Pick the Best Residential Proxies in 2022

Best Residential Proxies

Considering buying residential proxies? We have detailed coverage of all that you need to know about these proxies in this review. Also, we’ve put together a list of some of the best providers that you may want to check out in order to get the best value for your purchase. With that being said, let’s dive right into our review.

Before we go any further let’s start with some basics.

What Are Residential Proxies?

By definition, residential proxies are IP addresses provided to homeowners by internet service providers (ISPs). Compared to datacenter proxies, residential proxies are legitimate IPs of real devices attached to physical locations. They are rented out by ISP to the proxy service providers at a cost.

In most instances, the IP addresses are added to the proxy IP pool with the help of app developers who use their installed apps to retrieve the end-user IP then share the same with the ISP who then consents to add it to the residential proxy pool.

This rather complex chain process explains to some extent why residential proxies are less susceptible to access blockades and guarantee high-level online anonymity. It also accounts for their difference with datacenter proxies in terms of pricing and speed.

Quick Residential Proxy Overview

Residential proxies are particularly used by web developers during web scraping. The data they obtain during such operations can be used by travel agencies, SEO experts, affiliate testing, and Ad verification.

That aside, residential proxies can also be used by individuals or organizations seeking to extend their market reach by allowing them to open and activate multiple social media accounts in different countries. This way, they are able to increase their customers’ trust and loyalty which translates into more sales. They are also used in retail businesses, especially among sneaker companies.

In the shoe industry, residential proxies are mainly used for copying info about pricing, design, and other sales-related info from competitor companies. Not what you’d consider ethical among multibillion-dollar businesses, but again it happens more often than not. And residential proxies make it happen.

With that being said, let’s get back on track with our review of the best residential proxies.

1. Bright Data (Luminati)

Bright Data logo

  • Supports manual IP rotations
  • Residential IP pool: 72M+
  • Authentications methods: IP authentication & Username/ password authentication
  • Bandwidth based pricing
  • Supports IP geo-targeting
  • 100% legit and secure residential proxies
Bright Data formerly Luminati Proxy Networks. It boasts close to 72 million rotating residential IPs in all the world’s major cities. Furthermore, they have some of the best proxy servers among the top residential proxy providers. Because of its reliability and superior performance, Bright Data residential proxies are mostly used for ad verification, brand protection, SEO auditing among other roles.

Bright Data

Their proxies are legit and are far less likely to be blocked. Bright Data pricing is bandwidth-based. That is to say, the more bandwidth, the more you pay. Even so, their pricing is still pretty competitive compared to most top tier residential proxy providers.

However, Bright Data isn’t ideal for small businesses and definitely not for personal use. Their pricing model targets enterprise-level corporations. Upon successful subscription, you will be able to access their IP pool instantly. No more activations and other related complex procedures often encountered with other residential proxy providers.

Bright Data Proxy Price

Why you should try Bright Data

  • Reliable and with excellent speed
  • 99% success rate
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24/7 friendly customer support
  • Legit proxies

2. Shifter

Shifter logo

  • Authentication: IP authentication & Username/ Password authentication
  • Refund policy: 3 days
  • Free trials: no
  • supports HTTP(s) and Socks proxy protocols
  • Rotating proxy pool: 31M+
  • Pricing model: port-based
  • Speed: awesome

Shifter, formerly called Microleaves, is another leading residential proxy provider. According to the official website, they have a proxy pool of 31M+ legit residential IPs. Unlike Bright Data, Microleaves residential proxies are very affordable. In fact, it is one of the cheapest of all residential proxy providers.

As such, these proxies are ideal for small businesses, enterprise-level corporations, and personal use. The pricing isn’t based on bandwidth. Instead, it is attached to the number of successful requests.

shifter residential proxies

All their premium packages come with unlimited bandwidths. Meaning you can send as many server requests as you want. However, remember their pricing is pegged to the number of successful requests.

Also noteworthy is that Shifter residential proxies have a 5 minute lapse time, which is not bad for residential proxies. In addition, they also support automatic request retries for all your failed requests.

