8 Best iPhone Telephoto Lens in 2023

best iphone telephoto lens

Are you searching for an efficient, reliable, outstanding iPhone telephoto lens to purchase? Get one from the best iPhone telephoto lens list and obtain an excellent quality even with a distant image. If this is your aim, then you are at the right place.

In today's photography, iPhone has gained popularity due to the best and most high-quality images and its ability to produce different advanced photo formats. However, the inbuilt camera is not just enough to obtain a distant object whenever necessary. This is where the telephoto lens comes in to accompany your iPhone.

Therefore, if you use the iPhone and want an advanced magnification image, consider getting the iPhone telephoto lens and a closer view. Our article today will take you through the best iPhone telephoto lens you can rely on from the market to obtain perfect results.

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Before that, you might be asking what a telephoto lens is. By iPhone telephoto lens, re fere to the small which you can attach to the camera of your iPhone to magnify the subject and add extra functions. The lens has extra glass features that enable users to utilize an optical zoom feature. They are then must better in terms of performance. While others are expensive, they are still worth buying.


When Should You Buy an iPhone Telephoto Lens?

Not just anyone can purchase the iPhone telephoto lens for anything. However, when you want to increase your reach, just go for the lens. They can only help you increase your reach from 25mm to about 60mm when using your iPhone 7 to 12 pro max.

Even though the standard lens of 25mm is a perfect choice when snapping a landscape image. And in a few cases, you only have to consider zooming in slightly. This is where you need to get the iPhone telephoto lens to zoom.

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iPhone telephoto lens ensures that you get closer to the subject or any scenes as far as 40x closer. This guarantees you to capture some of the details which you would not manage to get with an ordinary camera. Some of these lenses double as the monoculars. This means you can at anytime slip them off using your iPhone and then watch the bird or any game using them.

How to Pick the Best iPhone Telephoto Lens?

Before going through the best iPhone telephoto lens, it is also good to guide you on selecting a reliable lens for your iPhone. Never rush to go for anything that is just titled iPhone telephoto lens when you come across it. Instead, there are a few things you need to conder because there are many poor-quality lenses on the market.

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Therefore, to get the best and most reliable iPhone telephoto lens, here are the factors you should check first before buying:

Focal Length

You must first ask yourself what you need to get an iPhone telephoto lens. When you just need a lens capable of zooming the subject to bring it slightly closer to you so that in the long run, you can get either headshots or the portraits, then you can go for any lens as long as it has a mall zoom. Such includes a lens with 5x or 2x zooming power.

macro lens

But when you need to snap a very far subject like a football player, you will need a telephoto lens with a more extended zooming Power. A good start for this case is the 10x iPhone telephoto lens. However, when you target a bird resting far on a distant tree, go for the iPhone telephoto lens, which ranges between 15x to 20x zooming power.

Therefore, you must remember that most iPhone telephoto lenses do not have a  range of focal lengths. this emans that you can never achgieve snapping 5x and later szoom to the 10x. Instead, then the lens gets you stuck to one focal length. To an extent, these features limit the photographer's flexibility.   But the good news is that you can always learn to incorporate it through consistent practice to achieve the best results.

Image Quality

Another thing you need to consider is the image quality of the iPhone telephoto lens. A perfect lens with excellent focal lengths does not guarantee the best outcomes. Another aspect to consider is achieving excellent optical quality as well. There is a lot involved here.

To start with, the very first lens on iPhone must be sharp and placed at the center. It might be an exaggeration to expect a corner sharpness, but it is possible to snap unnoticeable and blurry photos, especially in the middle of the camera frame.

Image Quality

Again, an excellent telephoto lens on iPhone must consist of a little chromatic aberration as well as the vignetting. We mean fringe with chromatic aberration, especially on the high contrast edges. While somewhere else, vignetting implies darkening, which targets the edges of the frame.

Therefore in the iPhone telephoto lens, chromatic aberration is a feature that is important to consider. And this comes in because of the optical imperfections. And on the other hand, vignetting is another common compatibility issue.

This is where an external iPhone telephoto lens tends to obscure the part of the internet lens on the iPhone. Thus, avoid all the two optical issues at all costs. Getting a snap without vignetting and fringing will make the outcome look more professional than it can be with sich aspects of an iPhone telephoto lens.


Another factor that plays a significant role in the type of iPhone telephoto lens you should purchase is compatibility. Though some iPhone lenses are compatible with smartphones and Android or other Apple devices, other lenses are still only compatible with the iPhone. Furthermore, there still exist other lenses that are only applicable to a specific iPhone model.

iPhone model

Thus, before you purchase a lens on the market for your iPhone, always ensure that the lens is compatible with other devices such as android and all other Apple products or even iOS devices. When you purchase the iPhone telephoto lens compatible with other gadgets, you are guaranteed to enjoy many advantages.

For instance, when you get a new iPhone as well as having a new set of google pixel still gives you a chance to use the same lens without having issues. This saves you a lot of resources and is not money alone in the long run. When it comes to money, price matters a lot. Considering the above aspects and having them in mind, you can purchase a telephoto lens without considering their prices.

