10 Best Keyloggers for iPhone & iPad [2024 Updated]

Keyloggers for iPhone

Do you have concerns regarding the security and safety of your iPhone? Do you want to monitor what's happening on your device and make sure that no unwanted access is happening? Introducing the iPhone keylogger, a strong utility that lets you track and log every keystroke on your device.

Security and privacy are crucial in the current digital era. It is essential to put safeguards in place to protect sensitive data because smartphones are increasingly used for personal and professional purposes. Keyloggers have long been used to monitor and log computer keystrokes, but they are now compatible with iPhones.

The iPhone keylogger is groundbreaking when it comes to guaranteeing your device's security and safety. You can monitor all activity, including emails, passwords, and messages, which gives you peace of mind and the power to take action if any unauthorized access is discovered. This article will examine the attributes and advantages of this potent instrument and how it can revolutionize the experience of iPhone users.

What is a Keylogger?

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Every keystroke typed on a smartphone or computer is captured by a keylogger, which can be hardware or software. Passwords, chats, browsing histories, and other private data can all be captured by it. Initially, keyloggers were created for acceptable uses like tracking employee productivity or debugging software problems. They have, however, also been abused for illegal reasons, raising worries about privacy invasion.

Every iOS keylogger is made in different ways. You should weigh all the various monitoring features these phone spy apps provide when selecting the best iPhone keylogger to ensure you get the best deal possible.

You can find out what capabilities and features various providers offer and how they compare by reading our in-depth reviews of the most well-liked iPhone keyloggers.

1. mSpy — The Best iPhone Keylogger in 2024

mSpy as a Keylogger for iPhone

For iPhones, mSpy is the best parental software program. It works with every iOS device running iOS 13.0.0 or later out of the box and every iPhone—regardless of age—that has been jailbroken.

You can see everything your partner or child types on their iPhone with mSpy's iPhone keylogger, including YouTube searches, browsing history, and SMS and DMs on instant messaging apps. Furthermore, you will be aware of the precise location of every typed word, allowing you to respond promptly if they discuss or look up something inappropriate.

In addition to the keylogger, mSpy has many helpful monitoring features like screen recording, location-based GPS tracking, and phone and message monitoring. The part that lets you read all of the messages on the phone, even ones that have been deleted, sets mSpy apart from other phone spy applications. If you monitor your child's, partner's, or employee's iPhone with mSpy, it will be nearly impossible for them to hide anything.

You can remotely control the device with mSpy and its sophisticated monitoring features. Along with remotely locking their phone, you can block particular apps and stop them from visiting specific websites.

  • Great iPhone keylogger that enables you to see all of their typing
  • The capacity to view every message—even ones that have been deleted
  • Having access to the device's pictures, videos, and photos
  • The capacity to limit access to websites and applications
  • Complete remote control of their iPhone.
  • Costly monthly plan

2. eyeZy — The Most Feature-Rich iPhone Keylogger

eyeZy as a Keylogger for iPhone

Thanks to its robust keylogger, eyeZy is one of the most feature-rich phone tracking apps we have ever reviewed. It lets you see everything that happens on the monitored iPhone.

We adore eyeZy because it allows you to set up Magic Alerts to receive notifications whenever they discuss a sensitive subject, look up an event that is not appropriate on the internet, or go somewhere they should not be.

Using keywords and intelligent GPS location, the Magic Alerts feature lets you know immediately if your partner, child, or employee is involved in a conversation or activity that you find objectionable. Guaranteeing you will be informed of every noteworthy event without checking the device constantly gives you peace of mind.

EyeZy has a Plans Breaker feature that allows you to view all the events they plan to attend in addition to real-time notifications. You will see every event detail, whether they put a note or reminder on their iPhone or mark a specific date on their calendar. No more meeting in secret or leaving to attend parties while pretending to go to a friend's house for a sleepover.