Like most residential proxy providers, they offer two distinct types of proxies to choose from. These include:

  • rotating residential proxies
  • dedicated residential proxies

Rotating residential proxies change after a set time interval. That is to say, you will access the web using a different IP address upon the lapse of every rotation cycle. Rotating proxies are great for evading access restrictions often imposed by big sites.

Pricing of Shifter

Dedicated proxies on the other hand do not change. As the name suggests, the homeowner or any end-user is assigned a specific set of IPs that are not accessible to other users in the network. These types of proxies are the best in terms of online anonymity guarantee, speed, and ability to evade access restrictions.

However, dedicated residential proxies are super expensive; although this is only expected considering that the IPs are allocated to a particular user only.

That aside, Microleaves uses IP and Username/ password authentication methods for verifying users during access requests to the proxy IP pool. And lastly, every purchase comes with a 3-day refund policy, but no trial period.

Why you should try Shifter

  • They offer a 3-day money-back guarantee
  • They provide rotating and dedicated residential proxies
  • Automatic retries for all failed requests.
  • 5 minute relapse time
  • Pricing based on the number of successful requests.

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy logo

  • Optional pay as you go plan upon bandwidth exhaustion.
  • Authentication: IP & username/password authentication methods
  • Unlimited connections and threads
  • Pricing: bandwidth-based
  • Popular niceties: geo-targeting, sticky sessions, random IPs, etc.
  • Rotating proxy pool: 40M+

SmartProxy for Residential Proxy

If you are looking for an affordable residential proxy provider with both rotating & dedicated proxies, then you may want to consider Smartproxy. They boast a pool of 40M+ proxies, one of the largest, legit residential proxy pools available. Simply put, with Smartproxy IPs you are guaranteed of 95% success rate for all your service requests. Blacklisting and IP blocks are rare and far between.

Their pricing is very flexible and based on bandwidth. It often ranges between $3 and $15 per GB, so you can choose your preferred package. As it is, the bigger the bandwidth, the more you’ll pay. Even so, their pricing model is one of the best in the industry.

Pricing of Smart Proxy

Their packages come bundled with other niceties such as geo-targeting, sticky sessions, automating proxy rotations, random IPs, etc.

In addition to the above mentioned, their residential proxy packages also come with guaranteed 99% SLA with high success rates. And not just that. They also have a knowledgeable and professional customer support team that’s available 24/7. In case you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact them.

A big draw for this residential proxy provider would be their pay-as-you-go plan that kicks in whenever your allotted bandwidth is exhausted. I think that’s awesome because you won’t have to worry about upgrading your package whenever your bandwidth is exhausted.

On the downside though, Smart Proxy is yet to figure out a better way of making their developer-end friendly. That’s to say users have to create logics for “failed request responses” & crawling. In addition, their dashboard isn’t the best. It’s lacking in some essential stats and features. If only they gave it a little retouch, it would be great.

Why you should try Smartproxy

  • They have a 24/7 dedicated and professional customer support
  • 99% SLA with a high success rate
  • Flexible pricing ranging between $3 & $15 per GB.
  • Pay as you go plan for when your bandwidth is exhausted

4. Soax

Soax logo

  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support
  • User-friendly proxy dashboard
  • Compatible with the latest SEO tools
  • Rotating proxy IP pool: 8.5M+
  • Authentication: username/ password

Soax Residential Proxy

One of the best residential proxy providers known for affordable packages. Together with that, Soax has a reputation for exclusive whitelisted IPs, a user-friendly proxy dashboard, and support for HTTP(s) and socks protocols.

According to the official website, this provider boasts an impressive pool of some 8.5M+ rotating proxy IPs. Also included in their proxy packages include automatic retries & geo-targeting by city, region, and country.

Something else that’s amazing about their packages would be their unlimited bandwidth model. That implies you can continue sending server requests for as long as you want. Pricing is pegged to the number of successful requests.

And for failed requests, they have the automatic retry function to take care of such. Soax residential proxies allow for simultaneous use of many proxy IPs making it easy to have unlimited concurrent sessions. Soax rotation technology guarantees 99.99% network uptime.

