10 Best USA Residential Proxies: Access Internet From America

USA ResidentialProxies

USA residential proxies can help you gain anonymity, bypass Captchas, manage multiple social media accounts, and get through any geo-restrictions. You can get reliable proxies from Soax, ProxySeller, Nimbleway, Webshare, SmartProxy, and other platforms.

The USA residential proxies can help you gain more anonymity online since they can be used for both personal and business needs. The residential proxies will allow you to use its IP address and mask your real IP address so that you can undertake various online activities.

The IP addresses are always attached to physical locations so that you can not be detected. The USA residential proxies will help you to stay anonymous, not expose your identity, not expose your location, and allow you to surf the web as you want.

Additionally, the residential proxies can help you not get any geo-restrictions even if you aren’t in the USA. Even if in the USA, you can still get access to some content that is restricted. For example when streaming content.

The Importance of The USA Residential Proxies

USA Residential Proxies

You can utilize the USA residential proxies for a wide variety of functions. These include:

1. Social media Management

It can be hard to manage multiple social media accounts with one IP address. That’s why you will need to mask your IP. When you utilize the residential proxies, you won’t be detected while undertaking your activities.

2. Market price monitoring

The USA residential proxies can also be used to meet business needs like market price monitoring. You will be able to collect data, monitor, comply with pricing trends, and much more. Therefore, you can know how well some products are doing and the supply & demand at the moment.

3. Test websites/ Cyber-security penetration

If you are in the web development, app development, or cyber-security sector, you can also benefit from using the residential proxies to carry out any website tests and even know how the target audience gets to use the system.

You can also monitor how cyber criminals undertake their activities.

4. Data collection

The USA residential proxies can also be essential for data collection and competitor monitoring. You will be able to gather all the information you want without being detected. Additionally, this can be crucial when undertaking any market research.

5. Ad verification

The USA residential proxies can also be crucial to verify ads displayed on your website or system. Therefore, you can know which suspicious ads you will block to ensure your business reputation is not tampered with.

6. Minimize geo-restrictions

The USA residential proxies can also minimize content you are restricted from viewing. Therefore, even if you are not in the USA and need to get some information, you can always use the proxies.

Here are some of the best USA residential proxy providers that you can try out:

1. Soax

Soax usa residential proxy

If you need USA residential proxies, then you can consider getting them from Soax. You get access to over 6 million proxy IPs that you can utilize to increase scraping speed, bypass Captchas, reduce account bans, and unblock websites.

Not only can you get access to residential proxies, but also US ISP, mobile, and data center proxies. With no IP restriction, you can browse endlessly and collect the data you need easily. The proxies are also friendly with some programming languages like JS, Python, PHP, C#, etc.

Furthermore, through the dashboard, you can track your proxy orders and pinpoint proxy requirements to specific states or cities in the USA. You can use the residential USA proxy for data collection, social media management, price comparison, SEO monitoring, checking consumer trends, website testing, advanced cyber-security, and much more.


  • Soax offers over 190 Million IPs worldwide.
  • Compatibility with programming languages.
  • User-friendly interface and dashboard.
  • You can easily adjust your proxy refresh rates.

2. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller usa residential proxy

If you want access to USA data, and you are far away or also in the USA but restricted to the content, then these Proxy Seller USA residential proxies are just for you. You will attain the anonymity you need at an affordable price. It also offers optional IP rotation or static IP addresses in over 220 countries. Therefore, these are proxies, you can trust.

When using the Proxy-Seller USA residential proxies, you are assured of anonymity, minimized blocking, authenticity, broad location choices, flexible rotation options, and expert support.


  • It has over 15 million IPs sourced globally
  • Precise targeting down to the city and Internet Service Provider level
  • The stable servers provide 99% uptime
  • Get real user IP addresses
  • Ethically sourced residential IPs

3. Bright Data

Bright Data usa residential proxy

BrightData platform also offers USA residential proxies that you can use to attain your online needs. With over 350 million unique residential IPs, you can’t miss getting the service you want. There are also over 3 million IPs in the USA, therefore, you can get customized services just for you.

Not only can you get access to residential USA proxies, but also mobile, ISP, and data centers. You can be able to web scrape, collect data, and overcome any blocks or geo-restrictions. Ultimately, it will be easy to unlock any open-source data. The proxies are reliable and trusted by over 20,000 businesses, trusted by 72 million peers who share their IPs, and provide high speeds.

Moreover, the residential proxies are available in over 195 countries. Brightdata has a high success rate, therefore, you can trust their IPs.


  • You can choose any USA IP type
  • Global distributions of IPs
  • Fastest network uptime
  • Get access to the USA proxy managers
  • Target any country, city, ZIP code, carrier, and ASN
  • User-friendly proxy dashboard

4. Smartproxy

Smartproxy usa residential proxy

Smartproxy also offers some of the best residential proxies that you can use to meet your needs. Not only can you use the residential ones but also mobile, shared, and data center proxies. You are assured of city and state-level targeting, advanced IP rotation, intuitive setup, flexible pricing, and reliable customer support.

Moreover, through the proxies, you are assured of a 99% success rate, high standards of security, and an unmatchable response time of less than 0.6 seconds. Furthermore, through the USA residential proxies, you will remain undetected, easily bypass geo-block, run automation tools, manage multiple social media accounts, verify ads, manage ads, etc.

The proxy locations in the USA include; New York, California, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, etc.