  • Magic Alerts that alert you to unsuitable online searches, worrying messages, and questionable locations
  • Complete keystroke recording and screen capture
  • Total authority over the apps and websites they can access and use
  • Breaking the plans to ensure you know precisely which events they are attending
  • Expensive monthly plan

3.uMobix — The Best iPhone Keylogger for Social Media Usage Control

uMobix as a Keylogger for iPhone

Another great iPhone spy app with an integrated keylogger is called uMobix. It allows you to view all of their internet searches, passwords, keystrokes, and chat logs. A timestamp is attached to every message or search request so you can determine exactly what platform and when they typed something.

The ability to limit your child's time on the internet and social media apps is uMobix's most notable feature. You can control the precise times they can access Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook and the daily amount of time they can spend using each app. This is an excellent method to stop them from using social media, for example, in class.

Furthermore, uMobix has an integrated Social Online Status feature that alerts you each time your partner, child, or worker logs into a social media platform. Rather than constantly watching their phone, you can now watch how they use social media.

The greatest thing about uMobix is that you can act appropriately from a distance if you disagree with their iPhone usage. Put differently, you can turn off messages, limit the use of certain apps, prohibit websites, and even wipe the device entirely.

  • Total authority over how they use social media
  • Access to all deleted chat logs and texts
  • Instant alerts each time they launch a social media app.
  • A screen recorder to monitor the precise web content they view and engage with
  • It is costly to monitor numerous devices at once

4. Cocospy — A Decent iPhone Monitoring App That Doesn’t Require Jailbreak

Cocospy as a Keylogger for iPhone

If the keylogger on Cocospy were not exclusive to Android smartphones, it would rank higher on our list as a respectable all-around phone monitoring app. Nevertheless, Cocospy still allows you to view all of the target iPhone's Instagram, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and Tinder messages in addition to their entire browsing history, which includes bookmarks for your preferred browser.

You will also be able to access all of the images, videos, and audio files stored on your iPhone with Cocospy, regardless of whether or not they share them on social media. This enables you to respond promptly, stops them from sharing explicit images or videos online, and provides you with information about the types of media they have saved on their phone.

You can view every message, call log, and contact stored on the target iPhone with Cocospy. Additionally, you can keep an eye on their whereabouts, set up safe and restricted zones with geo-fencing, and receive movement alerts.

You won't be able to stop them from using particular apps or going to specific websites, though, as there is a severe lack of remote control over the target iPhone.

  • It does not require jailbreaking on any of the current iPhone models.
  • Allows you to view their browsing history and all social media chat logs.
  • Gives you access to all of the target device's images, videos, and audio files.
  • Not equipped with an iPhone keylogger
  • No way to control the target iPhone with a remote

5. Hoverwatch — A Solid Mid-Tier iPhone Monitoring App

Hoverwatch as a Keylogger for iPhone

Like Spyic and Cocospy, Hoverwatch is a good phone tracking app with some issues. It doesn't come with an iPhone keylogger, and it doesn't monitor teen-focused apps like TikTok and Snapchat.

Hoverwatch is a reasonably straightforward phone monitoring app despite having a slick user interface and an intuitive menu. It only offers a little more than that; you can track messages, see who they are speaking to, and see what they are searching for online.

Choose an alternative iPhone keylogger, like mSpy or uMobix, if you want to be aware of everything your partner or child types on their phone.

  • Total access to the history of the device's browser
  • The capability of viewing images and videos on the intended device
  • A user-friendly app with a modern design
  • Not a Keylogger for iPhone
  • Absence of real-time notifications

6. Spyic — The Best iPhone Keylogger for Location Tracking

Spyic as a Keylogger for iPhone

Spyic is a good location-tracking phone spy app. It simultaneously provides real-time location information about the target phone by utilizing GPS, Wi-Fi, and SIM card tracking. Put another way, you can use geo-fencing to create restricted zones and track the precise location of your partner, child, or employee. You can also see when they visited each location.