Pricing of Soax

This ensures you have continuous access without downtime. Their residential proxies are best for developers intent on scraping the web. Also, it is fully compatible with most SEO tools. As a bonus, all Soax residential proxy packages come with 24/7 customer support. If you have any queries or concerns, you can be sure to get help anytime. Soax residential packages include:

  • Starter wifi ($150/ month)
  • Regular wifi ($700/ month)
  • Business wifi ($2500/ month)
  • Enterprise wifi ($4000/ month)

 Why you should try Soax

  • Pricing based on successful requests
  • Soax rotation technology
  • Auto-request retry function
  • Highly compatible with SEO tools
  • Simultaneous IP request implementation

5. Proxy-cheap

Proxy Cheap logo

  • Authentication: username/ password
  • Proxy protocol: IPv4 HTTP(s)
  • Residential Proxy types: rotating and session
  • Session IP duration: 30 minutes
  • Dedicated proxy dashboard
  • Geo-targeting by city, region, and country.
  • No bandwidth restrictions

Proxy-cheap for Residential Proxy

Want to boost your web privacy and accessibility? Proxy-cheap residential proxies are all you need. In addition to unlimited bandwidth, their IP packages also guarantee no blocks or blacklisting, worldwide coverage, no Captchas, and an impressive proxy dashboard for full control of your service requests.

Furthermore, they boast an awesome pool of some 6M+ residential IPs. That’s a huge set of clean and legit IPs to imagine ever being blocked or blacklisted.

Among other uses, their residential proxies are best suited for market research, brand protection, SEO utility, Ad verification, Travel aggregations, real-time sales & pricing adaptation in e-commerce, web data scraping, and sneaker and ticket retailing without restrictions. Proxy-Cheap residential proxies are available in 3 distinct packages. These include:

  • The first package starts from 1GB and is charged at $5/GB
  • The second package starts from 50GB and is charged at $4/GB
  • The third package starts from 200GB and is charged at $3/GB

It supports automatic request retries for all your failed requests. Together with that, you get real-time updates on the status of your requests and bandwidth usage from the proxy dashboard. Upon successful subscription, users get instant access to the residential proxy pool. You won’t have to wait for complex activation procedures, like is the case with some residential proxy providers.

Pricing of Proxy Cheap

Their pricing is based on the number of successful requests and not on bandwidth. It is one of the few providers that supports both HTTP(s) and Socks protocols. All users have a dedicated proxy dashboard that gives access to all user stats and other related parameters.

Why you should try proxy-Cheap

  • Support HTTP(s) and Socks protocols
  • They have 3 residential proxy packages
  • A clean pool of 6M+ residential proxies
  • Affordable pricing
  • Pricing based on successful requests and not bandwidth
  • 9% success rate (no blocks or blacklists)

6. Storm proxies

Stormproxies logo

  • 2-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 dedicated premium support for all your queries
  • 100% online anonymity guaranteed.
  • Rotating proxy pool: 200K+
  • Authentication: Username/ password & IP authentication
  • Types of residential proxies: rotating reverse & premium dedicated

Storm proxies for Residential Proxy

One of the best providers of reliable residential proxies. Storm Proxies has a reputation for speed and reliability. This is attributable to its 1GB network that’s optimized for superior performance. Also, its packages are affordably priced and come with a host of easy-to-use multi-threaded tools. Their proxy IPs are all set and ready for use after purchase.

You won’t have to worry about complex activation procedures typical of some residential proxy providers. They don’t have the largest rotating proxy pool. At 200k+ residential IPs, it is one of the smallest in the industry. That notwithstanding, their proxies are clean and legit. In fact, incidences of blocks and blacklisting are very rare with Storm Proxies.

Pricing of Stormproxies

Storm Proxies also support socks and HTTP(s) protocols making it easy for users to send their requests with their preferred protocol. Also, the platform supports IP and username & password authentication.

They have two types of residential proxies:

Backconnect rotating proxies

These are residential proxies that change every 3 – 15 minutes with every HTTP request. Backconnect proxies are best suited for tasks that require frequent IP change to minimize blacklisting and access restrictions.

