Top 10 Amazon Proxy for Scrap Prices Data

Amazon Proxy

An Amazon proxy can be used for market research, price monitoring, review aggregation, ad campaign verification, product ranking, SEO, and competitor strategy tracking. A rotating or static residential proxy would help in web data scraping on Amazon due to the constant IP address change upon a different request.

Amazon proxy can help you get price and sales data which can be valuable to you if engaged in e-commerce. The proxy will make it easy to scrape these valuable data and analyses to attain a competitive advantage. You can also know the prices of items as shown in different regions, so you can estimate how much you can sell your items on Amazon or your online store.

Also, by using a residential proxy, you won’t be banned when carrying out a wide variety of requests since you will get a new IP address upon a new request. Therefore, you can collect all the data you need fast without any issues.

We have recommended the 10 best Amazon proxy providers that you can utilize and the importance of using an Amazon proxy.

The Importance Of Using An Amazon Proxy

You can use an Amazon proxy for a wide variety of uses:

1. Price Monitoring

The Amazon proxies can be crucial for the anonymous tracking of product prices and deals on Amazon in different regions. Therefore, you can know the price variations and how much to sell your products.

2. Review Aggregation

It can also be used for collection and analysis of product reviews. Therefore, you can know what certain products are lacking to satisfy the customers’ wants and be above your competitors.

3. Product Ranking & SEO

It can be used for the analysis of Amazon’s search results. Therefore, you can know which keywords rank better so that you can use them on your items to increase visibility. Ultimately, you will increase your customer base. Luckily, through a proxy, you can check the search results based on various locations.

4. Ad Campaign Verification

An Amazon proxy can also be crucial in checking the effectiveness of Amazon ad campaigns in different markets. You can check which ads are shown in which regions and how effective they are.

5. Competitor strategy tracking

An Amazon proxy can be used to anonymously observe product listing and growth strategies on the platform. You can also evaluate what your competitors are doing well and what you aren’t so that you can incorporate it into your strategies.

6. Market analysis

An Amazon proxy can also be crucial for you when you want to research market trends and consumer preferences without regional restrictions.  You can also evaluate how various products are doing in the market. Take advantage of the proxy to do as much research as possible.

7. Online activities

An Amazon proxy can also help you to attain anonymity, bypass Captchas, prevent bans, and access any content you want without geo-restrictions. You can also be able to check how items are showcased in different regions of the world.

1. Soax

Soax for Amazon Proxy

If you want to gather insights from Amazon, it is highly recommended that you use a residential proxy. Soax offers highly reliable residential proxies that you can use to scrape any data you need without getting any bans, blocks, or Captchas. Therefore, you will be able to evaluate the sales and price data from Amazon effortlessly.

Also, if a certain item is not being shipped to your region, you can use a proxy to change your location and evaluate how much it is sold for. Luckily, you can start with the free trial before finally deciding to choose a package – it will be easy to collect all the data you need. With the residential proxies, you get to use the IP addresses of real end users who have volunteered their IP addresses to the proxy network.

Therefore, less chance of getting banned, and it is easy to integrate into your workflow. The Soax proxies are designed to work with HTTPS, SOCKS5, and UDP/QUIC protocols. Therefore, you will enjoy uninterrupted connections. Moreover, through the proxies, you will be able to evade anti-bot measures when scraping data from a website. Additionally, you can have as many connections as you want in an instance.


  • Over 155 million premium residential
  • Lightening-fast proxies that provide a 99% success rate.
  • Wide location coverage.
  • 99% network uptime.
  • The API makes it easy to manage the proxies.

2. Proxy Ipv4


Proxy IPv4 offers robust private proxies for diverse online needs like traffic arbitrage, SMM, SEO, and PPC. With a global reach spanning approximately 40 countries—predominantly in Europe and Asia—users enjoy a vast choice. The service boasts high uptime, stable performance, and prompt proxy replacement. Technical support is available 24/7, aiding with setup and troubleshooting.