Nevertheless, Spyic could be better at recording keystrokes. Not every keystroke is recorded, but it monitors conversations and messages on several well-known social media sites in addition to browsing history. Put another way, you won't be exposed to their phone notes, social media comments, or password secrets. Yet, you can view their calendar, showing you the dates, gatherings, and events they have scheduled.

You cannot remotely control Spyic, which is another disadvantage. This can be a deal-breaker for most users, but it means you won't be able to remotely block your partner, child, or employee from using certain apps or websites.

  • Superior ability to track location
  • Having access to your calendar
  • Having access to their entire browsing history
  • Access to the target iPhone's images and videos
  • A refund policy of sixty days
  • Not equipped with an iPhone keylogger
  • No way to control the target iPhone with a remote

7. KidsGuard Pro — Over 20 iPhone Monitoring Features, but an Expensive Choice

KidsGuard Pro as a Keylogger for iPhone

Created by ClevGuard, KidsGuard Pro is a surveillance app for iOS phones. All iPhone models running iOS 9.0 to iOS 15 can use it, and it has over 20 phone monitoring features. Because of this significant flaw, which drops KidsGuard Pro to the bottom of our list, you won't be able to use it if the target device has been upgraded to iOS 16.

That said, KidsGuard Pro will let you keep an eye on all of your child's social media accounts, see all of their text messages, check call logs, see their entire search history, and even access their calendar, notes, and reminders if their phone is running an older version of iOS.

Even though KidsGuard Pro has access to plenty of data, it lacks an iPhone keylogger. You would need to choose a different provider if you wanted to be able to see everything your child typed on their phone and crack their passwords.

  • More than 20 features for phone monitoring
  • All of the device's media files are accessible
  • Having access to all SMS and chat histories on social media applications
  • Absent iPhone Keylogger
  • No way to control the target iPhone with a remote
  • Incredibly costly

8. XNSpy — A Solid iPhone Monitoring App for Reading Emails

XNSpy as a Keylogger for iPhone

When tracking down a target phone, XNSpy is an excellent app for iPhone monitoring on paper. It lets you see everything from contacts to social media chats, calls, messages, and calendar entries. You can also use it to discover which Wi-Fi networks your child, partner, or employee connects to and view their browsing history. One feature that sets XNSpy apart from other iPhone keylogger software is the ability to read messages sent and received.

Still, there have been numerous reports of XNSpy users experiencing technical problems. If the fact that XNSpy erases all data on the target phone at random were one of the issues, then that wouldn't be a huge deal. You will have to spend time playing around with the app on your device and hope the problems work out because their support staff could be more knowledgeable, too.

Only XNSpy offers refunds within ten days of the purchase, which is another significant drawback. We suggest using mSpy and uMobix, which are more dependable iPhone keyloggers, but if your app starts having issues after that, you are out of luck.

  • It enables you to view every email sent and received.
  • Strong location-tracking features
  • Wi-Fi Surveillance
  • Commands for a remote phone
  • There is a 10-day refund period.
  • Problems with the iPhone app erasing all data automatically

9. FlexiSPY— Best for setting specific keyword alerts

FlexiSPY as a Keylogger for iPhone

For iOS, Android, and PC users, FlexiSPY is considered among the best mobile tracker applications. With the aid of this tool, you can capture the complete history of keystrokes made on the device and receive keyword alerts whenever a targeted device user looks up essential terms or phrases. Also available from FlexiSPY is a hassle-free hidden mode remote installation service.

  • It provides a simple remote installation service, saving you from handling complicated installation procedures.
  • Turn Off FlexiSPY from a distance.
  • You can monitor who logs on and off using this feature.
  • It offers alerts from the dashboard in real-time.
  • On the target device, rooting or jailbreaking is required.

10. Spyera —Best for viewing and tracking all bookmarks on a target device

Spyera as a Keylogger for iPhone

With the iPhone keylogger app Spyera, you can spy on people using computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Advanced analytics on the user's device activities will also be provided to you. Additionally, it turns on the target cell phone's microphone remotely. Moreover, Spyera lets you listen to live calls to the targeted mobile device.

