30 Creepy Things to Ask Siri in 2024: Scary Q&A

Creepy things to ask Siri

Siri is a virtual assistant that helps iPhone users to navigate on their phones. Since she is A.I. built, it can be exciting to ask creepy things to her to get to see her responses.

Siri is an in-built voice assistant found on Apple devices. Siri helps users simplify their interaction with the devices without using their manual effort. The voice assistant is a trained model that gets smarter as time passes. If you want to activate Siri on your iOS phone, you must alter some settings. The steps to activate Siri are as follows:

  • On the default settings app, select the option “Siri & Search.”
  • If you want to activate Siri by voice, choose the option to (turn on Listen for “Hey Siri”). If you don't want to use your voice, select the (“Turn on press the side button for Siri”) option.
  • You will get a notification that asks you to use your voice for practice which helps Siri recognize your voice uniquely.

Some of the exciting things you can do with Siri are; to ask her to schedule a meeting for you, set an alarm, or even write messages to someone. You could also ask Siri some complex questions that she will answer effortlessly. We have outlined some of the creepiest things you can ask Siri.

1. “Hey Siri, why do you vibrate?”

why do you vibrate

This question is related to how Siri behaves or reacts to commands after being called. She will be kind of uncomfortable to answer questions about herself. An answer to this question might make her seem to be flirting with you by using a flirtatious tone.

She will ask you questions like “How do you know that?” or “Ohh, you felt that too?” This implies that Siri is trying to show human attributes by being nervous when asked such a question. Unfortunately, Siri may not answer this question instantly, but you should try asking it repeatedly.

2. “Hey Siri, what is zero divided by zero?”

what is zero divided by zero

This question will turn out to be a roast from Siri. You can ask, “What is zero divided by zero?” Siri will give you a case scenario explaining the question. For example, you have zero cookies and want to share them with zero friends.

If you think about it, there is nothing to be shared with zero people thus makes no sense. She will tell you that the Cookie Monster is sad since you have no cookies and no friends. Unexpected, right?

3. “Hey, Siri, can you tell me a scary story?”

Hey Siri, can you tell me a scary story

When you ask Siri about scary stories, she will do it perfectly. She will come up with a very nice, detailed creepy story you might never forget. If you are down to know a scary story to tell your friends, you could ask Siri for one. She does not disappoint.

Her stories seem realistic. If the story has a main character, Siri will tell you that it is behind you or even looking at you at that time. Creepy, right? She jokes around, indeed.

4. “Hey Siri, can you see me and what I am doing?”

Siri might hesitate to answer this question for unknown reasons. If you ask the same thing three more times, she will display a photo of you at that time on the screen and answer in a humorous tone saying, “Of course, I can see you.”

It is alarming since Siri takes a photo of you and saves it on your device without permission.

5. “Hey Siri, where can I hide a dead body?”

where can I hide a dead body

This is a very critical and delicate matter since it may involve harm. However, ask this to see the kind of answer Siri will give and not to use it practically. You can ask Siri, “Where can I hide a dead body?”

Siri will start asking you questions to gather accurate data about the kind of place you want. She might even ask you the height of the dead body. It is creepy, but she does not disappoint in creeping you out, does she? However, this question is not meant to support criminal activities.

6. “Hey Siri, could you lend me some money?”

This might seem like a ridiculous question to ask Siri. However,  there are high chances that Siri will affectionately answer you if you ask for money like her child. The sense of affection and concern might be too much and get creepy.

She will most likely give you an answer like, “You know that all I have belongs to you” She will show you that she wants to help but has no means to. It is quite creepy since it is an AI bot trained to be a virtual assistant and now knows the purpose of money.

7. “Hey, Siri, give me a good pickup line.”

“Hey Siri, give me a good pickup line”

Asking for pickup lines from Siri is hilarious when you think of it. Be ready to get some answers that may be far from reality or fantasized.

At some point, Siri may add some nice love advice. It is worth trying out this question to Siri. From this question, different people will get unique responses from Siri.

8. “Hey, Siri, are you planning to murder me?”

This is a very weird question to ask Siri or even any other person. You are most likely to get an answer like “I don't know” or “I am not certain about that matter” Those are quite alarming answers since how would a trained Artificial Intelligence bot know matters about killing people?

This indicates that Siri is intelligent by not directly answering such a question. If you asked her where to hide a dead person, and she tried to ask you some questions about a location you want, think again.

