Does iPhone XR case fit iPhone 11? Are they compatible?

Does iPhone XR case fit iPhone 11

Looking for a new case for your iPhone 11 but wondering if your iPhone XR case will fit? Read on to learn about the similarities and differences between the two models, and find out if your old case will do the job or if you need to invest in a new one.

In most cases, no iPhone case will fit a different model of iPhone. The Apple company has been producing various iPhone models over the years, and even though they try to make the external features more similar, there are always some slight differences.

Each Apple phone has its unique rear feature that creates the need for redesigning a new case for each iPhone launch. But what about the iPhone XR case and the iPhone 11? Are they compatible?

Does iPhone XR case fit iPhone 11?

iPhone XR case

Theoretically, the iPhone XR case fits the iPhone 11 thanks to their similar size and shape. But when addressing the issue of case compatibility, it goes beyond size and shape. Other specifications of each phone will affect the features of the case it fits. These include the length and width, the placement of side buttons, and the camera design.

What are the similarities between the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 cases?

iPhone XR and iPhone 11 cases

When comparing the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, you will realise they have the same thickness, width, and height.

  • Width: The iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR have a width of 2.81 inches.
  • Thickness: They have a thickness of 0.32 inches.
  • Height: Their height is 5.67 inches.

Differences between iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Cases

Differences between iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Cases

Now that they both have the same shape and size, their difference is from the camera's point of view. So, when you try fitting an iPhone 11 into an iPhone XR case, you will cover the camera flash. The iPhone 11 will fit the iPhone XR, but the camera flash will be compromised.

1. iPhone 11

Its rear dual camera has excellent features. The camera has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor. It also has optical image stabilisation, and its tone flash is bright. The camera features six effects in the new Night Mode. When you take a photo using it, it will give you images in low light conditions.

2. iPhone XR

Has a single optically stabilised wide-angle 12-megapixel f/1.8 camera jutting slightly from the glass. It, however, has no secondary telephoto sensor, meaning you cannot zoom or jump to “2x”.

From these differences, you will realise that the iPhone 11 needs a more profound case than the iPhone XR.

Will iPhone

What iPhones will your iPhone XR case fit?

Even though the iPhone XR case does not fit the iPhone 11, that does not mean it must go to waste. You can still use the iPhone XR case on other iPhones. For example, the iPhone XR case fits the XS perfectly. You can use the cases of the two phones interchangeably. But not only the XS; any iPhone belonging to the X family should have fit cases.

However, there are limitations to using the case on the iPhone XR. You cannot use the case of the iPhone X on the iPhone SE.

Is it worth getting an iPhone 11 case?

iPhone 11 case

Yes, when you own an iPhone 11, you should get a case for it. Though the iPhone 11 is an improved version, that does not mean it is indestructible. The phone is less prone to scratches and breakage than other iPhone models. But even with these remarkable qualities, investing in a good-quality case for your iPhone is still wise.

Compatibility issues when using an iPhone XR case on an iPhone 11

When using an iPhone XR case on an iPhone 11, there may be compatibility issues with other accessories, including screen protectors and chargers. In the case of a screen protector, it may not align correctly with the front-facing camera or speaker on the iPhone 11. It will therefore lead to reduced functionality or an unsightly appearance. Also, a screen protector designed for the iPhone XR may not be effective when used on the iPhone 11.

When using the cases interchangeably, the chargers may need to be fixed. It is due to the difference in the charging port placement on the two devices. While some chargers may still work perfectly, others may be blocked by the case. Blocking results in slower charging times or the inability to charge.

You should go for a phone case specifically designed for the phone; go for an iPhone XR case when you have an iPhone XR and an iPhone 11 case when you have an iPhone 11. It ensures that all features of your device, including the camera, speaker, and charging port, are fully accessible and functional while also providing the best protection for your device.

Finding the perfect case for your iPhone

Finding the perfect case for your iPhone

You should go beyond the phone's specifications when finding a case for your iPhone. You should see a case that fits your lifestyle and current trends. Here are some things to consider when looking for a phone case:

  • Case ability to protect the iPhone when it drops, bumps, and scrapes – The main feature of many considerations when looking for a phone case. The case should be thick enough to protect the phone from cracking or crumbling.
  • How the case feels on your hands – the case you choose should have a comfortable feel and be easy to grip. It will protect your phone from quickly dropping at any slight disturbance. The phone case should also be smooth enough to hold at any angle.
  • Whether the case cutouts fit speakers, buttons, and ports perfectly – the phone case should be designed to provide precisely. The ports, side buttons, and camera cutouts should be specific to the phone design.
  • The aesthetic appeal of the case design – the phone case you choose should have a good design that lifts your courage. Go for a case with an innovative, classic design to fit your lifestyle.


While the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 share many similarities in design and dimensions, slight differences between the two models may impact the compatibility of the cases. Although some iPhone XR cases may fit the iPhone 11, it is only guaranteed that some cases will work properly.

It is due to the differences in camera placement and button sensitivity. Therefore, you should purchase a case specifically designed for the iPhone 11 to ensure a proper fit and optimal device protection.

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