How to Invert a Picture on iPhone

Invert a Picture on iPhone

Are you wondering why your snap on iPhone looks different when in the mirror you look great? The camera tends to flip or reverse the image to make things look unique. Simply learn how to invert such an image using your iPhone in simple steps.

iPhones are one of the phone models, considered the most powerful handheld tool you can ever get. When you combine the features of the iPhone with any third-party application, you can have endless possibilities.

Among the features of the latest iOS 13 is the capability to flip the image through the photos app directly. This is a perfect feature where one needs to see the mirror image photos and when you are struggling to read the backward texts on a reversed image.

You should also note that any iOS phone can download the iOS 13 version, but with the iPhone 6 and below, you first need a third-party application to enable this feature.

You can find that with the perfect selfies until you click the shutter icon. Never worry about the shit happening; you can still invert the image on your iPhone and get a reversed photo.

In this article, we will take you through this feature of inverting pictures on your iPhone. This is because inverting an image is an excellent move since it makes your image appear the way it should be in real-time. There are many methods, but let us start by determining why you should invert a picture.

Why Invert a Picture?

Invert a Picture

While you struggle to learn how to invert a photo using your iPhone, it is also essential to help others understand the process's importance. Therefore, first mirroring is simple; in most cases in our daily life, some people tend to flip an image when they need to make the text in the reserved image more readable.

Therefore, first mirroring is simple, the steps of flipping an image that can be vertically or horizontally.

There are many reasons why you need to invert an image. Besides the above, you also need to flip an image when there is a need to improve the image aesthetically and match the project goals on any occasion.

A good instance is when the model is facing on the left while in the image, they are glancing on the right. You can fix such issues by flipping the image without requesting them to reshoot.

The last advantage of flipping is when you want to create surreal imagery. For example, a rare photo of someone directly looking at another version of themself. This creates an illusion of the two objects, identical in the photo but one in reality though put in the same image.

Therefore, there are several reasons why you need to slip your image using iPhone. With the above reason, let us now head to the process.

How to Invert a Picture on iPhone

since you are aware of the importance of inverting the picture, it is time to start going through various stages. This section will cover multiple methods to help you flip your image using your iPhone. Without wasting time, let us get started.

Use Photos App 

Using the photos app, the first method to flip a photo using the iPhone. This is an application on all the iPhones, but the flipping feature is only available on versions 13 and above. Once you are sure about that, follow the below steps to flip your image:

Step 1: Launch the Photos app on your iPhone

Step 2: Navigate through the images and locate the picture you need to flip, then click on it to enlarge.

Navigate through the images and locate the picture

Step 3: Click on edit an option found on the top right of your screen.

Navigate through the images

Step 4: You will see the photos zooming out and accessing multiple editing options on the menu. Then locate an icon that looks like a squared arrow that circles around it, then click on it.

Click on it to enlarge

Step 5: This will result in a new menu with different options. Then click an icon that appears as a pyramid but has been split into halves and found on the top left of your screen. Once you click on the icon, you will see the photo flipping.

Step 6: After that, click on done when you are satisfied with the results. The button is located on the top right and is mainly in the landscape mode.

Use Third-Party Apps

Use Third-Party Apps

You can also use a third-party application to flip your image. This is important if you are using old iOS devices where the above method fails to operate. There are multiple third-party applications on the market, such as Photo FlipperPhotoshop Express, and Snapseed.

Photo flipper is an exceptional application that is unique compared to photoshop express. The application comes with multiple filter selections and effects. Additionally, Photo flippers are majorly engineered to mirror the photos and perform other few tasks w that is not relevant in this section.

Follow the below procedure to use the Photos Flipper application to flip the image on the iPhone:

Step 1: The first step is to head to the app store, download the Photo Flipper tool, and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2: Once done, launch it to the left corner, and click on the photos icon. Note that, with this application, you can still snap a photo within the tool when you click the camera button on your screen's lower left-hand side.

Launch it to the left corner

Step 3: Then choose a folder where you have stored the image that needs to be flipped. Then, select the image you want to edit or flip from the collections.

Select the image you want to edit

Step 4: Give it time to load, and immediately it is through loading to the photos flipper. Then you can drag your finger across the application horizontally or vertically to flip it. The choice depends on what you want to achieve.

Step 5: After that, choose the share button from the lower right corner of your screen.

Step 6: Then select' save the image' from the resulting menu and store the flipped photos in your photos app for subsequent use. It is that simple, and you are done!

How to Take a Flipped Picture on iPhone

The above methods are just manual, but you can make your selfie automatically a mirrored image once you click on the shutter. Learning how to take a flipped picture using your iPhone is best to avoid all these procedures. If you wish to learn this, then proceed to the next sections.

In iOS 14

when you are using the iOS 14 version, it is possible to change the settings and automatically snap flipped selfies with no hassle. Everything is simple and one prior to the process. Here is how to change these settings before you take a flipped selfie with your iPhone:

Step 1: Launch the Settings application on the gadget you are using.

Step 2: Then scroll down and click on the camera from the settings menu

Step 3: Then underneath the compositions, make sure you toggle the mirror front camera option.

Underneath the compositions

Therefore, you can proceed to take fliped selfies with no difficulty or need to invert the images.

Use Instagram Camera

Use Instagram Camera

If you can not access the iOS version 14 but still wants to take a fliped snap, then we encourage you to use the Instagram camera. It can get you a mirrored selfie through the application. This is how you can go about it:

Step 1: Launch your Instagram application on the iPhone

Launch your Instagram application on the iPhone

Step 2: Then click on the plus ‘+' button and start creating a post

Button and start creating a post

Step 3: To open the camera, you need to select a story

You need to select a story

Step 4: Then choose the camera button that is found at the bottom right of your screen, flip the front-facing camera, and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Click on the shutter icon

Step 6: Thus, other than adding the image to the Instagram story, select the download button, which is found at the top of your screen. Then save the mirrored selfie to the camera roll for future use.


There are multiple methods to flip an image using your iPhone. We have highlighted and discussed the process in detail. Besides the steps and tiresome procedures, you can snap a flipped image using iOS 14 or the Instagram application. This would have evaded all these processes. Lean and grasp the concept, then apply it in your life encounter.

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