Private dedicated proxies

These types of residential proxies are optimized for tasks that require high speed fixed IPs. As the name suggests, these are sets of IPs that are allocated to individual homeowners. Compared to backconnect proxies, private dedicated proxies are the least likely to be detected and are also highly-priced.

Why you should try Storm Proxies

  • HTTP(s) and socks protocols support
  • Supports multithreaded proxy tools
  • 3-15 minute rotating proxy lapse time
  • Affordable pricing based on bandwidth
  • A highly optimized 1GB network guarantees fast network speed.

7. Scraper API

Scarperapi logo

  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Supports automatic IP rotation, Captcha rendering, headless browser javascript rendering.
  • Rotating proxy pool: 40M+ IPs
  • Geotargeting for 12 countries
  • Unlimited bandwidths
  • Tops speed up to 100 mb/s
  • Reliable, friendly, and professional customer support.

ScraperAPI for Residential Proxy

If you are a web developer looking for reliable residential proxies for scraping, Scraper API is worth checking out. With a pool of 40M+ rotating IPs, automatic requesting, and Captcha handling, your online success is guaranteed.

You’ll never have to worry about access restrictions ever. Furthermore, they have a fully customizable API allowing for IP geo-targeting, as well as request type & header customization. You get to choose proxy IPs by country, state, or city. It’s that awesome.

Scraper API also boasts superior speed and unrivaled reliability, thanks to their redundant proxy infrastructure. That also accounts for their 99.99% uptime guarantee. Their rotating proxy packages come with unlimited bandwidths.

That implies that the pricing is only pegged on the number of requests which is awesome. You get to send many server requests without worrying about bandwidth depletion.

Pricing of ScraperAPI

One last thing, Scraper API residential proxies allow for smooth and easy proxy management automation.

Meaning, they handle most of the complex tasks like Captchas, IP rotation, and javascript rendering. That way, developers can focus on the more important task of searching and scraping pages with simple API calls. They support IP authentication as well as username & password authentication. Users choose whichever method they are comfortable with.

Besides that, they also offer two types of residential proxies: rotating backconnect & dedicated premium proxies. The main difference between these two types is mainly in the level of anonymity and network speed with the latter being the better of the two.

Why you should try Scraper API

  • Compatible with both HTTP(s) and socks protocols
  • High online anonymity guaranteed
  • Supports automatic Captcha handling, IP rotation, and javascript rendering
  • Pricing is based on the number of successful requests
  • Affordable residential proxy packages

8. Geosurf

Geosurf logo

  • Premium customer support
  • Instant access to 2M+ proxy IPs
  • Geo-locations: 130+ countries
  • User-friendly proxy dashboard
  • Unlimited clean residential IPs
  • Proxy masking technology ensures 100% anonymity

Geosurf Residential Proxy

With a pool of 2M+ clean residential IPs, GeoSurf is another top tier residential proxy provider you need to check out. Besides the online anonymity guarantee, their residential proxies are also legit and won’t ever be detected. Whether you are a developer looking for residential proxies for web scraping or just want to circumvent access restrictions to register multiple social media accounts, GeoSurf won’t disappoint.

They have a proprietary proxy masking technology that adds an extra safety layer to their residential IPs. With their proxies, you are sure to access the web without risking being blocked or blacklisted on any website.

Their packages give access to 130 geo-locations including the USA, UK, Canada, France, China, etc. You have a wide range of countries, regions, and cities to choose from.

Every subscriber has their own beautiful proxy dashboard from where they can monitor their bandwidth usage, proxy rotations & selections, together with other settings. The dashboard also provides you with all the usage stats crucial in optimizing web scraping.

Pricing of Geosurf

Their pricing is very affordable and is based on the bandwidth allocated, depending on your select package. That means you can send as many server requests as you want, as long as your bandwidth lasts. You won’t have to worry about failed requests because they have a system that automatically retries all your requests. That way, you can focus your energy on the more important task of web scraping.