  • Keep track of every keystroke made for a given application.
  • Take screenshots of the intended computer remotely.
  • You can spy on all sent and received messages from MMs, including deleted ones, with the help of this spy app.
  • You can also transfer your software between platforms with its help.
  • To enable the keylogger feature, you must jailbreak the device.

How do iOS Keyloggers Work?

An iOS keylogger is a spyware that logs all keystrokes made on the phone under observation, making it possible for a third party to see what the iPhone user is typing. The information captured by the keylogger is transmitted to a distant server, which can be accessed via the dashboard of an iPhone spy app.

In simpler terms, an iPhone keylogger app lets you view the entire browser history of the device and read all messages, including those from social media and SMS. Even the usernames and passwords that your partner, child, or employee types into their iPhone can be seen by you thanks to the best keyloggers for iPhone.

It's crucial to realize that not all iPhone spy apps contain or are iOS keyloggers. In certain instances, they merely grant entry to the linked iCloud, which houses a backup copy of all the phone's data. For example, this is the situation with Cocospy. All relevant information, including messages, call logs, social media chats, calendar entries, and the device's location history, will remain visible.

What Can a Keylogger App for iPhone Tell You?

As we have already indicated, every iPhone keylogger we suggest in this article is more than just a keylogger—each doubles as a phone monitoring tool. This implies that it gives you much more information than a basic keylogger and that you can occasionally use it to limit phone usage and send commands from elsewhere to the target iPhone.

The following is a summary of the essential data that the top keyloggers for iPhone will enable you to access:

1. Call Logs

You can see exactly who your partner, child, or employee is speaking with the best keylogger for iPhone. The entire call log on the phone, including contact details, call durations, and timestamps, will be available to you. In this manner, you can observe how often they make phone calls and how long they spend on them.

2. Messages and Social Media Chats

You will be able to read all sent and received SMS messages and social media chats once you have installed any of the top keyloggers for iPhone on the targeted device. Some phone spy apps, like mSpy, let you read all of the messages on the phone, including the ones that have been deleted, so your partner or child can't keep any conversations private.

You can see the name of the person they are communicating with, the time and date of each message, and any shared photos, videos, or audio files in addition to the content of each letter.

3. Device’s Location History

You can view the entire location history of the device, including the addresses, precise location on a map, and the time of each visit, with the best keylogger for iPhone. Even better, you can use geo-fencing to create restricted and safe zones and receive alerts whenever the device enters or exits a specific area. With this, you can monitor your partner's, child's, or employee's whereabouts without constantly monitoring their phone.

4. Device’s Full Browsing History

Viewing the exact searches made online by the person you monitor is another critical feature of the most effective iPhone keyloggers. Along with the websites they have bookmarked, you can see which ones they visit and how frequently. Suppose you would like to go one step further. In that case, you may additionally employ keywords to completely ban them from visiting certain websites or receive alerts whenever they search for something inappropriate.

5. Multimedia Files on the Target iPhone

It's easy to view all the multimedia files stored on your partner's or child's phone by simply tapping into their account. This will ease your concerns about what they might share with friends and strangers on the internet or post online. To help you effectively stop the target phone user from sharing unsuitable photos or videos, some phone spy apps even allow you to wipe all data on the phone.

Can You Install iPhone Keyloggers Without Touching the Target Phone?

Accessing the data on the intended phone can be facilitated by utilizing various keyloggers installed remotely. We tested several remote installation keyloggers for iPhone, and the top two are Cocospy and uMobix. Through their ability to access the iCloud that the iPhone is synced with, they let you install the app without requiring physical access to the target iPhone.

Remember that you will require the user's iCloud credentials to access their account and that they will be notified that you have accessed their understanding using an alternate device. Put another way, your partner, child, or staff member will know that you can keep an eye on anything on their phone.

Can Keyloggers be Detected on iOS?

