How to Resize Photo on iPhone

Resize Photo on iPhone

Do you want to resize photos of crops to meet the aspect ratio of a particular social media platform? Well, you can achieve everything under one photo app when using iPhone. More on it find out in our article and have a detailed guide.

iPhone gadgets are perfect for snapping when you are a professional photographer. They have a ready and high-quality camera that anybody wishes to face. And most of the users have the images they previously took and want to share about the different social media platforms or need to print them out and then frame them to decorate the house using them.

However, you must ensure that the image you need to post or print is frame ready. You must ensure it has the correct size. And if not, then you should not worry as we are here to help you.

Other than cropping a video before printing, you can also resize it to meet all the requirements. And when you are using iPhone, in our article, we will guide you through the process of resizing and cropping the video. Stay with to the end.

How to Resize Photo on iPhone with Crop Feature

It is effortless to resize the Photo using the crop feature on iPhone. Hence, follow the below steps to manage the task easily: successfully

Step 1: First, click on the images app to launch it

Step 2: Then from the collections, locate the image you wish to resize or you want to crop.

Step 3: After that, click on the edit icon.

photo dog

Step 4: Then hit the crop icon at your screen's lower right corner. It appears like a square but consists of two arrows that circle it.

Step 5: Then click on the crop box icon, which you can locate in the upper right corner. It appears like 3 resectable mapped on each other to form one thing.

Step 6: Then hit aspect ratio and select the one you wish to achieve, which depends on where you w at to post or which size you want to print the Photo

print the Photo 3

Step 7: Then choose between the vertical size or horizontal size cropped image

cropped image

Step 8: When you are through, click on done to save the changes and have the image ready.

That is everything you need to know here. And always keep in mind that cropping image overrides the original image when you save it. But, you can change back the original aspect ratio and have back the original image on your iPhone.

And this method applies to all iOS gadgets.

How to Resize Photo on iPhone with Shortcuts App

Many shortcut applications can help you resize an image using your iPhone. Thus, when you t to change the size or image resolution, you should consider the application of the Shortcut for your iPhone. This is an automation feature built-in on the apple products to facilitate creating the user's tool and multi-step the processes you might be performing more often.

Therefore, if you get a shortcut on your iPhone, you can easily create essential automation services following your predefined procedure, such as cropping or resizing. And in this section, we will primarily consider an automation tool you can use to resize a single image or multiple photos ago. Hover, everything depends on your input, then save your resulting output in your photo app for next usage.

It is also simple to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Therefore, launch the Shortcuts application on your iPhone to start.

Step 2: Then in the tab named ‘my shortcut', click on the plus icon found in the top right corner of your screen and create a new shortcut.

a new shortcut

Step 3: Then proceed to search and add the resize image tasks or activities.

Step 4: Then click on the image icon, which is the time to customize your task or the next action.

Step 5: Then from the popup menu, select ‘ shortcut input choice. This command implies that for any image you load to the shortcut, the application will resize it. You can use the share menu to send multiple photos to the app through the Photos app.


short cur full

Step 6: Then you need to select the resulting height and width. And if you go by default, the shortcut application will proceed to resize your image into 640 pixels wide and automatic height.

How to Resize Photo on iPhone step 6

Step 7: Therefore, click on the 640 icons and change this default resolution, and you can even set it to ask anytime you load a photo to the application. This is the best option, and we highly recommend it as you will have the freedom to work on changing the resolution anytime without the need to duplicate your application.

Step 8: Also, it would be best to leave the auto height as the default height. Then proceed to tap on the plus icon and insert the next task.

Step 9: Then search for after that again, and add the ‘ save to photo album' task. If you use the default setting, the image will be resized using the recent resolution settings in the recent album. And when you wish to change, click on the recent album and change your album.

How to Resize Photo on iPhone step 9

How to Resize Photo on iPhone step 9-1

Step 10: Your shortcut will be created and ready. You can click on the menu icon and customize it further.

Step 11: You also need to give your shortcut the name, especially at the top, and ensure that you enable the ‘ Show in Share Sheet.' action.

How to Resize Photo on iPhone step 11

Step 12: After that, click the done icon at the top of your screen and save the customization settings.

Step 13: While on the shortcut screen, click done once again and save the shortcut. To this far, you are done creating and customizing the shortcut application.

shortcut application

Step 14: The next step is to open the photos from the photos app on the iPhone.

Step 15: Then select the image you wish to resize and then click on the share icon, which in most cases appears like a rounded square having an arrow that points upwards.