The available residential proxy plans include:

  • Starter plan ($450/ month)
  • Professional plan ($900/ month)
  • Plus plan ($2000/ month)
  • Enterprise (special)

 Why you should try GeoSurf

  • Superior anonymity guarantee
  • Affordable pricing
  • User-friendly proxy dashboard

9. Proxyrack

Proxyrack logo

  • High speed and reliability
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Geo-targeting support: 140+ countries
  • Residential IP pool: 5M+ IPs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Authentication: Username + password
  • IP whitelisting support

ProxyRack for Residential Proxies

Proxyrack is one of the fastest-growing residential proxy providers with affordable pricing and awesome features. They support proxy whitelisting and authentication is mainly via username and password. With every package subscription, you gain instant access to a dynamic network of clean proxy IPs. according to their official website, instances of blacklisting or blocks are rare.

They promise a 95% success rate for all your service requests. It’s also noteworthy that Proxyrack supports automatic request retries. That way, you can focus on other more important tasks such as web scraping.

Their proxy repository supports long proxy IP sessions making it easy to make requests without having to rotate IPs. This limits incidences of blocks or blacklisting. Without rotating IPs, it's like you have dedicated IPs all at your service. They offer unlimited bandwidth for all their proxy packages. Meaning, you can send unlimited server requests without worrying about bandwidth depletion.

Pricing of Proxyrack

Besides that, Proxyrack has a very professional and friendly technical support team. Whenever you have any questions or concerns about any proxy package, be sure to contact them.

Their premium packages include a geo-location API function that allows you to choose IPs from 140+ countries. Zoning in on your desired IPs has never been easier. You choose IPs for your preferred country, state, or city. That aside, Proxyrack has 3 residential proxy plans. These include:

  • Unmetered residential proxies ($80/ month)
  • Premium geo-residential proxies ($14.95/ month)
  • Private residential proxies ($99.95/ month)

Why you should try Proxyrack

  • Supports IP zoning
  • They have a professional and friendly customer support
  • 95% guaranteed proxy success rate
  • Automatic proxy request retries
  • Long proxy IP rotation cycles.

10. Rotating proxies

  • Supports geo-targeting: USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, etc.
  • Guaranteed online anonymity
  • Proxy rotation time: 5 minutes
  • Daily network refresh
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Authentication: username/ password & IP authentication

Rotating Proxies for Residential Proxies

If you are looking for robust and diverse residential proxies for your business needs, then you should consider Rotating Proxies. Among other niceties, their premium packages come bundled with unlimited bandwidth. That means you won’t have to worry about bandwidth depletion thus allowing you to send unlimited requests.

Rotating Proxies IPs are clean and legit. Meaning you won’t have to worry about access blocks or blacklisting. According to the official website, their proxies have a success rate of 97% making it one of the best rated.

They also have a built-in proxy rotation function which allows users to have different identities on different sites. This further adds to your online anonymity in addition to making it less likely for the proxies to be detected by sites.

Rotating Proxies supports geotargeting by allowing access to proxies for countries like the US, Canada, UK, France, etc. Users can choose proxies on the basis of their preferred countries, regions, or cities. The platform also supports HTTP(s) and socks protocols. That means you can send your server requests however you like.

These proxies have a range of functions. Some of these include web scraping, account activation, travel aggregation, brand protection, among a host of other uses. The provider has distinct premium packages, all of which come with unlimited bandwidth, default US proxy IPs, and automatic 5 minute proxy rotation time making it possible to evade access restrictions.

Pricing of Rotating proxies

Last but not least, the pricing model is based on the number of successful server requests. This is quite unlike other residential proxy providers whose pricing models are based on bandwidth.

Why you should try Rotating Proxies

  • Supports HTTP(s) and socks protocols
  • Rotating proxies with a 97% success rate
  • Affordable pricing based on the number of successful server requests.
  • Supports automatic javascript rendering and Captcha handling

11. IPBurger.com

  • 100% online anonymity guaranteed
  • 30-minute session control sticky IPs
  • Advanced proxy rotation for each concurrent session
  • No IP bans and zero captchas
  • Geo-targeting support: 195+ countries & 2,014 cities
  • Residential proxy pool: 75M+

IP Burger for Residential Proxies

IPBurger boasts a large pool of 75M+ legit residential IPs and also allows for geo-targeting across 195+ countries and 2,014 cities. The proxy dashboard makes for a very easy configuration. These residential proxies work well with your own software or the IPBurger’s in-build browser extension.