Users benefit from over 150 networks and more than 200 subnets, accommodating complex projects. Speeds are impressive, starting from 1Gb/s with a 99% uptime guarantee and minimal latency. Proxy IPv4 provides both HTTP and SOCKS5 protocol support, enhancing flexibility. Purchasing options are versatile, with individual proxies or packages for durations from 3 days to 90 days, suitable for short or extended tasks.


  • Multi-Protocol Support: Offers HTTP/S and Socks5.
  • Variety of Proxies: Includes IPv4, IPv6, ISP, and mobile.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Via live chat, Teamviewer, email, and social media.
  • Secure Authentication: Features IP whitelisting and username/password.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: For Proxy IPv4 users.

3. IP Royal

IP Royal for Amazon Proxy

If you are a regular Amazon user, you might be confused as to why you need to use a proxy to access it. The secret to deriving all the public data you need from Amazon is using a proxy. You can either utilize the static residential or the rotating residential proxies.

If you opt for the Static residential Amazon proxy you will enjoy unlimited traffic, 99% uptime, premium ISP providers, and Socks5 support. If you opt for the rotating residential proxies you are assured of support in over 195 countries, unlimited traffic, Socks5 support, city/state targeting, and flexible rotation/sticky options.

Therefore, to prevent getting banned when scraping any data from the platform, using a proxy would be best. You won’t even get any restrictions.


  • Affordable
  • A specialized Amazon proxy for your data scraping.
  • Unlimited concurrent requests.
  • The rotating proxies will change your IP with each request to prevent getting banned.

9. Proxy-Sale

Proxy-Sale for Amazon Proxy

Proxy-Sale has grown to be a popular platform where most people opt to get proxies for different purposes such as Amazon data scraping, online gaming, social media management, price monitoring, market research, web surfing without captcha, and much more. Therefore, if you are into e-commerce and would love to gather data on Amazon for your business purposes, then getting a residential proxy from Proxy-Sale would be perfect.

You also get to enjoy an unlimited amount of proxy lists and straightforward IP address management. All the IPs are ethically sourced so you don’t have to worry about anything.


  • Unrestricted speeds, anonymity, and bandwidth
  • Over 10 million proxies worldwide
  • IP rotation by time or per request
  • Precise targeting by country, city, or internet service provider

5. ProxySeller

ProxySeller for Amazon Proxy

The Amazon proxy can help you gain the anonymity you need when browsing through the prices or item categories. You can either opt for the rotation or static IP address which are spread across 220 countries. You can first start with the three-day trial at $1.99 before actually purchasing a plan.

The residential Amazon proxy emulates human behavior therefore, you won’t get any blocks or bans. Luckily you can get the residential proxy list in a file or through a link. Its standard authorization methods are through a username or password or through using an IP whitelist


  • Automatic proxy renewal
  • Get to enjoy up to 40,000 ports
  • You can target through country, city, or carrier.
  • Get to enjoy over 15 Million residential IPs.
  • Precise targeting down to the city and ISP levels.

6. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire for Amazon Proxy

The rotating residential Amazon proxies can be used to scrape any data on Amazon without getting banned due to the many requests. It features over 5 million residential proxy IPs and access in over 170+ countries. The rotating residential proxies are highly recommended for automation and data collection – therefore, you have found the perfect proxy type to use to gather sales and price data from Amazon.

When using the proxy it will mask your real IP and hide your identity. Additionally, when using the Amazon proxy you are assured of the safety of your credit information, and also it will be hard to track what you are doing online.

Additionally, it will be easy to create multiple accounts for your marketing campaigns and switch between Amazon profiles. The data scraping can be for competitor analysis, market research, ad verification, improving sales strategy, and lead generation.


  • You can easily associate a unique static residential Amazon proxy with your Amazon account.
  • Fast connections, high speed, and great IP quality.
  • Reliable proxy servers.
  • Wide location coverage.