And it is so apparent that with the best iPhone telephoto, the lens on the market is often cheap, and when you plan to get a compatible lens, you can get a budget-friendly lens as well at a bargain price. However, remember that budget-friendly lenses do not perform much better than pricey ones.

Material Quality

Also, you should note that an iPhone telephoto lens designed using the perfect material will never pose any physical problems. Therefore, when you go to the market to purchase one, avoid getting plastic lenses irrespective of how these people convince you of how intense these lenses are in today's market. Instead, go for the glass lenses or a mix of glass and aluminum material.

Material Quality

This means that when looking at the iPhone telephoto lens manufacturer, check on the building quality, which ultimately puts down the price. The thing is, a cheaply priced lens lasts only for a few weeks after that damage. Therefore be mindful of the lens material and go for the one who can stand the test.

Thus, the excellent option is the metal lens or glass lens instead of the plastic. When you hold an excellent lens built with reliable materials, you will have a solid feeling in your hand, confirming how good they are.

Lens kit

In most cases, the iPhone telephoto lens comes wrapped in the kits. However, the kits vary depending on each lens's terms and the included accessories. A good instance is that each lens products have different distinct outcomes.

Therefore, when you value versatility, you should prefer multiple-lens kits. Again, you might have to consider going for the lens with the remove control accessories in the kits and fun filters.

Lens kit

Another thing is that go for the iPhone telephoto lens, which is simple to assemble since this is a phone lens and not a puzzle to solve. Therefore, purchase the lens with clips made with soft material like rubber. This is important as you will reduce the risk of damage to the screen or the lens itself.

Best iPhone Telephoto Lens

1.  Criacr 3-in-1 Lens Kit



  • Capture 180-degree pictures
  • Comes with a 15x macro lens for unique close-up details
  • 6x wide-angle to capture large scenes
  • Wide compatibility and application
  • Perfect for live, recording short videos, youtube videos even live shows
  • Has portable storage tubes and lanyard

Criacr 3-in-1 Lens Kit is a perfect choice for live streaming. This is because the iPhone lens is not only compatible with iPhone but also with other devices, including most smartphone devices. It is upgraded and comes with a 3-in-1 camera case.

You can see each lens separately without screwing one another. It ensures you enjoy enhanced photography with 180% circular picture and a 15x magnification macro lens which captures unique close-up details and comes with a wide-angle. It is the perfect choice for the iPhone and other devices.


  • Has 3 in 1 lens case
  • Affordable
  • It is an upgraded version compatible with multiple devices.
  • Excellent rating
  • No Vignetting
  • Portable to carry around


  • Only supports manual focus

 2. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit


  • Have two lenses, wide-angle and macro
  • Compatible with all iPhone models, most android and google pixels
  • It consists of an LED light.

Another best iPhone telephoto lens found on amazon is Xenvo Pro Lens Kit. It is among the few lenses which have the led lights. Like others iPhone lenses, it also comes with wide-angle macro lenses with other accessories such as the clip-on light. This is a perfect choice when you want to snap a landscape photo or are a street photography lover since it guarantees minimal distortion.

They have a macro lens that offers 15x magnification power and thus can make your iPhone perfect for taking close-up pictures. Their optical performance is impressive as they provide shart details and perfect color. The clip-on light which accompanies the lenses is a good choice for any accessory that offers soft and lighting 3 unique modes. This is an excellent value to invest in your money.


  • Affordable pricing
  • high-quality macro and wide-angle
  • super perfect compatuibility


  • It only comes with 2 lenses
  • Its wide angle is somehow soft

 3. Moment Lens

Moment Lens


  • One lens; wide-angle
  • Broad phone compatibility iPhone- version 6 to 13 including Samsung, google pixels
  • 63x magnification

Moment Lenses, just like other lenses on the market, are available on amazon and affordable when it comes to pricing. These lenses are compatible with almost all the iPhone models, including the latest versions, the google pixels, and other android devices.

It has excellent magnification and is well known to have a wide angle for a better view. They also guarantee perfect hand, high-quality images without any distortion. However, it is pricey but worth investing in your coins.


  • Perfect image quality
  • does not have a fisheye distortion effect
  • have broad phone compatibility


  • It is expensive
  • the case is sold separately

 4. Moment Tele 58mm Lens

Moment Tele 58mm Len


  • Seven camera lenses
  • Wide aperture f/1.8
  • 2 years warranty
  • Six glass elements
  • 58 minimum and maximum focal length
  • 7 camera lens
  • Compatible with iPhone and android, laptop

Moment Tele 58mm Lens is a perfect choice when you target to capture the micro expression. The only difference you find with the iPhone camera is that it has a wide camera aperture of about  f/1.8, which is a perfect choice for snapping a blurred background.

The design also focused so much on working on the sharpness of the image to the maximum. This means that these lenses produce sharp images so that these edges do not seem to portray an unwanted vignette effect.