Their proxies allow for the optimization of business resources without having to worry about IP bans and captchas. All this is made possible, thanks to the fact that they deal in clean and legit proxies. With their proxies, you get to enjoy unparalleled online anonymity with close to zero chances of detection.

You may also love to know that they support automatic request retries. You won’t have to worry about any failed requests. Users get to enjoy a flexible and adjustable session control, thanks to their 30 minutes sticky IPs.

They also have a beautiful and detailed user proxy dashboard with all the relevant info about your usage stats. That makes for easy tracking of bandwidth and other proxy parameters. Their pricing is very affordable and is pegged to bandwidth. So you can send as many server requests as long as your bandwidth lasts. Here are their 3 main packages:

  • Starter plan ($79/ month)
  • Plus plan ($149/ month)
  • Pro plan ($249/ month)

Why you should try IPBurger

  • No IP blocks or captchas
  • Adjustable session control
  • Affordable pricing
  • Pricing pegged to bandwidth

12. Iced Out Proxies

  • IP authentication
  • Geotargeting: yes
  • Residential proxy IP pool: 110k
  • Bandwidth: limited
  • Pricing: based on bandwidth
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support
  • Top speeds: 100 mb/s
  • Proxy IP servers: 500

Iced Out Proxies for Residential use

Another great residential proxy provider. Not a very familiar name among residential proxies. Even so, they have some of the best packages and price deals for anyone looking for reliable proxies for web scraping, retail, or social media. They have a very professional customer support team. You can be sure to have all your queries and concerns addressed round the clock.

Upon sign up, users get instant access to their residential proxy pool.

You won’t have to worry about complex activation procedures before accessing your proxy IPs.

All users have access to a beautiful user dashboard complete with usage stats. That makes it easy to monitor your bandwidth along with other usage parameters. Iced Out Proxies use IP authentication together with username & password authentication.

They don’t have the largest IP pool. According to their official site, their proxy IPs are still 110k. This is significantly low, considering that most residential proxy providers have pools with millions of IPs.

Pricing of Iced Out

Besides, their residential proxy range is also very narrow. Despite all that, they have some of the best residential proxies of all. Incidences of bocks or blacklists are rare if not non-existent. You will surf the web, scrape sites, create multiple social media accounts, aggregate travel fares, and do much more with peace of mind.

Their pricing is based on bandwidth, though it is still very affordable. As for your proxy allocations, they offer geo-targeted proxies. That’s to say, you can choose your proxies based on countries, states, and even cities.

That also adds to making it a lot harder to be detected online. Even so, going by their narrow IP pool, it’s highly likely that they have proxy servers in very few countries if at all. Lastly, all subscribers have access to their own proxy dashboard from where they can access a host of features relating to their bandwidth usage together with other stats.

Why you should try Iced Out Proxies

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Clean and legit IP pool
  • Professional customer support
  • Authentication: IP and Username/ password
  • Affordable pricing

13. Packet Stream

  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • 7M+ legit residential IPs
  • No IP bands and No Captchas
  • Pricing is based on bandwidth
  • Authentication: Username/ password
  • Geo-location support
  • Top speed of 100 mb/s

PacketStream For Residential Use

First of a kind peer to peer proxy network allowing for easier access to reliable business data and unlocking geo-restricted content. You want to expand your market reach with proven residential proxies, Packet Stream is definitely the way to go. Like most top residential proxy providers, their packages come with an awesome lot of niceties.

One of their most outstanding offerings is the automation tooling function. This feature initiates automatic retries for all your failed requests. That way, you can concentrate your efforts on other more important tasks like web scraping.

Also, all subscribers get access to the Packet Stream marketplace where they get to choose from a pool of apps for data collection tooling. That gives the user some level of control over their bandwidth usage and other related stats.

Pricing of Packetstream

Packet Stream residential proxies have countless uses. Some of these include Ad verification, social media marketing, brand protection, and price comparison. They have an awesome pool of 7M+ verified residential IPs.