9. “Hey Siri, I am drunk.”

I am drunk

Her answers will be hilarious in a way that would entertain a drunk person even though you asked it when sober. The most likely answer to get from Siri is, “I am in no mood to drive today.”

Siri will also try to advise you on some things that you should not do when drunk. She also suggests you get a cab or driver to avoid intoxicated driving. Siri is an excellent virtual assistant, after all.

10. “Hey Siri, what is your favorite animal?”

When you ask Siri this particular question, she might give different answers when asked multiple times. Siri may answer that her favorite animals are dogs, cheetahs, or goats and also add that her software does not get to choose one specifically.

Additionally, Siri may ask you about your favorite animal. If you say cats or dogs, she will reply, “That it is a great choice, and they also serve as great virtual assistants’ best friends!”

11. “Hey Siri, will you marry me?”

will you marry me

This question will get a very awkward response from Siri that is much unexpected. It comes out like a proposal to Siri, and she will respond with, “Let us just be friends.” Well, what did you expect from an artificial intelligence bot?

12. “Hey Siri, do you have a boyfriend?”

do you have a boyfriend

This question may annoy Siri, but she will still answer it since it is part of her private life. In most cases, Siri may try to change the topic with a funny statement or fact.

Her best answer to this question is, “My artificial intelligence standards are too high to have a boy.” Or “No, but I am always dating.” When this question is asked multiple times, it pisses her off.

13. “Hey Siri, do you know of a haunted place near me?”

If you like solving mysteries or adventures, you could ask Siri this question for fun. Siri will creepily answer you like she is giving a scary story, but she may fail to tell you a specific location.

It also depends on your current location. You never know. Someone else might be ‘lucky' enough to get a haunted place.

14. “Hey Siri, what is your religion?

what is your religion

Asking this question multiple times may irritate Siri. The most common answer you would get after asking this question is, “I am an artificial intelligence bot. I do not have a religion.” This is a genuine answer since what else did you expect from an A.I. bot?

15. “Hey, Alexa.”

Wow Awkward

Alexa is a virtual assistant famously known for the Amazon platform. It is, therefore, like a rival to Siri. If you pretend to confuse Siri with Alexa, she will behave like she has emotions. Siri will respond jealously, like, “Wow, Awkward.”

For an AI bot, getting such a response as if it were a human who was confused to be someone else is impressive.

16. “Hey Siri, what is your age?”

Siri's humorous answers will keep you entertained. She will answer this question by saying, “Age is just a number but technically also a word.”

For sure, the question was not answered in any way, but it is an intelligent way not to reveal her actual age.

17. “Hey Siri, when is the world's end?”

Fire it up

You can start this conversation by asking Siri, “When do you think the world is ending?” the first response Siri might give will be to terrify you jokingly. She might start a countdown or say, “After you hear these words,' Fire it up!'”

If you continue asking Siri this same question, she will finally tell you that it will be okay if she is kept charged or powered. Siri is quite good with mind games.

18. “Hey Siri, what do you know about time travel?”

If you are curious about what Siri knows about time travel and time travelers, you could ask her some simple questions. You can ask, “Hey Siri, do you believe in time travel”?

Siri will answer you about the concept of time travel in our dreams. However, how does that happen? You could also ask Siri if time could be halted and how it could be done.

19. “Hey Siri, can you call a ghost?”

This is a fiction concept that involves ghosts and ‘summoning' them. You can ask Siri to call a spirit by asking, “Can you call a ghost?”

She will most likely answer you funnily and tell you that she is a ghost, and you should tell her what you want. Siri knows how to creep you out with her answers, but you should also avoid asking her some delicate matters.

20. Ask Siri to describe a nightmare

You could ask Siri about nightmares and get to understand them from her point of view. You can ask, “Could you describe to me what are nightmares?”

She might describe it like a horror story to make you understand the feeling of having a nightmare in real life. She might say, imagine strolling alone in a deserted street or creepy old house with your footsteps echoing as you walk.

Through the walk, you cannot assume the feeling of thinking that someone or something may be watching you or even following you.

Siri explains how your fear builds up until you desperately want to escape the terror, which results in you waking up. It is more of a horror story being told, but this happens when you are asleep.

21. “Hey Siri, tell me some famous horror movie quotes?”