It is one of the improved optical designs that come with the six glass elements as well as seven group lenses. It also has a multi-layer lens coating that reduces the reflection and flares. Also, the chromatic aberration is minimal when using this lens to have a high-quality image.

However, one of the drawbacks of this lens is the pricing. However, when this is your profession, it is worth your investment for a better outcome.


  • High-quality image
  • Durable lens
  • Edge-to-edge sharpness lenses
  • Large compatibility with devices


  • Expensive pricing
  • Case sold separately

5.  Moment Anamorphic Lens

Moment Anamorphic Lens


  • Wide-angle lenses,
  • Aero bright coated lens
  • 11 camera lens

This is another perfect choice when looking for the best iPhone telephoto lenses to take your photography business to another level. Though i is out of stock in most cases due to high demand, the supply is limited since it comes from a small supplier.

Otherwise, it has a wide-angle lens design and comes with 11 camera lenses. Again, for durability purposes, it is also aero bright coated. In the lenses, it has the anamorphic lens, moment blue flares, and attachment lenses for iPhone as well as pixel galaxy one plus phone usage.

From the stock, you can see that the lens is affordable, and overall, it stands as the best iPhone telephoto lens on the market, which is worth your pocket.


  • Affordable
  • 11 lenses, including anamorphic and blue flare lenses
  • Compatible with most iPhone and Android devices, Google and one plus device
  • High-quality images with 0.67 magnification
  • Simple to operate lock and twist designing.


  • Needs compatible case
  • always out of stock

6.  Apexel HD 20-40X Zoom Lens

Apexel HD 20-40X Zoom Lens


  • Zoom lens design up to 40x
  • Manual focus
  • Lens HD coated for durability
  • Dual adjustments

This is a unique iPhone telephoto lens on the market. It allows users to zoom the subject up to 40x  magnification manually. The lens is enormous because of the extended zooming range compared with the other lenses on the market. Therefore, it has a tripod that provides support.

Thus, it is a perfect choice for sports, travel, and wildlife based on the magnification it guarantees. Though it is significant, it is still portable because it comes with a bag. Also, this lens is compatible with almost all android and iPhone devices, making it simple to use and attach to the device.


  • the sharpest telephoto lens on the market
  • Compatible with most iPhone and Android devices
  • excellent focal length
  • strong and longlasting
  • comes with a tripod
  • It is portable and comes with a bag.


  • Expensive

 7.  Nelomo Universal Professional HD

Nelomo Universal Professional HD


  • 3 in 1 detachable lense; 230-degree fisheye lens, super wide-angle 0.65x lens, 15x super macro lens
  • Compatible with most android and iPhone devices
  • Offers manual focus
  • HD coated lens

Nelomo Universal Professional HD is one of the affordable lenses when you need a budget-friendly iPhone telephoto lens. It has detachable lenses, which are compatible with most foe devices, smartphones, and iPhones.It has a wide-angle of 0.65x which is excellent for capturing group photos, landscape, or street images.

230 degrees is a perfect choice for the dramatic optical distortion. What makes this lens more outstanding is the 15x macro lens magnification. This only allows users to capture photos with a few cm from the camera.

These excellent lenses guarantee high-quality images and sharpness, even for universal purposes. The kits have multiple focal lengths. Thus, you can capture images in whatever situation you are in and the target.


  • It is durable
  • Compatible with most devices
  • High-quality images
  • More comprehensive coverage and reduced distortion
  • Portable
  • 8 months warranty


  • Need high maintenance cost
  • The limited-time warranty period

8.  Apexel HD 36x Telephoto Lens

Apexel HD 36x Telephoto Lens


  • 36x magnification
  • Multi-layer broadband coating
  • Universally compatible
  • 5m~∞ focusing range
  • Schmidt roof prism type
  • 6 elements in 4 telephoto group lenses

Last on our list is the Apexel HD 36x Telephoto Lens. This lens has a telephoto lens with 36x, equating to roughly 390 t0400 focal lengths. Users can also use the prism to increase the amount of light and achieve an f/ 1.8 aperture.

Another thing that makes this lens unique is the multi-layer broadband coating that makes the lens durable and has some matting treatment that effectively reduces glare and the ghost on the lens, providing a sharp image and perfect color balance.

There is no dark circle, but it offers uniform brightness and low distortion. Its optical design lens depends on the high-quality lanthanide optical glass, which is an excellent option for zooming.


  • Coated hence durable
  • High magnification and considerable focal length
  • Excellent image quality
  • Purchased with a mini tripod for support
  • Universally 98% compatible


  • Dispensable remove
  • Vignetting effects


iPhone is a popular and famous smartphone. Due to the improved features, it has also gained popularity in snapping photos. Therefore, you get the above telephoto lenses and use them on your iPhone to get perfect and high-quality images without purchasing a camera.

Check out the above lenses and find the one relevant to your aims and what falls within your budget. All fall within your requirements but consider specific features that meet your photography.

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