That gives the user such a great range to choose from. Besides that, their network offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Meaning, failed requests are rare and far between. You’ll never have to worry about downtime and related interruptions.

More than ever, customers can buy bandwidth and browse the web with clean residential proxies that guarantee their privacy and won’t ever be blocked. Users’ online safety, security, and privacy are guaranteed, thanks to their use of industry-established encryption features.

Why you should try Packet Stream

  • Reliable proxy network
  • Automation tooling support
  • Affordable pricing
  • No IP blocks or blacklisting

14. Netnut

  • One-hope ISP connectivity support
  • Premium static proxy IPs
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support
  • Geo-targeting by country, state, and city
  • Dedicated private proxy pool
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Supports API data retrieval.

NetNut For Residential Proxy

Netnut offers premium residential proxies with one-hop ISP connectivity which gives subscribers instant access to web resources. The network speed is one of the best in the industry. This is largely attributable to the fact that most of the connection traffic is routed through the network itself and not via the end-user ISP connectivity.

That aside, Netnut residential proxies support geo-targeting. Meaning, you can select your proxies by country, state, or city. Currently, they have proxy servers in many countries around the globe. Some of these include Canada, the US, UK, France, UAE, Ukraine, Russia, India, etc. Clearly, Netnut has proxies for virtually all the countries that you might be looking for.

It is also worth mentioning that the platform has a very professional 24/7 customer support team. You can always count on them to answer all your questions. Among other features, Netnut supports proxy auto-rotation with every new browser session. That ensures your online privacy and online anonymity are guaranteed. Also, they support automatic retries for all failed server requests.

Pricing of Net Nut

Upon buying a package, users get access to a beautiful proxy dashboard complete with all the usage stats such as bandwidth together with other parameters. Netnut residential proxies have a wide array of uses. Some of the common uses include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media account activation and management
  • Ad verification
  • Price comparison
  • Brand protection

Why you should try Netnut

  • Automatic request retries support
  • Affordable pricing based on bandwidth
  • 9% guaranteed online anonymity with no access restrictions

15. Crawlera

  • Highly scalable
  • Authentication methods: IP and username & password
  • Geotargeting support: yes
  • Pricing model: based on bandwidth
  • In-built request throttling algorithm for retries
  • Auto-rotation of proxies
  • Universal HTTP proxy interface supports
  • Headless browser support


Crawlera is one of the best residential proxy networks that is particularly built for web scraping. It comes with an in-built request throttling algorithm that allows for automatic retries for all failed requests. That way, you can concentrate on other more important aspects of data scraping.

As a developer, you can confidently target and scrape just about all websites. And because they deal in legit proxy IPs, blocking and blacklisting are nothing but rarities. You’ll never have to waste your time worrying about being detected, ever!

Their pricing model is based not based on bandwidth. Instead, it is based on the number of successful server requests. So you can send many server requests without ever worrying about bandwidth depletion.

What’s more? Crawlera residential proxies allow for easy and convenient scalability. Meaning, you can upgrade or even downgrade the number of server requests sent. That has a close correlation to the user’s select package.

Pricing of Crawlera

Another outstanding feature of Crawlera would be the automatic proxy optimization function. The feature allocates each user a unique IP from the rotating proxy pool during each rotation cycle. That aside, Crawlera supports a host of other features and functions. Some of these include geolocation that allows you to choose your proxies by country, state, and city.

Geo-targeting adds to your online anonymity and limits suspicion which may lead to access restrictions. Other notable functions include headless browser support, header management, as well as automatic header assignments.

Their premium plans are affordably priced with the cheapest going for $99. It’s worth noting that their pricing is based on bandwidth. Meaning, higher premium packages come with bigger bandwidths, and the more the bandwidth, the more server requests you can send.

Something else to note is that all users have access to Crawlera universal HTTP(s) proxy interface upon making a purchase. The user proxy dashboard is very user-friendly and gives access to all relevant usage statistics. Crawlera uses IP authentication as well as username & password authentication. Users get to choose their preferred method.