  • Over 195 countries supported
  • High speeds and great success rate
  • It is also easy to set up the residential proxies
  • You can easily connect to any location worldwide

5. SimplyNode

SimplyNode homepage


Out of the 195 locations supported by SimplyNode, the United States stands out with its network of over 2,791,534 dedicated IPs. SimplyNode provides top-tier proxy services in the US, offering users enhanced privacy, unrestricted content access, and fast browsing speeds. 

By using SimplyNode's proxies, users can maintain privacy and protect their online activities from cyber threats. The network is optimized for high performance, ensuring fast connection speeds and reliable uptime. Users can access a wide range of geo-restricted content while maintaining complete anonymity.

SimplyNode supports both rotating and sticky ports, as well as username/password and IP authentication. SimplyNode also offers a 14-day refund policy, providing users with a risk-free opportunity to experience their USA proxies.


  • Country & city-level targeting
  • HTTP, UDP, and SOCKS support
  • IP Whitelist authentication is available
  • Rotating and sticky sessions
  • I95 countries supported

6. IPRoyal

IPRoyal usa residential proxy

IPRoyal is another platform where you can access reliable USA residential proxies. They can be used for both personal and company use, it all depends on what you want to use the proxy for. The USA has over 340,000 IPs, therefore you are assured of quality. By using the proxies you are assured of a private, secure, and comfortable experience.

Apart from  The USA residential proxies, you can also get access to static residential proxies, sneaker proxies, private proxies, data center proxies, mobile proxies, Google Chrome, and Firefox proxy extensions. You can benefit from privacy, insights into competitors' progress, social media management, content management, market analysis, and access to geo-restricted content.


  • The proxies have HTTPS and SOCKS5 support,
  • It allows sticky or rotating sessions
  • It provides 99% uptime
  • Affordable pricing for the different proxy types.

7. Proxy-Sale

Proxy-Sale usa residential proxy

Proxy-Sale is another reliable platform that you can use to access reliable proxies that you can use for social media, online games, web scraping, gambling, and other purposes. Over 200 countries are supported and the United States is one of the major shareholders. Therefore, if you want to access content in the USA and you ain’t there, you can use the residential proxies.

Additionally, you also get access to other proxy types like ISP, mobile, IPv6, and IPv4.  Through the residential proxies, you will be able to access resources of your choice, bypass captchas, and not be blocked at all. Luckily, it is possible to create unlimited lists of up to 1000 IPs.


  • Get access to residential proxies with unrestricted speeds and bandwidth.
  • Over 10 million proxies worldwide
  • Precise targeting by country, city, or ISP
  • High-level anonymity
  • Ethically obtained IP addresses.
  • All the IPs are country-specific and belong to designated ASNs.

8. HydraProxy

HydraProxy usa residential proxy

Hydraproxy is a platform that you can use to access reliable USA residential proxies. The platform offers over 5 Million real residential IPs which allow unlimited access and no monthly costs. Luckily, there are no monthly commitments or other fees you will need to pay. You just need to choose a specific plan that you want and use it seamlessly.

You can use the residential IPs for website verification, ad verification, access to content, market research, and much more


  • Unlimited concurrency
  • Get new residential IPs on every request or an extended sticky IP session.
  • HTTPS support
  • Support for more than 100 countries.

9. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy-Cheap usa residential proxy

ProxyCheap is another reliable platform where you can access some of the best United States residential proxies. The proxies will allow you to access any data you want easily either for personal or private uses. The USA proxy servers ensure you enjoy high performance, reliability, security, and no geo-restrictions.

You can undertake any online activities that you want seamlessly. You will be able to access any data, transfer large data files, stream, collect any data, bypass and minimize any geo-restrictions, enhance online privacy, conduct data scraping, social media management, access exclusive content, and much more.


  • Access to real IP addresses for great anonymity
  • Option to use either rotating or static IP addresses
  • High speed and low latency
  • Affordable
  • Wide geolocation coverage

10. WebShare

WebShare usa residential proxy

Webshare is another reliable platform where you can access residential proxies. The residential IPs are great for smaller bandwidth usage with HTTP, and SOCK5 proxy endpoint. You get access to over 30 million residential IPs with support of up to 195 countries and 99% network uptime.

USA has over 10 Million IPs that you can utilize to undertake your online activities. Other top residential proxy locations include China, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, The USA, Japan, and Australia. What makes the residential proxies stand out is the fact that they offer high speed and reliability.


  • The premium residential proxies are connected to real residential
  • Ability to imitate and organize user behavior to minimize being blocked.
  • The residential proxies can help you bypass any geo-restrictions or blocks.
  • Affordable pricing
  • You can choose a bandwidth from 1GB to 3000GB

11. Nimbleway

Nimbleway usa residential proxy

Nimbleway is another remarkable platform where you can access  USA residential proxies. Through the residential proxies, it will be easy to bypass any geo-restrictions and blocks. The unlimited concurrent requests lead to insane performance upon each request.

The residential proxies are available in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Brazil, India, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, Korea, France, etc. Moreover, the residential proxies offer fast download speeds, low latency connections, and stable & reliable IPs.


  • A response time of 0.25seconds
  • It features rotating and sticky IPs.
  • Personalized and intelligent IP selection on each request
  • Global geo-targeting by country, state, or city
  • Auto-scaling infrastructure

Browse Endlessly With These USA Residential Proxies

You can utilize the residential proxies without feeling as if you are doing something illegal. Not really, you can utilize the shared residential proxies, dedicated residential proxies, mobile residential proxies, static residential proxies, or rotating residential proxies based on the uses.

You will get to enjoy privacy, security, corporate network protection, anonymity, minimized instances of IP blocking, minimized blacklisting, and access to geo-restricted data.

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