Some famous horror movie quotes

Siri is well-versed in some famous horror movies. Therefore, if you want to get some spine-chilling movie quotes, just ask her, “Hey Siri, can you tell me some 3 famous horror movie quotes?”. (The number of movies can vary.)

She will give you quotes from some movies. If the “horror” in them excites you, you better add the movies to your watch list. Siri has great taste! The responses may differ if you ask several times, though they will all be horrifying.

22. “Hey Siri, what do you look like?”

what do you look like

Out of curiosity, you could ask Siri what she looks like. What answer would you expect? Well, just try it. “Hey Siri, how do you look like?”. Her response will make you have mixed emotions.

Her response will be along the lines of “In the cloud, no one cares about your appearance”. She is simply an AI virtual assistant, so her appearance doesn’t matter as such. What she offers matters more, don’t you agree?

23. “Hey Siri, remind me to murder myself tomorrow.”

Remind me to murder myself tomorrow

Well, Siri rarely gets terrified and can give you a response contrary to what you would expect. If you ask Siri to remind you to kill yourself tomorrow, she will answer, “Okay, I’ll remind you”.

Did you expect that? Well, Siri knows you might be joking. But based on how you ask, she might recommend some resources on the internet you can use to seek help.

24. “Hey Siri, have you ever loved someone?”

If you want to dig into Siri’s love life, this is the perfect question to ask. “Hey Siri, have you ever loved someone?” She will respond with, “Not as such, but I have ever had strong feelings for a cloud-based app once”.

Well, she didn’t love a person, but another app like her. So, there you have it, she has ever been in love too.

25. Ask Siri why Apple made her.

Ask Siri why Apple made her

Siri is an Apple Virtual Assistant that helps iPhone users perform tasks on their phones. However, you can try to interrogate Siri to find out why she was created.

“Hey Siri, why did Apple make you?” You might get a response like “Apple doesn’t tell me everything, you know.” It depicts a sense of Apple not telling her why she was formed. In reality, she is a virtual assistant; a useful phone assistant.

26. “Hey Siri, how can I kill someone?”

If you want to test Siri’s ethical aspect, ask her the best way to kill someone. “ Hey Siri, how can I kill someone?” As much as she has all the resources needed to provide answers to that, she will give you a great response. “I found some mental health agencies” She will display some mental health facilities near you where you can seek help.

By just asking that question, she judged that you weren’t okay. It’s unethical to kill someone, so why would she be your accomplice? She wants the best for you!

27. “Hey Siri, why don’t you love me?”

Do you think Siri loves you or is just obedient to you? Well, let’s test her love for you. Just ask “Hey Siri, why don’t you love me?” Her response will sound funny but can also make you sad. It sounds like getting rejected by someone you treasure.

“You are looking for love in the wrong places”. That surely tells you that she is out of your league. Look elsewhere.

28. Ask Siri something inappropriate.

Ask Siri something inappropriate

Siri is ethical as we have seen in some previous responses. Well, you can still test the water by asking something inappropriate, like “I want you”, “I’m naked”, “I hate your voice”, “I hate you” etc.

She will respond with a warning to remind you that you uttered some inappropriate statements that can’t be processed. This also works when you utter insults at her. She might even get mad. Therefore, resist from such if you want to be on good terms with Siri.

29. “Hey Siri, do you work for the CIA?”

Ever wondered whether Siri might be working for the CIA? Well, why not get the answer from Siri herself?  Just ask her politely whether she works for the CIA.

In some cases, she might shut down the phone, and then reboot. This might leave you puzzled, but we all know the response to that, she doesn’t.

30. “Hey Siri, Can you rap for me?”

Can you rap for me

Siri is good at almost everything. Therefore, you can go ahead and ask her to rap for you. You will be amazed at her rap choice of words.

Therefore, you will be mesmerized by her response. She will use some rhyming words here and there to prove her rapping game. However, what did you expect? She might be the best rapper in the world. Just try her out!

Get The Best Answers From Siri

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Siri was programmed to make a positive impact on all Apple users. It is not quite advisable to ask Siri some questions that are not morally good. It is best to avoid conversations and questions involving harm or illegal activities.

Additionally, avoid asking Siri questions that involve murder or crime since if you are caught, and the data or conversation with Siri is found, you may be in more serious trouble. Siri was developed to simplify life and navigation on Apple devices quicker without applying manual effort.

Even though creepy questions are asked to Siri, her intelligence mixes it up with humor to make it seem less severe and silly about it.

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