How To Disable Bedtime on iPhone (2023)

How To Turn Off Bedtime On iPhone

Tomorrow isthe weekend, do you want to play all night? OK, let me first teach you how to turn off bedtime on your iPhone. It can be a nuisance when you don’t want to sleep early.

Setting up bedtime reminders on Apple can make us go to bed early. Sleeping early helps to replenish the energy that can be used the next day for study and work. Apple regularly makes updates and upgrades to improve its iPhone capabilities.

The improvements have made it possible to have bedtime analysis and tracking. The bedtime feature lets you set a fixed sleeping schedule. Additionally, the iPhone also reminds you when it's time to sleep and wakes you up in the morning.

The bedtime reminders make you follow a specific sleep schedule. However, if you do want it, you can easily disable it. These bedtime reminder settings are suitable for all users.

How to turn off bedtime on ios 13 and earlier

If you have an iOS 13 device or earlier, there is a way you can turn off bedtime in an easy way. If you are not using the bedtime features on your clock app, it is advisable to disable it.

Step 1: Open the clock app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select the bedtime option from the bottom tab and choose your bedtime schedule.

Bedtime On iPhone

Step 3: On the top of the iPhone screen, tap on “options.”


Step 4: Under the bedtime option, you will see bedtime time reminders such as “none,” “at bedtime,” “30min before”, “45 min before”, or 1 hour before”. The various options on the alarm list will help you to make a decision.

bedtime time reminders

Step 5: Turn off the toggle for the specific bedtime schedule you had chosen. That’s it. Alternatively, you can change it to “none.”

you can change it

  • Additional settings
  • Select track time: This option gives you a better overview of your sleep patterns by analyzing when you use your iPhone at night.
  • If you choose the Do Not Disturb option, it darkens the lock screen and hides all notifications until turned off. Also, remember to set the wake-up sound. This option also holds all calls and messages till turned on.
  • Wake-up sound: In this, you get to set the ringtone for the wake-up sound.

In the case that the bedtime mode is not working correctly. Check for the software updates and install the latest version on iOS.

How to turn off bedtime on ios 14 and later versions

In iOS 14, the bedtime feature is integrated into the health program. This is how you can turn off sleep in iOS 14 and later versions.

Step 1: Open the health app on your iPhone.

Open the health app

Step 2: Once the app opens, click the “browse” icon in the lower right corner.

Once the app opens

Step 3: On the screen, scroll down to find the “Sleep option” under the health categories.

Sleep option

Step 4: Scroll down the interface again and find “options”

Scroll down the interface

Step 5: Find “sleep reminders” and click the slider on the right to turn it off. The remainder is now turned off.

How to View sleep analysis

The sleep statistics that come with Apple phones allow you to check your sleep schedule and sleep history.

If you have purchased an Apple watch, you can also track your sleeping patterns. You get gauged by different options; deep sleep, light sleep, REM, and other information. You can even use a 3rd party app like “Auto sleep tracking.”

  • On iOS 14 and later.

Step 1: Open the clock app and tap the Bedtime tab. The“track time in bed” gives you a better understanding of your sleeping patterns.

track time in bed

Step 2: Scroll to the analysis part that shows your recent history.

Scroll to the analysis part

This works on IoS 14.

  • On iOS 13 and later

Step 1: Open the clock app on your iPhone device.

Step 2: Tap the bedtime tab on the menu bar, click “Show more in health.” The sleep analysis will show the amount of time you spend in bed or sleep.

The bedtime option in the clock app only tracks the time you spend in bed and not how much you sleep.

Time For Bed

Time For Bed

For adults, we recommend that you sleep for 7-9 hours a day to acquire enough energy to deal with the next day’s activities. With the help of the bedtime and wake-up option in iOS, you can arrange your own sleep time reasonably. The bedtime alarm always helps to ensure that you sleep at the right time.

Enough sleep boosts your concentration, increases your productivity, calorie regulation, lowers the risk of heart disease, has more social intelligence, more emotional intelligence, prevents depression, and boosts the immune system. With a scheduled sleeping routine, families can organize their time well.

Make your sleep a priority.

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