How to Track An Instagram Account Location?

How to Track an Instagram Account

Instagram is a great social media platform used by many people globally. However, at times, you may want to know the person behind an Instagram account or track their activities. I will show you how to do it.

Have you gotten a weird comment or gained a new follower you aren’t sure of? At times it may be essential to track an Instagram account to know the person's credibility behind it. If you can’t figure out the user name, then you better use a more complex method to figure it out.

Also, it is important to track our kid’s social media activity to keep them safe from cyberbullying. However, it would help if you used all the legal means to ensure that you don’t snoop too much. Someone’s privacy is also important. We recommend mSpy as the best Mobile Phone Tracker. It monitors Instagram and GPS location and all Social Media activity on the phone.

Here are some of the most effective methods that you can use:

Find The InstagramAccount’s IP Address

In this method, you will need to find out the person’s IP by sending out a link. You can use a Google drive link, Youtube link, or any promotional link that may interest the person.

Step 1: Take the link you want to customize and modify it on the Grabify IP logger.

Step 2: Paste the link in the URL field, then click “Create URL.”

to grabify link shortener

Step 3: After you are done, you will be redirected to another page. Remember to agree to the consent.

to agree to the consent

Step 4:  A new link will be generated. You can now use that link to send a message to the specific Instagram user account. Once the person clicks on the link, you can use the tracking code to get more information about the person’s IP address. Additionally, this will guide you on the geo-location.

check your tracking code

Step 5:Alternatively, you can choose a shorter link that won’t pose any doubts to the person.

choose a shorter link

Step 6: After you manage to capture their IP address. You can use whatismyipaddress to view their IP address and location.


View The Location Label

View The Location Label on instagram

Another way to track an Instagram account is by checking the tags of stories, pictures, location, and videos. Also, if they get tagged by other people, you can check their friends to see whether they have stated their location or anything. There is a lot that you can discover through friends.

Also, on the photos, check the landscape or any nearby signs such as Big Ben in the UK, certain restaurants, buildings, and much more. However, there may be some fake photos, hence be careful about it.

Third-Party Software Tracking

Third-Party Software Tracking

You can also use umobix, third-party software, to track someone’s phone activities. However, this is mainly used by parents to track the trajectory of their children—Umobixoffers various features that can be essential in your tracking. Since we are dealing with Instagram, you can choose a specific plan for checking their Instagram activities.

In the package, you can track all the activities via screenshots and get the information updated every 5 minutes. Instagram is a popular platform for bullying; hence you need to be safe while using it and protect your children. If you want to track your child’s activities, it is an ideal app to use. This will ensure your kids remain safe while using Instagram.

You need to choose a subscription plan and get your credentials. Install the app on your target android device, iOS device or provide iCloud credentials. Once that’s done, you can monitor your child’s activities. However, remember to respect their privacy once in a while.

Instagram activity Tracker

InstagramActivity Tracker

Do you have a favorite blogger, vlogger, or social media influencer on Instagram who you are always eager to know their dynamics at any time? Why not use snoopreport? You can use snoopreport to track their dynamics at any time, understand your child’s interest or discover hobbies.

You can either choose the Instagram tracker for individuals or professionals. This tracker helps you to remain informed about your favorite celebrities, kids, partners, boyfriend, girlfriend, and much more. You can easily track someone, see their likes, comments, and so on. You get a convenient report to help you to always be in the know.

Moreover, you can use the Instagram activity tracker to learn more about influencers, opinion leaders, and celebrities.  By snooping someone’s Instagram, you can learn what they like, get an idea of an ideal gift to get them, their lifestyle, relationships, and much more. What better way to track other people than that way? It is a legal platform, and you don’t have to worry about getting someone’s details.

Create A Safer Instagram Environment For Your Kid

Safer Instagram Environment

Tracking is essential if someone is stalking you or being appropriate with you. Social media platforms are diverse, and you can never know who is on your neck at a certain time.

However, try to respect people’s privacy and only snoop around when it is essential. All these four ways can help you in your Instagram tracking.

Safe Browsing!

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