On an iPhone or Mac, a keylogger can be found in a few different ways, the most popular being with anti-malware software. Although all of the top iPhone keyloggers operate in the background without letting the user know, they may be able to find and delete the keylogger if they have the necessary technical skills and believe they are being watched.

In any event, you should only legally monitor your partner, child, or employee with their informed consent after they have given you complete knowledge about the keylogger and your ability to access the data on their phone. They won't know when you're peeking in precisely, but they will be aware that you are always free to do so.

Free Keyloggers for iPhone

Plenty of trustworthy iPhone monitoring applications provide free trials or plans, but many are dubious. A free keylogger download may be spyware or a virus that will give your private information to an unidentified third party. Giving sensitive information about your child, partner, or employee to a dubious company is the last thing you want to do.

Free keyloggers for iPhones are very restricted and only offer basic features, like call and message histories, even in the case of genuine apps. Consider this: why would someone invest time, resources, and money to create an iPhone spy app to offer it for free?

Choose a reliable iPhone keylogger, like mSpy and uMobix, with several paid plans and a track record of not collecting or storing user data.

How to Use an iPhone Keylogger

Modern, user-friendly apps are a feature of the best keyloggers for iPhone; they allow you to view all the data on the target phone without spending a lot of time configuring or adjusting settings.

mSpy is the most excellent keylogger for iPhone in 2024. Here is an illustrated guide for downloading, setting up, and operating it to demonstrate how easy it is to use an iPhone keylogger.

Step 1: Get mSpy

Go to the official mSpy website and select the “Try Now” option. When prompted to enter a working email address, choose iOS as the device type to monitor.

Get mSpy

Step 2: Select the Price Plan That Works Best for You

To finish your purchase, pick one of the three available pricing options.

Select the Price Plan That Works

You will save over $440 on your subscription if you choose the yearly plan for 12 months.

Step 3: Install mSpy on the iPhone. You Want to Monitor

Once your purchase is complete, download the mSpy iOS app from the App Store and install it using the target iPhone.

Install mSpy on the iPhone

Give mSpy the necessary permissions and follow the easy on-screen instructions.

Step 4: Log Into the mSpy Dashboard on Another Device

To log in and begin monitoring, use the email-provided login credentials—the same ones you used to register for an account with the mSpy website.

Log Into the mSpy Dashboard on Another Device

You can view all the text they typed on their mobile device by selecting the Keylogger tab from the menu.

That's all there is to it; you can now view your text messages, calls, multimedia files, browsing history, and other information on the dashboard.


Q. Can You Put a Keylogger on an iPhone?

You really can, yes. By connecting the iPhone keylogger to the iCloud synced with their phone, you can access their information even if you don't have physical access to the device, as some iPhone keyloggers allow you to do so.

Q. How Do I Put a Keylogger on Someone’s iPhone?

Installing the top keylogger for iPhone, such as mSpy or uMobix, on the intended iPhone will allow you to monitor all of their phone activities. Remember that you cannot lawfully monitor someone's iPhone without informed consent. For a step-by-step tutorial on downloading and installing the iPhone keylogger, scroll up if you need help with how to proceed.

Q. What Is the Best iOS Keylogger?

We determined that mSpy is the most excellent keylogger for iPhone after carefully evaluating the top iOS keyloggers. It provides screen recording, application blocking, access to the entire browsing history of the device, and GPS location tracking in addition to the keylogger. You can even remotely control the monitored iPhone with mSpy, allowing you complete control over how your partner, child, or employee can use it.

The software is illegal in and of itself, but how you use it can get you into trouble. The simplest way to avoid problems with laws like the Computer Spyware Protection Act in the US is to use the software to monitor your child or with the owner of the target device's informed consent.

Final Thoughts

The moral and legal consequences of using keyloggers on iPhones should be considered, even though they seem like an enticing monitoring solution. Keyloggers are a controversial tool because of their potential misuse and invasion of privacy. Addressing concerns openly and courteously requires looking into legal alternatives and having candid conversations. When monitoring situations, the most important things to remember are always to respect privacy and preserve trust.

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