How to Resize Photo on iPhone step 15

Step 16: From the popup menu, scroll down to find the shortcut you're created, and you can even search it. After that, type the image width in pixels based on your desire. Once you are through, click on the done icon.

The shortcut will take a few minutes to resize your image or images, and then it will save the icon for the recent album on your photo application. After that, you can share the image to the target social media platform or for any other purpose.

How to Resize Photo on iPhone with Mail App

How to Resize Photo on iPhone with Mail App

With iPhone, you can also resize your image through the mail. Follow the below procedure:

Step 1: Launch the Photos application on your iPhone, and after that, navigate through the image collections and choose the image you wish to resize.

Step 2: After that, click on the share icon, and from the popup menu, hit next to access the image sharing options.

Step 3: From the screen menu, select mail, redirecting you to the mail application, and open it with the images you selected attached to your iPhone.

Step 4: Then, type in your email address, meaning send the image to yourself.

Step 5: Immediately after clicking send icon, you will have a screen giving you different options.

These include small- 320×240, which is too tiny, medium-640×480 and still small also, and large – 1632×1224, which will provide you with half of the source image, then full size without compression will be actual – 3264×2448. You can select either of the above options to resize your image based on the needs you want to achieve using the mail app on your iPhone.

iPhone offers users this feature to help them shrink the photo size when they attach it to the email address because some actual images have a large size when taken using insight cam. Therefore, if you do not consider reducing the size of your Photo before sending it, y]then be sure that the image will take up a lot of bandwidth and consume more data when you connect to the cellular network.

Once you follow the above procedure and receive the image in the mail, you can download and save it on your iPhone storage. However, this method sounds weird but works perfectly without the help of any third-party application or photo editors.

Though there are multiple applications online, you can use them as per our previous article; most of them are premium. When you use the Mail app, you enjoy free services without installation needed.

But also, you must note that some users found out that other pads send images even without resizing, as indicated when you use an iPhone.

How to Resize Photo on iPhone with Third-Party App

As already stated, there are many third-party applications you can use to resize the images on your iPhone. The issue is that these apps do not stay for long before apple detects and removes them from the app store. Therefore, you should use them with care.

Anytime you wish to use a third-party application to resize an image without natively cropping the image, you can refer to these third-party applications. The most common and efficient is the Image Size, which is the best on the internet and offers a picture-perfect output size.

output size out girl

Follow these steps when you need to use it in resizing images on your iPhone:-

Step 1: Upon downloading and installing the Image Size application, launch it to get started from the home screen of your iPhone

Step 2: Then click on the image button in the upper right corner of your screen. in most cases, it looks like a real photograph.

Step 3: Then click on the image you wish to resize with this third-party application.

Step 4: Then click choose from the lower right corner.

Step 5: Then choose the image to resize resolution from the option found on the top of your screen. You can access the options menu for cm, inch, mm, and even pixels. You can also add in the preferred image size you wish.

Step 6: After that, click on the download icon in your screen's lower right corner and save the image resolutions.

Step 7: Therefore, the image size application will save the image to the camera roll, and you will be done with a straightforward procedure.

How to Resize Photo on iPhone with Freehand

The least method is resizing images on your iPhone but using a freehand. Though there are many other methods, this is the last reliable and effective method. In reality, resizing or cropping an image means cutting off the unwanted edges or sides of your image.

The target of resizing on to achieve a specific aspect ratio based on the social media platform you wish to share. Though in most cases, people need to know how to resize or crop an image to remove a person from the image or need to attain a particular shape with your image.

Regardless of the target or the final goal, it is possible that you can resize any image using the freehand. Other than the above-discussed methods, this is also reliable and unique. Therefore, the technique of perfect when you are targeting to do away with someone on your final image. It does not matter or take into consideration about aspect ratio.

Therefore, if this is the case, follow the below steps:-

Step 1: launch the photos application on your iPhone and locate the image you wish to resize. Once you open it, click on the edit icon

sun one

Step 2: Then click on the crop icon found at the bottom of your screen.

sun two

Step 3: Tap on the aspect ratio icon also found in your screen's top right corner.

Step 4: From the popup menu, choose a freehand and select frame to work on your image.

Step 5: When you are through the above methods, click on done, and you are through with everything.


If a specific aspect ratio on your images is compulsory, consider cropping or resizing the image using your iPhone. There are plenty of methods you can follow. Most of the efficient and reliable ones highlighted in the above article indicate detailed steps you must follow. They are all easy and direct to the point.

Select one and achieve the much-needed aspect ratio to proceed with the best option of sharing top the social media platforms etc.

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