Pycharm Vs Vscode: Which Code Editor is Better for Python?

Pycharm Vs Vscode

PyCharm is well known as the strongest Python IDE. On the other hand, VsCode is a multifunctional editor developed by Microsoft. If you are a developer, you will want to use the one that writes code faster.

What Is Pycharm?


Pycharm is an integrated development environment IDE. It is essentially specific to the Python language. It has powerful features like intelligent code completion, code inspection, error highlighting, and quick fixes.

Additionally, it offers an excellent framework-specific for modern web development frameworks and cross-technology development. You won’t be disappointed with this IDE that has a collection of unique tools.

Pros of PyCharm

  • It is a simple, intuitive IDE for developers.
  • It has many available plugins and extensions.
  • The inbuilt virtual environment creation makes management easy.
  • The source control management helps to resolve any code conflicts.
  • It is easy to switch between different python versions and integrates well with GIT.
  • The syntax highlights are essential when writing code. It works with other languages.

Cons of PyCharm

  • Sometimes the add-ons don’t work perfectly.
  • It takes up a lot of memory when two or more projects are open at the same time.
  • Setting up proxies is complicated.
  • Debugging takes time.

What Is Vscode?


This is a great open-source code editor that runs everywhere. It has a great UX and customizing workspace. You can quickly complete code using the IntelliSense code intelligence features that provide intelligent completions.

You can also debug code right from the editor. Working with Git and SCM providers can be made much more accessible. You can also install extensions and add new languages, themes, and debuggers.

Pros of VsCode

  • The code analysis of apps and systems helps in detecting syntax errors or functions.
  • The automatic linking of functions and procedures in programming blocks is fantastic.
  • It has a lightning-fast user interface and is accessible to prototype components.
  • Easy integration with GIT
  • Compatible with many platforms and environments.

Cons of VsCode

  • Vscode doesn’t work well like a GIT merge tool to handle and merge conflicts.
  • The customization of key combinations should be made more accessible.
  • A monitoring panel of resources could help to detect any malfunction easily.
  • The setting interface is a bit complex.


In Pycharm, you can subscribe to the service at $200 a year. Additionally, it has a free community edition.

Pycharm price

vscode is a free source software. You can also add the free tools to your package for more functions.

Vscode is free

Code completion

Pycharm can achieve intelligent code completion. It usually displays the code completion settings when you are typing. However, if disabled, press the command CTRL + SHIFT + Space. Alternatively, on the menu bar, choose“Code > code completion> Type matching.”
Pycharm intelligent code completion

Although VsCode does not have a native function, it has plug-ins like code autocomplete that can achieve this function. It also features IntelliSense that is a term for various code editing features. The IntelliSense is provided by JavaScript, Typescript, JSON, HTML, CSS, SCSS, and much more.

VsCode code completion

Memory usage

Pycharm occupies a lot of memory as compared to VsCodewhich is relatively more minor. If your computer performance is not particularly good, you are recommended to choose a lightweight VsCode editor.

pycharm memory usage

Although VsCode uses less memory than Pycharm, there are a couple of reasons for high memory usage. This is because VsCode is not a native program like sublime or emacs. It is just like opening a Google Chrome window hence a lot of RAM and CPU usage.

VsCode Memory usage

You can check the PyCharm memory usage in the status bar to know how much memory to allocate. Just right-click on the status bar and select the memory indicator. Slow performance can mainly be due to a small amount of RAM. To make it more effective, you can opt to switch to a lighter operating system and try to monitor other system processes and disable unused plugins. For more effectiveness, try to limit the number of tabs and plugins. After that, update your hardware.


Pycharm Extension

Pycharm is an IDE of JetBrains company, providing nearly 3000 plug-ins on the official website. These plugins can be essential for different functions on your computer.

The vscode open source project has a broader range of extensions. You can use them to add more functions.

VsCode Extension


vscode is more suitable for lightweight development tasks, such as scripts. However, Pycharm machine learning and remote development are suitable for complex projects. Of course, this requires higher performance on your computer.

VsCode development tasks

Additionally, PyCharm provides code management, navigation options, and error highlighting. The code editor offers support for various languages. The intelligent search function allows you to jump to any section of the code that you want.

PyCharm code management

Remote debugging

For developers, remote debugging is necessary. In this, you can useVsCoderemotely for free. One prominent feature of Visual Studio Code is the excellent debugging support for acceleration, editing, compilation, and debugging. Additionally, it can debug most languages. There are specific popular debugging extensions for this.

Visual Studio Code debugging

PyCharm is also available, but you need to buy the Pro version. This can be ideal if you want remote debugging while using PyCharm.

PyCharm remote debugging

Which is better?

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Although they are not perfect, both PyCharm and VSCode allow the creation of plug-ins to enhance the user experience. Both have complete IDEs and can indeed be selected according to personal needs and requirements.

If you are just a Python developer, choose PyCharm. Otherwise, select vscode. These two programs are ideal for code management and have a great user experience.

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