel to clean water in the lightning connector.

Step 8: Ensure that you have unplugged all the cables connected, and never try charging the gadget until you are sure it is dry. This is because when you insert the charger while the phone is wet might end up damaging the iPhone device. This is not only iPhone but also other electronic devices under this category.

Step 9: Give our device a minimum of 5 hours before you plug in the charger using the lighting cable or even connecting any lighting accessories to the iPhone.

Can You Use Your iPhone 12 Under the Shower?

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Based on the IP6 rating, your iPhone 1 is not protected again from the high temperature or pressure either. Thus with this water resistance rate, a void suing your iPhone under the hot shower or shower at all cost. This is a recommendation from the international electrochemical commission. According to consumer laws, you must understand that the apple does not protect you in the limited warranty even though the user has the right.

Thus, the company insists that you avoid swimming, playing with your iPhone in a sports water, or bathing with it unless you are ready to purchase a new iPhone 12 device at your expense.

Do You Need an Underwater Housing for Your iPhone 12?

According to the IP68 water resistance rating, even using the phone during the daily activities, including being caught in the rail, all iPhone 12 models are exemplary and do not need any underwater housing. However, you can still consider using the underwater safeguard for additional protection again the falls and pumps. And some of the underwater housing also adds extra protection by covering the volume, power, and ide buttons.

But when you plan to go for underwater photography, a waterproof case will be the only option you have to go for. Using underwater housing is also essential when you ish to perform submerged activities like boating, to mention a few.

Can I Charge My Wet iPhone?

Charge My Wet iPhone

Apple company recommends that you first unplug all the cables when your iPhone comes in contact with water or liquid containing water. This means that you should avoid charging until you are sure that the phone is entirely dry. It can take at least 5 hours before setting.

Otherwise, charging or inserting an accessory while wet might damage your iPhone 12 model. Therefore give the phone the minimum hour required to start charging or inserting the lighting accessories.

And if you are using wireless charging, make sure you wipe the iPhone model using the lint-free soft clothes. For instance, go for the lens cloth. And wait for iPhone to dry before connecting with the compatible wireless charge mat.

Which iPhones Are Water-Resistant?

iPhones Are Water-Resistant

Generally, there is no single iPhone model that is waterproof today. But all iPhone models are water-resistant, starting from iPhone 7. The water-resistant rate increased with the improving latest models over the year. This means the newest iPhone 12 models are more water-resistant than any other existing model.


with the IP68 water resistance rating and a depth of 6 meters, iPhone 12 model is water resistance for up to 30 minutes. This is enough time duration for the reasonable water exposure in normal daily activities. Otherwise, the above article is relevant in guiding you on how to check the water damage on iPhone 12. It has highlighted the appropriate steps on what to do if the water-resistant indicator turns entirely red.

Therefore, consider adding water-resistant housing or a case for additional protection. iPhone does not cover head damage in the limited one-year warranty. Always be careful with your gadget.

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