Goland Vs Visual Studio Code: Which IDE is Better for Golang Developers

Goland Vs VsCode

As a developer, it can be hard to choose between Goland and VsCode. I will share a clear overview of the various Goland and VsCode features. This will help you to find the correct Integrated Development Environment.

Have you ever used Goland or VsCode? Goland is a fantastic language preferred due to its quickness, responsiveness, and language structure. Its IDE can increase your productivity.

On the other hand, VsCode is an ideal code editor that supports hundreds of programming languages.

IDE – Integrated Development Environment



It has a complete Integrated Development Environment. It is an IDE created by JetBrains to provide an ergonomic environment for Go development. It is a cross-platform IDE explicitly built for Go developers.

The Goland IDE allows you to write new code by auto-completing statements for you. When you use the command CTRL + Shift + Space, it gives you a list of relevant applicable symbols.

Additionally, the IDE provides built-in inspections to check for your code. When they see problematic code, they provide you with quick fixes, which you can apply by pressing Alt+Enter.



For VS Code, you need to build the IDE compilation environment. The Visual Studio Code is a code editor that supports development operations like debugging, running tasks, and version control.

Additionally, it provides the right developer tools for a quick code-built debug cycle. It is a fully-features IDE meant to code, debug, test, and deploy to any platform. vscode runs the basics of an IDE while leaving room for customization.

The Price


To use Goland, you need to pay $89 for basic individual features and $249 for all the features. Additionally, for organizations, you need to pay $199 for basic features and $649 for all the other features. It also provides a 30-day free trial.

vscode is an open-source project on GitHub that is completely free.

VsCode price

Development language

Goland, just like its name suggests, specializes in running and debugging code for Go language developers. However, it can also run code in other languages, such as Javascript, TypeScript, NodeJS, SQL, Databases, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, CSS, and HTML.

Vscode supports HTML, Java, C language, Python, and other languages. As long as you build a different IDE environment, you can use it. However, I recommend it only for lightweight code, such as front-end web development.

Vscode support

Plugin library

Goland's rich ecosystem features more than 1000 plugins that can be used to tailor the IDE to your needs. Get to customize everything to your support. You can add support for Angular and Vue.js projects. Additionally, it provides support for Git, GitHub, and Mercurial.

Vscode has a more prosperous plug-in library because it is an open-source editor, so many users add different plug-ins. You can add new languages, themes, and debuggers to more services. Additionally, you can use it to work on GIT and other SCM providers.

RAM footprint

We use the same piece of code for channel buffer testing

RAM footprint

package main

import “fmt”

func main() {

// Here, we define a buffered channel that can store integer types

// The buffer size is 2

ch := make(chanint, 3)

// Since CH is a buffered channel, we can send two data at the same time

// don't have to synchronize reading data right away

ch<- 1

ch<- 2

// Get these two data






As you can seeVsCodeoccupies less memory when running code.

Command-line comparison

Command-line comparison

A command line is an interface for typing commands to your computer’s operating system. The program that handles the interface is the command-line interpreter or command line processor.

Goland uses the commands of the current operating system by default. However, Vscode uses Linux commands by default. This makes them differ from each other.


The VsCode go extension offers a great GoLang integration and quick start-up time than GoLand.  Additionally, Vscode has more extensions than Goland.

However, Golang has the best debugging feature with a code formatter that works well. Both Golang and VS code is excellent. It would be best if you tried them out.

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