7. Webshare

Webshare for Amazon Proxy

Webshre offers residential proxies and Amazon proxy servers that you can utilize for various purposes. These include; price monitoring, review aggregation, SEO & product ranking, ad campaign verification, competitor strategy tracking, and market analysis. The residential proxies use the fastest servers with a dedicated network bandwidth.

You can either opt for the dedicated proxy that is fully owned by you, private proxies shared with 0 – 2 users, and proxy servers shared with more users. Its top residential proxy locations include China, the  United Kingdom, Germany, France, the  USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia. You will be able to gather data in a human-like form. The high-quality proxies are capable of bypassing diverse blocks.


  • Over 160 locations of coverage
  • Affordable pricing
  • 30 million + ethically sourced residential IPs
  • Stable proxies with 99% uptime

8. Smart Proxy

Smart Proxy for Amazon Proxy

If you want to scrape some web data from Amazon or product review aggregation, using a residential proxy from Smartproxy would work magic for you. With over 55 million residential proxies across 195 + locations, you are assured of efficiency. The proxies offer HTTPS and Socks5 support, 99% network uptime, 0.6 seconds response time, and unlimited concurrent sessions.

What's more, is that you can have city or country advanced targeting to derive the Amazon data that you need for certain products, prices, or sales. You can also opt for the rotating residential Amazon proxy that changes its IP with each request. This reduces the chances of getting banned due to the many requests.


  • You get to use real device IP addresses.
  • 99% success rate in undertaking online activities.
  • Wide variety of location coverage.
  • Reliable dashboard.
  • Easily scrape any data that you need.

9. Bright Data

Bright Data for Amazon Proxy

Bright Data offers specialized Amazon proxies that you can use to collect real-time product, pricing, and reseller data. This data will be crucial for getting insights and market intelligence. Moreover, you will get access to over 72 million premium IPs that you can utilize to collect all the Amazon data that you need.

Get to enjoy 99% network uptime, unlimited concurrent requests, and avoid detections. It wouldn’t be fair if you were planning to gather some information but got banned, yet there is a proxy that you can use! BrightData is trusted by over 20,000 companies making it one of the most credible ones around. You can easily rotate among the different Bright Data proxy types like residential, mobile, ISP, and datacenter.

Luckily, you can manage your IPs from the control panel. Ultimately, you will be able to scrape all the Amazon data you need.


  • Reliable proxy
  • Largest Geo-
  • High success rate.
  • Fastest output and best network uptime.
  • Supports third-party

10. Proxy Cheap

Proxy Cheap for Amazon Proxy

ProxyCheap is another reliable platform where you can get an Amazon proxy to use to derive certain sales data or price data. Your market research and price monitoring goals will be easily met. Through the reliable rotating residential proxies, you will have a unique IP address upon any request. Therefore, regardless of your location, you will be able to access any product or service data that you need from Amazon.

Furthermore, you will get an uninterrupted data connection when browsing. It will be easy to overcome any obstacles that come your way such as bans, restricted content, or captchas.


  • The residential proxies can be integrated into your daily activities seamlessly.
  • Through the dashboard, you can easily manage your proxies from there.
  • Over 6 million residential proxy IP addresses.
  • Unlimited access and concurrency.
  • Complete control and captcha-free

Dive into the Best Market Research Using the Amazon Proxy

If you are a seller on Amazon or have an e-commerce store, you can use an Amazon proxy to gather and collect data from the platform. You can then use the data to know how to showcase your items, prices to set, pain points to solve and help meet the right consumers.

The Amazon Proxy has a wide variety of purposes such as price monitoring, review aggregation, product ranking & SEO, ad campaign verification, competitor strategy tracking, market analysis, and online activities. Once you start using the proxies, you won’t want to look back.

Therefore, all you need to do is research the best proxy service provider from the list, choose a residential proxy, and start using it to meet your e-commerce needs without any worries about getting banned or having to deal with many captchas. Your browsing will be seamless as you collect all the data you need from Amazon.

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