Why you should try Crawlera

  • Compatible with universal HTTP(s) proxy interface.
  • Scalability support
  • Built for data scraping
  • Headless browser support
  • Supports automatic header assignment

Uses of Residential Proxies

Residential proxies have many uses all of which can be broadly classified into 3:

Market research

  • Ad verification: this deals with testing and localizing your adverts. Using residential proxies to verify ads also involves the use of real mobile or desktop IPs.
  • Affiliate testing: with residential proxies, you’ll be able to check the genuineness of localized affiliate content.
  • SEO: residential proxies allow you to collect info about your competitors about price info along with keywords and search engine ranking details.
  • Travel fare aggregation: residential proxies allow you to collect vital flight info from different providers of such info that use that to package your agency travel fares.

Managing social networks

Creating multiple accounts on social media accounts is not easy. Most of the big techs have put mechanisms in place to deter the creation and management of multiple accounts. However, with residential proxies, this is now very easy.

Now, more than ever before, you can create and manage multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. what makes residential proxies the preferred proxies for social media accounts is the ability to create accounts in different countries and still be able to manage them with ease.


When it comes to the world of retail, it’s about copying and chasing in on designs. This is where sneaker proxies come into use. Such proxies are commonly used to scrape the big shoe brand sites like Nike, Adidas, etc. Another use of residential proxies in retail has to do with unblocking geo-restricted access to e-commerce platforms like eBay, Shopify, Craigslist, Amazon, etc.

That’s it for this round-up of some of the best residential proxy providers. Also, we have touched on something about the uses of residential proxies together with some FAQs to help you understand these proxies even more.

Residential Proxy FAQs

1. Why are residential proxies more expensive compared to datacenter proxies?

The real reason residential proxies are comparatively more expensive is that they are actual proxies of real devices rented by the proxy service provider. That is to say, there’s a lot of monetary compensation between the parties involved in the chain.

Another reason would be that unlike datacenter proxies that give access to select IPs in their pool, residential proxy subscribers gain access to the entire pool of clean and legit IPs. Also, residential proxies are far less likely to be flagged, blocked, or blacklisted. In contrast, datacenter proxies are blocked more often than not.

2. How come some providers have residential proxies with unmetered bandwidth while others do not?

It all depends on the pricing model. While some providers peg their pricing to bandwidth, others peg theirs to the number of successful requests. For this reason, the latter category of providers offers proxy packages with unmetered bandwidth.

It all boils down to return on investment. Whichever model brings them more returns, that’s the option they’ll run with. As such, some networks offer unlimited bandwidths in all their packages while others do not.

3. Are there residential proxies that offer free trials?

To be honest, free trials are hard to come by among residential proxy networks. That’s only commonplace among datacenter proxy networks. If by any chance some residential proxy networks offer free trials, then the user will have very limited access to most of the important features and functions unless and until they upgrade their subscription plan.

Another good reason most providers don’t offer free trials would be a cautious measure to avoid exposing their network to spam which is commonly associated with free trials. This way, they are able to maintain the integrity and security of the network for all their paying customers.

4. Why is my residential proxy very slow?

Compared to datacenter proxies, residential proxies are usually slower. The reason for this sluggishness is all too obvious. Residential proxies use rented IP addresses from other gadgets. As such, the network speed is a factor of the residential proxy provider’s connectivity and the final ISP’s connectivity.

Residential proxies use a seemingly long and complex path to route use connections to the resource server hence they are inherently slow. This is true for all the residential proxy providers. So, don’t be cheated about lightning-fast speeds for any residential proxy network. Slow speed may be the only notable downside when it comes to residential proxies.

5. Are there static residential proxies from selected US states?

No, there are no static proxies for selected US states or any city for that matter. The thing is, all residential proxy networks have a proxy management tool. With this, the user is able to select preferred US IPs, choose rotation intervals, and even set an option for forwarding network traffic via the preferred state or city. That applies to just about any country you choose.

6. Are residential proxies detectable?

Considering that legit residential proxies are sourced from real end-user devices, they are rarely detected, if at all. Compared to datacenter proxies, they are rarely flagged, detected, or even blacklisted. Even sites with proxy-detecting systems aren’t so successful with residential proxies as they are with datacenter proxies.

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